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Mission: Impossible

Mission: Impossible

CBS 1966

Elite special agents undertook top-secret assignments in crackerjack episodes, which kicked off with the team leader receiving instructions via a tape-recorded message that self-destructed in five seconds. What followed were usually breakneck spyjinks set to a pulsating Lalo Schifrin score. Martin Landau turned down the Spock role in 'Star Trek' to play IMFer Rollin Hand. When Landau left the series in 1969, his replacement was the man who built a career on Spock, Leonard Nimoy.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of Mission: Impossible

Mission: Impossible - S6E4

#1 - Mindbend


Season 6 - Episode 4

Alex Pierson, a rising Syndicate member, has recruited Dr. Burke, a psychopathic behavioral psychologist who has developed a way to program men into killers. Pierson lures in underworld criminals with an offer of plastic surgery and turns them over to Burke, who programs them to kill Pierson's targets three times then kill themselves. Barney infiltrates as a crook on the run but when he fails to dose himself with a counter-drug, he is converted into a psychotic killer as well. They lose contact with Barney - Jim plants evidence on Burke making him look like he's turning against Pierson and another IMF agent made up to look like Barney goes after but fails to kill Pierson before fake-killing himself. Pierson confronts Burke while Jim gets the info on Barney's location out of Burke's assistant, and Willy stops the tech expert from killing his target in the nick of time.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 24 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S6E12

#2 - Nerves


Season 6 - Episode 12

Wendell Hayes, the brother of an imprisoned Syndicate enforcer, has stolen a canister of nerve gas and threatens to use it if his brother Cayman isn't freed - the IMF must stop him and recover the gas. Worse, the canister has a defective casing that Wendell is unaware of, and will release the gas in 43 hours anyway. And...Cayman dies of a heart attack in jail, forcing the IMF to have guest-agent Bill Williams take his place. The IMF has Hayes' imprisoned girlfriend Saretta "escape" with prisoner-Casey handcuffed to her. Saretta takes Casey to a winery in a IMF car with a bug on it that Barney traces. Jim delivers "Cayman" but Hayes doesn't turn over the gas. They track Hayes to an observatory but he gets word via his partner Tully that his brother tied and he unmasks Williams-as-Cayman. Hayes and Tully shoot it out over an argument and with his dying breath Hayes tries to shoot open the canister...hid in the observatory roof, revealing its location to the IMF.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 23 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S2E24

#3 - Trial by Fury


Season 2 - Episode 24

The head of a country's freedom party, Manuel Delgado, has been imprisoned by the dictatorship of his country. Cardoza, Delgado's assistant and liaison with the outside, has had himself arrested but is now believed to be an informer by the other convicts. The IMF must keep Cardoza from being killed by his fellow inmates and expose the real informer. Jim and Barney go in as prisoners, while Rollin goes in as a guard and Cinnamon as a Red Cross officer. Barney talks about his escape plan, and Rollin sees a guard recover a piece of foil with a message from one of the prisoners. Cardoza is beaten and humiliated by the convicts despite Jim and Barney's best efforts. Rollin smuggle the foil to Jim who uses it to clear Cardoza and find the real informer. Jim and Barney then use Rollin and Cinnamon as hostages to escape themselves.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 16 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S1E11

#4 - Zubrovnik's Ghost


Season 1 - Episode 11

The wife of a deceased scientist, Kurt Zubrovnik, is being pressured by Eastern forces to work for them. They are using a phony psychic to convince the wife her dead husband wants to defect! Accompanied by IMF "psychic consultant" Ariana Domi, Rollin and Barney try to disrupt the fraud and convince her to return to working for the U.S. The psychic, Poljac, is torturing the husband for information to use to convince his wife Poljac's powers are real. Ariana senses a real ghost present. In the end, Rollin sets up a final seance and Barney prepares to use a technological projection of Zubrovnik to decry Poljac. However, a blackout causes his equipment to fail, and Ariana's alleged powers, plus some ghostly phenomena, allow them to complete their mission.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 37 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S2E22

#5 - The Killing


Season 2 - Episode 22

Burt Gordon has set up a new version of Murder, Inc. for the Syndicate. The IMF need to get evidence of his actions. Jim and Cinnamon become Gordon's new neighbors, and their brother Rollin claims they are being haunted by the ghost of their long-dead sibling. Cinnamon seduces Gordon and wants him to kill her husband. A provoked Jim then attacks Gordon and is "killed" by Gordon's hitman, Connie and fake-disposed of in an incinerator. But then Jim's ghost comes back to haunt Gordon, "killing" Cinnamon. Gordon follows Jim's ghost-voice to his body and shoots it again...only to find out that the IMF disguised Connie as Jim. The police arrive and arrest Gordon for murder.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 24 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S6E14

#6 - The Connection


Season 6 - Episode 14

Reese Dolan is the new Syndicate heroin distributor on the East Coast. Dolan uses an island base off the coast of northwest Africa and is going to use it as a distribution point for heroin into the U.S - the IMF must identify his overseas opium source and get the evidence to convict him. Dolan is being financed by an underworld figure, Madame Renada, whom he has never met, so Jim and Barney fly him and his men not to the island but to a lookalike off the coast of Georgia, where Casey assumes the role of Renada. Reese calls his distributor in Istanbul and the IMF has the delivery plane taken into custody. An IMF flyer makes the delivery which Dolan apparently converts to heroin and sends on its way, while Reese's supplier, Hajii, suspects a double-cross when his pilot doesn't return and calls Dolan's distributor, Cleff. Willy tries to sell heroin to Clegg and then is "forced" to tell that Dolan still has it, then lead Clegg to the fake island. Dolan finds out he still has the opium, and

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 25 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S6E6

#7 - The Miracle


Season 6 - Episode 6

Only two Syndicate men know where $8 mil in heroin will be arriving - narcotics dealer Alvin Taylor an dhis executioner, Frank Kearney. When Jim approaches Kearney to make a deal and he refuses, Willie "shoots" Kearney - Barney as a surgeon then operates providing a heart transplant and covertly uses drugs and hypnotism to make Kearney mild-mannered. Kearney can't bring himself to shoot Jim and hears on the radio about people taking on the traits of persons they received organs from - with the aid of new girlfriend, the church-hating Kearney finds out the man who donated a heart was a priest! Realizing he can't do his job and the Syndicate will wipe him out, Kearney leads Casey and the rest of the team to the beach where the heroin drop occurs, and the police arrive just before Taynor can kill Kearney.

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 27 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S7E12

#8 - Crack-Up


Season 7 - Episode 12

Peter Cordel, a hitman and grandmaster chess player, has evaded capture - the IMF must bring him to justice and determine who in the Syndicate he works for. Using a hypnotic drug given by guest-agent Sandy, the IMF condition Cordel to blackout every time he is told "When in doubt, take a pawn." Then they set it up so it looks like he kills several people during his blackouts and have him awaken in a mental hospital where an IMF orderly stages an assault to make it look like Cordel's boss wants him dead, so Cordel tells Sandy to warn his boss to call off his hit men, and the IMF capture the man.

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 24 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S2E20

#9 - The Counterfeiter


Season 2 - Episode 20

Raymond Halder is the owner of a chain of clinics and runs a drug counterfeiting ring. Gant Pharamaceuticals released a drug that helps against primary vascular disease, but the drug is being withdrawn since Halder flooded the market with potentially fatal counterfeits. Gant plans to resissue the drug and the IMF must stop Halder from counterfeiting the new version. The IMF as Federal agents put pressure on Halder, but he escapes. Cinnamon pretends to be a Gant employee in charge of protecting against counterfeits. Gang bribes Rollin the Federal Agent to frame Cinnamon to force her to give him Gant's anticounterfeiting strategy. However, the team use an ultarsonic laser to make Halder think he is suffering from primary vascular disease, and he ends up at one of his own clinics where Barney-as-a-doctor prescribes one of Gant's counterfeits. Terrified for his life, Halder confesses so that he won't get a dose of his own medicine.

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 23 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S5E4

#10 - Homecoming


Season 5 - Episode 4

When Jim returns to his hometown of Norville to donate family property to the community, he finds it plagued by a serial killer. Jim secretly brings in Barney to help investigate. A disturbed Vietnam vet is the suspected killer but Jim and Barney figure out he's innocent and get him out of jail one step ahead of a mob, then call in the rest of the IMF team to find the real killer.

The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 27 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S6E13
#11 - Run for the Money
Season 6 - Episode 13

Syndicate members Trask and Mason control the Syndicate's illegal racing operations, while Trask ruthlessly dispatches the competition - the IMF must take them out. Trask is jealous of thoroughbred owner Mason so Jim offers him a mysterious but promising racehorse - Trask finds out the horse is a kidnapped fast-racer. The IMF arrange for him to get the horse and then place a number of bets on the horse in Trask's name. After keeping Mason from having the horse killed, Trask's horse wins and the IMF get the $4 million from the Syndicate funds, leaving Trask to hold the bag.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 27 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S1E13
#12 - Elena
Season 1 - Episode 13

Double-agent Elena Del Barra is acting bizarrely, sending a microfilm of defense secrets from her own country. Rollin is sent into investigate, and return the microfilm without its theft ever being detected. Complicating matters is that an assassin, Callao, has been sent to kill her if Rollin can't figure things out in two days. Rollin convinces her to meet with teammate Dr. Enero, who hypnotizes her and learns she is suffering from a post-hypnotic suggestion to denounce the President, her good friend. With time running out, Rollin must return the microfilm, figure out the traitor, and save Elena.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 31 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S3E21
#13 - Nitro
Season 3 - Episode 21

General Zek of Karak is opposed to a peace treaty between his country and Agir, and is working with a munitions maker named Ismir Najiid to start a war by destroying King Said during his announcement of the treaty. The IMF must stop Zek and Najiid for good. The two conspirators hire Aristo Skora, a terrorist, to plant the explosives and incriminate Agir. Barney as a systems analyst sets up Najiid's factory's alarm system so Rollin can sneak in and steal the nitro from Najiid with Willy's help while letting himself be seen. Meanwhile, Jim has identified Cinnamon to Zek as an ally of "Hakim", the Agirian terrorist Rollin is pretending to be. Rollin and Willy grab the real Skora and then Rollin-as-Skora tells Zek their plan won't work. The IMF let Zek follow Cinnamon to an unconscious "Hakim" (actually a drugged and masked Skora) who has the nitro and a radio-controlled truck so Zek takes over his plan which he believes is the Agirians. Meanwhile Najiid has been drugged during Said's spee

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 22 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S2E14
#14 - Echo of Yesterday
Season 2 - Episode 14

Neo-nazi Colonel Marcus von Frank is planning a resurgence of the Party with the aid of Otto Kelmann, munitions magnate. With Kelmann's financial base, von Frank plans to become a second Hitler. Jim infiltrates their meeting as an American Nazi leader, while Cinnamon gets close to Kellman, aided by her resemblence to his dead wife, murdered by Hitler in '32. Jim goads the paranoid von Frank into distrusting Cinnamon, who is convinced that she will destroy him. The IMF drugs Kelmann and sets up an elaborate "hallucination" of Rollin-as-Hitler murdering Cinnamon-as-Kelmann's wife back in '32. When von Frank burts in and shoots Cinnamon because of his own paranoid suspicions, Kelmann shoots him.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 24 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S2E2
#15 - Trek
Season 2 - Episode 2

The country of Santales sold a collection of Incan gold artifacts to save its economy, which were stolen by Jack Cole. Cole's accomplices are killed and Colonel Cardoza of Santales is in charge of extracting the location of the artifacts from Cole. However, Cardoza is a tratiro who plans to take the artifacts and leave Santales in financial ruin. The IMF must both recover the treasure and expose Cardoza. Phelps goes in as Cardoza's fence, and plots with the Colonel to get Cole to reveal the treasure. Phelps is thrown in with Cole, and they manage to escape thanks to Cardoza's set-up with Jim. Jim "kills" Rollin (disguised as an Indian) for his horses, and the Rollin reports to Cardoza's superior, General Diaz, that Cardoza is the one looking for the trasure. Cole takes Phelps and Cardoza to the trasure, and Cardoza kills Cole. As Diaz's men close in, Jim leaves via a helicopter, leaving Cardoza to try and explain why he has the treasure and was working with Cole.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 27 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S1E12
#16 - Fakeout
Season 1 - Episode 12

Anastas Poltroni is the head of an international narcotics syndicate, and has taken refuge in a country with no extradition treaty. The IM Force is assigned to lure him out without kidnapping him (to avoid the publicity). Cinnamon woos Carson until Briggs, pretending to be her husband, interrupts. Carson refuses to bribe Briggs, while Barney plants some of Carson's heroin in his own hotel room and tip off the police. The IMF ambush Carson and steal the heroin, and Carson later escapes. He grabs Cinnamon and follows Briggs to a deserted lodge to retrieve his own heroin. The police are hot on his trail, and he flees with Cinnamon still in his grasp. Thanks to confusing road signs altered by Barney, Carson ends up over the border where he is arrested and the heroin is taken into custody.

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 30 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S7E17
#17 - The Fountain
Season 7 - Episode 17

Syndicate exec Tom Bachman has stolen the computerized records from his rival Matthew Drake in a power struggle. Bachman is hiding in a village in Mexico from the crippled Drake, waiting for a hired pilot to take him to safety. Barney takes the pilot's place and then fakes a crash where he and Bachman stumble across the "Fellowship of the Golden Circle." Bachman discovers they have a fountain of youth - when Drake's men catch up to him, he takes Casey along as proof of his claim and offers to return the records if Drake backs him in distributing the water. Casey ages and dies before their eyes, and Drake agrees so he can get a shot at the water's healing properties. Bachman leads Drake (and the IMF) to the hidden tapes and the crooks gets arrested.

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 21 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S6E8
#18 - Underwater
Season 6 - Episode 8

Berlinger, a millionaire manufacturer and stolen gem dealer, will be transferring diamond to a Syndicate boss for $75 million. Only one man knows where the diamonds are - Hoffman, Berlinger's former lieutenant, who stole them. Berlinger is torturing Hoffman for their location. The IMF must get the gems and the money. Barney springs Hoffman and they become partners so Hoffman dives for the gems (hidden on the body of a courier sunk at sea). Casey brings Berlinger to Jim, posing as a diver, who offers to get the diamonds. Willy follows Hoffman to the gems and the team knocks him out and takes him into custody - then Jim leads Berlinger to the same spot and offers to make a deal in return for his $5 million payment. Under pressure from the Syndicate, Berlinger agrees and in the subsequent meeting the police capture everyone.

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 20 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S7E14
#19 - Incarnate
Season 7 - Episode 14

Hannah O'Connel rules over a Syndicate family, including her two sons who act as her lieutenants. Hannah masterminded the theft of a million dollars in gold bullion, and escaped to the Caribbean with her surviving son Thomas - Robert turned government witness but Hannah shot and killed him. The IMF must get her to return to the U.S. and recover the gold. The O'Connel's are set up in a house run by Casey and led to believe it's haunted by Robert - their gunsels turn up "dead" and Hannah contacts shopkeeper Barney to arrange a voodoo exorcism. Hannah blacks out thanks to the IMF and they send her son Thomas running after faking him killing Willy over Casey. When Hannah wakes up Barney tells her that Robert is alive and got her to tell him the location of the gold while she was unconscious. Hannah hires Jim as a pilot to take her to the gold and the IMF move in for the arrest.

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 20 votes.

Mission: Impossible - S6E5
#20 - Shape-Up
Season 6 - Episode 5

Syndicate boss Delaney controls the waterfront and eliminates any potential witnesses - the IMF have 72 hours to bring him to justice before the grand jury closes. Barney infiltrates Delaney's waterfront organization and sabotages it, while Jim is a captain of a Norse ship, The Orion, on which Delaney once killed a man. Casey poses as the dead man's daughter and tries to implicate Delaney. The team capture Saunders, Delaney's killer, and Barney then claims to be employed by Delaney's Syndicate liaison Morgan and forces Saunders to set up a meeting on-board the Orion. Saunders "escapes" and warns Delaney, and they kill Morgan. The Syndicate head Mr. C is also present, lured to the ship, and witnesses the killing. He leaves one of his men to kill Delaney but the police arrive and Delaney testifies in return for protection.

The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of Mission: Impossible from 22 votes.

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