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After being duped and going bankrupt, model Maddie is convinced by David to become a partner in a detective agency. Together they solve various cases, while getting comfortable with each other.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Moonlighting

Moonlighting - S3E7

#1 - Atomic Shakespeare (Season 3 - Episode 7)

A boy hoping to watch Moonlighting but forced to study Shakespeare instead daydreams about the cast performing their own version of The Taming of the Shrew complete with Petruchio Dave and Kate Maddie.

The episode was rated 8.45 from 20 votes.

Moonlighting - S2E10

#2 - Twas the Episode Before Christmas (Season 2 - Episode 10)

Ms. Dipesto finds a baby left in her apartment by a woman named Mary fleeing from the hit men who killed her husband, and Dave and Maddie quarrel over using the agency phones as a "Santa hot line."

The episode was rated 8.41 from 17 votes.

Moonlighting - S3E10

#3 - Poltergeist III -- Dipesto Nothing (Season 3 - Episode 10)

Ms. Dipesto tries to solve a haunted house case refused by Dave and Maddie to show Bert Viola that she's just as good a detective as he is.

The episode was rated 8.40 from 10 votes.

Moonlighting - S4E2

#4 - Come Back Little Shiksa (Season 4 - Episode 2)

With Maddie in Chicago, Dave feels very sympatico with a client who offers $10,000 if they can locate the woman he spent one memorable night with.

The episode was rated 8.38 from 13 votes.

Moonlighting - S2E13

#5 - In God We Strongly Suspect (Season 2 - Episode 13)

Dave and Maddie agree to "corpse-sit" for an escape artist's widow, who believes her dead husband's threats to come back and get even with her.

The episode was rated 8.27 from 15 votes.

Moonlighting - S3E13

#6 - Maddie's Turn to Cry (3) (Season 3 - Episode 13)

Maddie feels more and more confused about Sam and Dave after an all-night stakeout with Dave ends in an early morning proposal from Sam.

The episode was rated 8.20 from 15 votes.

Moonlighting - S3E14

#7 - I am Curious...Maddie (4) (Season 3 - Episode 14)

Sam confronts Dave about Maddie, and tells him he's not good enough for her.

The episode was rated 8.17 from 18 votes.

Moonlighting - S4E5

#8 - Cool Hand Dave (1) (Season 4 - Episode 5)

Ms. Dipesto lets Maddie's secret slip, so Dave frantically tries to fly to Chicago, but he gets waylaid and makes an unexpected side trip to prison under another man's name.

The episode was rated 8.10 from 10 votes.

Moonlighting - S3E4

#9 - Yours, Very Deadly (Season 3 - Episode 4)

Dave and Maddie are hired by a married woman to find the man she has been sharing a torrid romantic correspondence with and make sure he understands the arrangement is over.

The episode was rated 8.06 from 16 votes.

Moonlighting - S5E10

#10 - When Girls Collide (1) (Season 5 - Episode 10)

David goes beyond the call of duty to help entertain Maddie's cousin Annie, and Maddie realizes that David may be over his obsession with her.

The episode was rated 8.00 from 10 votes.

Moonlighting - S2E7
#11 - Somewhere Under the Rainbow
Season 2 - Episode 7

Dave and Maddie argue over whether to help a young woman who claims to be a leprechaun find the pot of gold she insists her father has hidden for her in Los Angeles.

The episode was rated from 20 votes.
Moonlighting - S3E6
#12 - Big Man on Mulberry Street
Season 3 - Episode 6

Maddie becomes consumed with curiosity when David announces he must fly back to New York to attend the funeral of his former wife's brother.

The episode was rated from 19 votes.
Moonlighting - S2E9
#13 - Atlas Belched
Season 2 - Episode 9

Dave busies himself finding an important phone index for a hapless young executive while Maddie mulls over an offer to sell the agency to a competitor.

The episode was rated from 18 votes.
Moonlighting - S2E14
#14 - Every Daughter's Father is a Virgin
Season 2 - Episode 14

Maddie worries about her parents' strange behavior, so Dave tails her father to see if he's having an affair.

The episode was rated from 16 votes.
Moonlighting - S2E15
#15 - Witness for the Execution
Season 2 - Episode 15

A sick old man asks Dave and Maddie to be the "expert" witnesses at his murder.

The episode was rated from 16 votes.
Moonlighting - S1E4
#16 - The Next Murder You Hear
Season 1 - Episode 4

Maddie becomes infatuated with a radio talk-show host who has apparently been murdered while he was on the air.

The episode was rated from 46 votes.
Moonlighting - S3E11
#17 - Blonde on Blonde (1)
Season 3 - Episode 11

Maddie's strange mood has David worried so he spends the evening following her, but ends up involved in a murder.

The episode was rated from 15 votes.
Moonlighting - S3E12
#18 - Sam & Dave (2)
Season 3 - Episode 12

Dave and Maddie quarrel over Sam as they keep watch on a man for his mistress, who's convinced he's two-timing her-with his wife.

The episode was rated from 14 votes.
Moonlighting - S1E1
#19 - Pilot
Season 1 - Episode 1

After an embezzling accountant leaves her penniless, ex-model Maddie Hayes decides to sell the few failing businesses she still owns, among them a detective agency. But private eye David Addison wants to keeps his job, so he persuades a reluctant Maddie to form a partnership. Their first case gives them little to go on: Maddie gets a broken watch from a dying man.

The episode was rated from 132 votes.
Moonlighting - S5E12
#20 - Eine Kleine Nacht Murder
Season 5 - Episode 12

Maddie witnesses a murder and is placed under police protection, but David thinks her bodyguard is crooked and is planning to kill her himself. Annie moves in with David, largely because of the discomfort their relationship is causing Maddie. David goes to Maddie's house to convince her to try to flee from the bad guys, only for a SWAT team to show up and severely damage the house.

The episode was rated from 11 votes.

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OK, I might be a bit biased here because the 80s were my teenage years so I grew up with those shows but I think that decade produced some of the most memorable. Shows you don't just watch and forget about but shows you never forget and that you want to watch again. Like Moonlighting. They had actors that could act, writers that could write - they were great with dialogue. They created characters not two-dimensional look-alikes.


Bruce Willis' breakthrough role was in the classy screwball romantic comedy with some detective work added for the fun of it. It gave the actor an excellent place to have fun and grow as an actor making sparks fly with the already legendary sex bomb Cybill Sheppard as their hate-love chemistry made the sparks fly and kept the viewing figures high. Their fast-paced dialogue was controversial stuff in the mid 1980s. The show started to sink when it started to focus too much on the supporting characters carrying some episodes that no one likes and a fourth season that had problems with the duo split apart for the entire run (due to Bruce Willis' filming of "Die Hard" and Cybill's pregnancy). When the fifth season premiere started with a horrendous story and Willis in diaper making fun of spontaneous abortion it was the definitive that it would soon end as even the most devoted fan started to leave it. The series did dare to break down the third wall and talk directly to the viewers and had some really great episodes, especially a black & white one that broke some ground and the ending of the series is a surprise in sync with the rest of the "frankly my dears I don't give a damn" style of the show.


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