Naked Attraction

10 Best Episodes of Naked Attraction

The show looks at whether a partner can be found based solely on the naked body and animal magnetism. Two singletons join host Anna Richardson as they seek to choose a date from a selection of six naked people, who will be revealed to them one body part at a time. They then get dressed and head off on a date, to see if there is any chemistry when the clothes come on.

Written by Sophie and last updated on feb 06, 2023.

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Naked Attraction - S9E3

#15 - Oliver & Claire (Season 9 - Episode 3)

Oliver hopes to bag his first ever girlfriend. Claire wants to find her dream partner.

The episode was rated 7.20 from 25 votes.

Naked Attraction - S8E7

#14 - Best Naughty Bits: Bad Romance (Season 8 - Episode 7)


We revist the lovers and the fighters, as we look back at the times when great chemistry ended in dating disaster, from arguments to cringeworthy moments, including Cathy and Andy’s explosive reunion

The episode was rated 7.24 from 17 votes.

Naked Attraction - S8E6

#13 - Best OMG Moments (Season 8 - Episode 6)

We revisit some of the utterly outrageous, jaw-dropping OMG moments, including Tracy from the very first series and Judith who played The Lord Is My Shepherd and brought in cake for her β€˜pod boys’

The episode was rated 7.25 from 20 votes.

Naked Attraction - S9E2

#12 - Nameya & Dan (Season 9 - Episode 2)


Nameya is after both beauty and brains, while Dan is yet to find her Prince Charming

The episode was rated 7.26 from 39 votes.

Naked Attraction - S2E2

#11 - Marlie & Adam (Season 2 - Episode 2)

Student Marlie needs to stay away from bad boys, while Adam from Bradford craves a woman with no secrets

The episode was rated 7.26 from 113 votes.

Naked Attraction - S9E4

#10 - Deanne & Hezron (Season 9 - Episode 4)


Deanne's after a pub-going partner. Horse lover Hezron wants an out-and-proud stallion.

The episode was rated 7.28 from 25 votes.

Naked Attraction - S3E1

#9 - Josh and Matt & Mary (Season 3 - Episode 1)

Twenty-year-old virgin Josh (who appeared as a contestant in season 2) seeks a princess to help pop his cherry. And Matt and Mary seek a third person to join them in bed.

The episode was rated 7.28 from 89 votes.

Naked Attraction - S4E2

#8 - Zoe & Derry (Season 4 - Episode 2)


Zoe is into the 'natural look', but is struggling to meet someone who shares her enthusiasm. Derry worries his jet-set lifestyle is ruining his chances of finding love.

The episode was rated 7.31 from 67 votes.

Naked Attraction - S9E1

#7 - Hayley & Dmitri (Season 9 - Episode 1)

Sex toy tester Hayley wants someone to get her buzzing, and Dmitri is in for a big shock!

The episode was rated 7.37 from 41 votes.

Naked Attraction - S6E5

#6 - Hope & Kurt (Season 6 - Episode 5)



The episode was rated 7.38 from 45 votes.

Naked Attraction - S4E3

#5 - Jamie & Jasmin (Season 4 - Episode 3)

Edinburgh musician Jamie is tired of the life of groupies and flings and seeks a deeper connection. Jasmin from Bognor has ME and needs acceptance from a new lover.Jasmin began to feel tired at the end of the date, blaming her ME. However, she did not even turn up for the reunion four weeks later, simply sending a text to her date the night before. He did not seem to mind either way.

The episode was rated 7.45 from 53 votes.

Naked Attraction - S3E4

#4 - Richard and David (Season 3 - Episode 4)


Richard from Darlington, a 27-year-old singer in a Take That tribute band, takes part in the dating show. Next is 50-year-old David from Maidstone, a divorcee after 24 years of marriage, who has a brand new outlook on life. Will he find a kindred spirit? Series 4 (2018)

The episode was rated 7.47 from 60 votes.

Naked Attraction - S8E8

#3 - Best Naughty Bits: Breaking Nude Ground (Season 8 - Episode 8)

Revisits some 'firsts' including featuring a trans woman, first celeb, Lauren Harries and Josh the virgin.

The episode was rated 7.60 from 10 votes.

Naked Attraction - S8E9

#2 - Best Naughty Bits: The Good, the Bad and the Kinky (Season 8 - Episode 9)


Revisits the rich tapestry of pickers, from the butter-wouldn't-melt ones and those who revealed their darkest secrets, to food fetishes, including a polyamorous couple and a three-time picker

The episode was rated 7.70 from 10 votes.

Naked Attraction - S8E10

#1 - Best Naughty Bits: Happy Endings (Season 8 - Episode 10)

Revisit the times when the pickers got it spot on and chose their perfect date, including Gemma and James, who found love on the show.

The episode was rated 7.90 from 10 votes.

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