10 Best Episodes of Monster

Kenzou Tenma, a Japanese brain surgeon in Germany, finds his life in utter turmoil after getting involved with a psychopath that was once a former patient.

Written by Sophie and last updated on jan 24, 2023.

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Monster - S1E38

#15 - The Demon in My Eyes (Season 1 - Episode 38)

Dr. Tenma has a gun pointed at Roberto, but Roberto has the rifle pointed at him. Nina, Dr.Reichwen and Dieter arrive to find the whole library in flames. People are trapped inside and the doors are all locked. Karl reads the report on his mother's life and death. Dr. Tenma tries to rescue those trapped in the building. Johan reveals the monster inside of him to Schuwald.

The episode was rated 8.15 from 47 votes.

Monster - S1E69

#14 - The Peaceful House (Season 1 - Episode 69)


Lunge and Grimmer conclude something terrible is happening in Ruhenheim when random gunshots ring out, people are either murdered or disappearing, and any roads out of town are flooded by torrential rain. As Nina recovers in a nearby hospital, Tenma, using a lead from Capek, travels to Prague and meets with Lipsky and determines that Johan is in Ruhenheim.

The episode was rated 8.17 from 35 votes.

Monster - S1E60

#13 - The Man Who Knew Too Much (Season 1 - Episode 60)

Martin’s attempt to save Eva costs him his life, his last minutes with Tenma reveals a terrible secrets about Martin’s boss, Peter Chapek and the about the experiments.

The episode was rated 8.19 from 48 votes.

Monster - S1E74

#12 - The Real Monster (Season 1 - Episode 74)


It has been some time since the tragic blood battle, and everyone is working hard to put their lives back to normal. Tenma finally locates a woman he has been searching for, and she reveals some startling information.

The episode was rated 8.24 from 51 votes.

Monster - S1E22

#11 - Lunge's Trap (Season 1 - Episode 22)

Lunge determines that the murder of a wealthy, middle-aged, childless couple does not fit the usual modus operandi of the serial murders and decides to use this opportunity to lure Tenma to a trap. However, before he can arrest him, Lunge is critically wounded by the real criminal. Tenma is able to treat Lunge's injuries.

The episode was rated 8.24 from 55 votes.

Monster - S1E19

#10 - Monster's Abyss (Season 1 - Episode 19)


Tenma visits Rudy, a criminal psychologist, who is working on cases involving a murderer named Jurgens.

The episode was rated 8.24 from 58 votes.

Monster - S1E67

#9 - I'm Back (Season 1 - Episode 67)

Nina confronts Johan who presents her with a story on what happened when many people were poisoned at the Mansion of Red Roses. Nina realizes that she was the one who witnessed these deaths, the shock of this revelation nearly drives her to suicide, but she is saved by Tenma. Capek is gunned down by members of his organization when they find out about the guard that Capek killed.

The episode was rated 8.26 from 42 votes.

Monster - S1E44

#8 - Double Darkness (Season 1 - Episode 44)


After the death of his seniors, Suk is left to re-investigate case from the very beginning. He gets information from the orphans about a meeting with Grimmer. His intention to arrest Grimmer takes a different turn however when he gets deeper into the investigation. The episode also reveals that there is more to the nameless lady at the bar than she lets on.

The episode was rated 8.28 from 43 votes.

Monster - S1E37

#7 - A Nameless Monster (Season 1 - Episode 37)

The episode begins with a fairy tale about a Monster without a name. Nina reads the story from the picture book and has a sense of deja vu. Johan's evil plans for the book donation ceremony is carried out. Dr. Tenma meets a big obstacle in his attempt to kill Johan.

The episode was rated 8.37 from 49 votes.

Monster - S1E70

#6 - The Town Massacre (Season 1 - Episode 70)


As time passes, more people in Ruhenheim are being shot dead by mysterious people and each other. Both Grimmer and Lunge determine that the owner of a local hotel is Klaus Poppe, also known as Franz Bonaparta. After subduing a man who was giving weapons to everyone in the town, they obtain information that one of the ringleaders is in a second hotel.

The episode was rated 8.39 from 38 votes.

Monster - S1E72

#5 - A Nameless Man (Season 1 - Episode 72)

Lunge confronts Roberto, one of the ringleaders, in a hotel room. Both are subsequently wounded in the fight. Nina and Gillen arrive in Ruhenheim where they find a house containing drawings of the two twins by Bonaparta. This triggers a final memory and the secret to Johan's madness and motives, his quest for true solitude, as well as forgiveness for his actions. Bonaparta accompanies Tenma on his quest to find and kill Johan.

The episode was rated 8.42 from 43 votes.

Monster - S1E73

#4 - Scenery for a Doomsday (Season 1 - Episode 73)


Bonaparta attempts to shoot Johan dead, but is gunned down by Roberto, who dies of his own injuries soon afterwards. With the massacre now over, authorities rush into the town and attempt to determine what happened. Just as an officer is about to arrest Dr. Tenma, an ambulance worker arrives asking for Tenma's assistance.

The episode was rated 8.55 from 47 votes.

Monster - S1E30

#3 - Decision (Season 1 - Episode 30)

Suspecting foul play in Robert's 'accidental' death fall, Dr. Reichwen makes some discoveries in his investigations. But as he later realizes, his investigations may have put him in harms way.

The episode was rated 8.56 from 50 votes.

Monster - S1E29

#2 - Execution (Season 1 - Episode 29)


Robert delves into Johan's past and makes a shocking discovery. Dr. Gillen speaks to Peter Jurgens, a serial murderer about Johan's possible involvement and gets a tragic reply. Johan confronts Robert about Stephen Joos. And Dr. Reichwen receives tragic news from the police.

The episode was rated 8.77 from 53 votes.

Monster - S1E71

#1 - The Wrath of the Magnificent Steiner (Season 1 - Episode 71)

Tenma runs into Lunge, the latter apologizing for his previous accusations against Tenma. Nina and Dr. Gillen rush to Ruhenheim. After the winning lottery couple is wounded in an attack on Bonaparta's hotel, Grimmer rushes out to the streets to reason with the unknown assailants.

The episode was rated 8.93 from 44 votes.

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