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Modern Marvels

Modern Marvels

H2 1993

Celebrating ingenuity, invention and imagination brought to life on a grand scale, MODERN MARVELS tells the fascinating stories of the doers, dreamers and sometime-schemers who created everyday items, technological breakthroughs and man-made wonders.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Modern Marvels

Modern Marvels - S1E3

#1 - The Panama Canal


Season 1 - Episode 3

Part of Teddy Roosevelt’s dream of making America a global power was realized through the construction of the Panama Canal. The French began construction in 1880 but nine years and 20,000 lives later they realized their plans were flawed and abandoned the project. In 1904, construction resumed under American supervision. First, they controlled the diseases that had claimed so many construction workers’ lives. Then they developed an innovative design for a series of locks. Their dogged determination paid off when they united the oceans on January 7, 1914.

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Modern Marvels - S1E1

#2 - Grand Coulee Dam


Season 1 - Episode 1

One of the world's largest concrete dams and largest concrete structures lies on the Columbia River in the State of Washington. Built in 1931, the Grand Coulee Dam is also one of the largest hydroelectric power plants. We'll explore this technological wonder.

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Modern Marvels - S19E11

#3 - Panama Canal Supersized


Season 19 - Episode 11

The Panama Canal is thought to be the 7th wonder of the modern world, but now to fit the world's growing fleet of super ships, the Panama Canal is getting completely revamped; a look inside the billion dollar Panama Canal Expansion Project.

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Modern Marvels - S1E4

#4 - Mount Rushmore


Season 1 - Episode 4

Towering over the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mount Rushmore was the vision of Gutzon Borglum, a combative and fiercely talented young sculptor. To elicit public support for his dream, Borglum whipped American patriotism into a frenzy, finally securing the financing he needed to embark on the creation of his awe-inspiring monument. Over the course of 15 years, 350 men poured their sweat into Borglum's vision, using drills and explosives to chisel Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt into the massive granite cliff. Here is the controversial history of this unorthodox masterpiece, including the remarkable design specifications, the tragedies and setbacks that marred its construction, and the awe it inspires to this day.

The episode was rated from 14 votes.

Modern Marvels - S1E5

#5 - Cruise Ships


Season 1 - Episode 5

Looks at how one man’s vision and the cooperation between the U.S. and England resulted in an instant, reliable transcontinental mode of communication in the mid-1800s. See how wealthy 33-year-old Cyrus West Field endured many failures and lost millions in his attempt to close the communication gap between the Old and New Worlds.

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Modern Marvels - S5E4
#6 - Electric Light
Season 5 - Episode 4

To some it was a miracle. Others call it the triumph of illiteracy. Somewhere between adoration and scorn. Somewhere between the carrier pigeon and television. There was and is radio. We take radio for granted. Perhaps think of it as a second rate medium. A poor relation to our pride and joy, television. But fewer than a hundred years ago, the discovery that people could communicate over great distances without wires, galvanized the world to a degree that has been equalled.

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Modern Marvels - S1E2
#7 - Empire State Building
Season 1 - Episode 2

The Empire State building rose to become the world's tallest man-made structure at a time when dreams were in short supply. Planned during the 1920s, construction was almost grounded by the Depression until the "Cathedral of Dreams" came to symbolize the indomitable American spirit. "Two stories a day" became the mission. Up went the rivets, the steel and the fearless men. In just two years the miracle of engineering was finished, justifying a nation's belief in itself. Here is the colorful story of this beloved building, including the innovations it inspired, and its enduring popularity today. From the first plans to the final rivet, explore the incredible story of the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING.

The episode was rated from 31 votes.
Modern Marvels - S19E1
#8 - Mega Speed Countdown
Season 19 - Episode 1

Modern Marvels is going big, and counting down. We take the “best of” Modern Marvels and give you the MEGA Top 10 countdown. On this edition: Speed. It’s a pure adrenaline rush as we race the top 10 fastest marvels we’ve featured down to the speediest of all.

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Modern Marvels - S18E2
#9 - Built by Hand
Season 18 - Episode 2

We live in a highly mechanized world in which billions of products are made by machines--but there are some things that can be built only by using an even more sophisticated tool--the human hand. In New Mexico, a pilot who builds his own jet-powered glider takes to the skies--his very life depending on his handiwork. Canoe makers in Montana, and a knife maker in Washington, handcraft items so unique that customers are willing to pay significantly higher prices than if they were machine made. In the farmlands of Central California, craftsmen keep alive the ancient art of weapon making--see their gleaming suits of armor in action, as weekend warriors do battle. Ever wonder how those impressive animal skeletons in museums are constructed? The artists of Skulls International in Oklahoma City share their secrets. And in Hollywood, the Chiodo brothers reveal how handmade special effects have a charm and character that today's computer animators can't duplicate.

The episode was rated from 24 votes.
Modern Marvels - S18E1
#10 - Inside Your Walls
Season 18 - Episode 1

Don't look now--but there's a lot more to your walls than you'd ever imagine. Take a penetrating look inside something we consider utterly mundane, and uncover a surprising and sometimes shocking world. A computer-managed home in Colorado showcases the high tech gadgetry destined to inhabit every wall in the future. At the headquarters of Orkin in Atlanta, a network of walls with cutouts and Plexiglas windows reveal how pests and creepy crawlies of all kinds can congregate in huge numbers inside our homes. In Washington, scientists at Underwriters Labs play with fire in the name of research, investigating how our walls can keep us safe--or expose us to a fiery death. And in Los Angeles, a security company demonstrates innovative new technology that can "see" through walls--detecting motion, heat, breathing, even heartbeats.

The episode was rated from 10 votes.

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