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TV Tokyo 1997

Join Satoshi accompanied by his partner Pikachu, as he travels through many regions, meets new friends and faces new challenges on his quest to become a Pokémon Master.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of Pokémon

Pokémon - S23E51

#1 - Kamonegi's Great Trials


Season 23 - Episode 51

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Pokémon from 0 votes.

Pokémon - S23E48

#2 - A Close Call With The Pretty-Much Pikachu


Season 23 - Episode 48

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Pokémon from 4 votes.

Pokémon - S12E45

#3 - Sticking with Who You Know!


Season 12 - Episode 45

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Pokémon from 14 votes.

Pokémon - S13E21

#4 - For the Love of Meowth!


Season 13 - Episode 21

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Pokémon from 10 votes.

Pokémon - S9E30

#5 - Grating Spaces!


Season 9 - Episode 30

Our heroes have finally made it back to Pewter City, where Brock once again comes home to find the Pewter Gym looking stranger than ever. When he gets in the door, he discovers that his mom and dad are headed off on a free prize vacation, leaving the Gym in the care of three suspicious Gym remodelers who promised to make the Pewter Gym fashionable. His parents even took his Ludicolo to carry suitcases! Of course, it's all another Team Rocket scheme in disguise.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Pokémon from 18 votes.

Pokémon - S22E21

#6 - This Magik Moment!


Season 22 - Episode 21

Sophocles is on a TV quiz show, so Ash and the gang come to the station to cheer him on. While there, they see the filming of a series starring a Magikarp; however, the Magikarp seems to have something wrong with it. On another TV show, the regular actresses don't show up in time, which leads to Lana, Mallow and Lillie being cast as replacements.

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of Pokémon from 10 votes.

Pokémon - S8E23

#7 - Mean with Envy


Season 8 - Episode 23

Pacifidlog at last! May is practicing for her contest, and Ash wants Snorunt to practice Ice Beam. But Snorunt's wild aim hits Team Rocket instead and scares another Coordinator's Aipom. Skitty chases it, and May chases Skitty. She finds Skitty playing with another Coordinator, Joshua, and the two talk about the upcoming contest. Erica, a Coordinator who really likes Joshua, loses her cool when she sees them together and gives May a piece of her mind. Ash and the others show up, but so does Team Rocket! The villains grab Pikachu and Snorunt, so May and Joshua team up to stop them. Erica's so mad that May and Joshua are working together, she has Jynx use Hyper Beam to send Team Rocket flying. Then it's time to register for the contest, where Team Rocket also has a plan to enter the contest—with Meowth! The first competitor in the Pacifidlog Contest is the Jester and her Meowth. Both of them look awfully familiar, as does the Giovanni ice sculpture Meowth carves using Fury Swipes! Joshua, Erica, and May all do well and move onto the second round along with the Jester. To May's shock, she'll be facing Joshua in the second round! Erica wants Joshua to win so they can win the ribbon together, but there's no way May is going to give up!

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of Pokémon from 18 votes.

Pokémon - S16E42

#8 - Team Rocket's Shocking Recruit!


Season 16 - Episode 42

After being scolded by Iris, an ambush by Team Rocket starts to make Emolga wish she did not have to be with such strict trainers and fights on Team Rocket's side.

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of Pokémon from 15 votes.

Pokémon - S9E3

#9 - A Chip Off the Old Brock


Season 9 - Episode 3

Brock's Mudkip evolves into Marshtomp while training with Grovyle, but when it shows off its Mud Shot attack, it accidentally hit s a nearby Flaaffy! Luckily, Flaaffy's owner, Mariah, works at a pharmacy that makes Pokémon medicine. Soon Flaaffy is well, but Marshtomp has developed a crush on it! Mariah and her friend McCauley are helping the pharmacy's doctor, using Electric Pokémon to help make medicine. It's not easy, and McCauley is really starting to doubt his abilities. A disguised Team Rocket tries to clean out the pharmacy using Meowth in a Snorlax suit, but McCauley and Brock drive them off. Team Rocket doesn't give up: later that night, they return with a rocket-powered balloon and steal the entire building while Mariah and Flaaffy are still inside! McCauley and his Ampharos leap into the building as it's carried off. Back on the ground, Ash and his friends try to stop Team Rocket, but Pikachu and the doctor's Mareep are hurt when Marshtomp's attack is deflected by Team Rocket's latest device. Up in the flyaway pharmacy, McCauley and Mariah mix up a Pokémon medicine, then toss it to the doctor. The hurt Pokémon are restored to full health, and the Electric Pokémon pool their power to defeat Team Rocket. McCauley now has confidence in himself, but poor Brock and Marshtomp realize that romance with Mariah and Flaaffy will never pass! Yes, everything's definitely back to normal as our friends head towards the next stop on the Battle Frontier!

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of Pokémon from 27 votes.

Pokémon - S13E9

#10 - The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!


Season 13 - Episode 9

The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of Pokémon from 12 votes.

Pokémon - S11E47
#11 - A Trainer and Child Reunion!
Season 11 - Episode 47

As Ash and the gang are heading back to Hearthome City, they encounter Aaron, a member of the Elite Four. They see that he's training his bug Pokémon, but also himself. He explains to the gang that he's trying to look for a Wurmple he released as a child as he felt it could become stronger on its own, but he wants him back. The gang offers to help Aaron look for his released Wurmple. They find Aaron's Wurmple, but since then it has evolved into Beautifly. The two become a team again. In the end, Aaron happily says thank you and a farewell, and Ash and his friends head on to Hearthome City.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Pokémon from 17 votes.

Pokémon - S22E34
#12 - Pikachu's Exciting Adventure!
Season 22 - Episode 34

After returning to the present day, Ash and Torracat reunite with Pikachu, Lycanroc, Rowlet, and Meltan—who are all covered in dirt! It turns out the four Pokémon had been searching for Ash and Torracat after the pair’s sudden disappearance. They’re excited to recap their journey, but Ash doesn’t understand what they’re saying! He has no idea what they went through in order to find him—they even took on the role of Ultra Guardians and got some help from Clefable and Garchomp! Even though he can’t figure out how they got so filthy, our hero is just happy to be back in the company of his Pokémon friends!

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Pokémon from 13 votes.

Pokémon - S8E49
#13 - Hail to the Chef!
Season 8 - Episode 49

Chasing after a hungry Munchlax, Ash and his friends end up at Rhonda's, a restaurant run by a girl named Rhonda with Mr. Mime as its head chef. Team Rocket stumbles across another restaurant, Rhoda's, run by a girl named Rhoda with Sneasel as its head chef. Meowth quickly takes a disliking to Sneasel, but Jessie and James want it for Team Rocket. Back at Rhonda's, Mr. Mime puts on a fantastic show for Ash and company, but the food is terrible. Over at Rhoda's, Sneasel's food looks terrible, but it tastes fantastic—except for Meowth's, because Sneasel purposely made him a horrible meal. The two start to fight, breaking through the restaurant wall and right into Rhonda's. Rhonda and Rhoda are actually twin sisters who split up the family restaurant; Rhoda accuses Rhonda, and they challenge each other to see who deserves to run the place. Team Rocket coaches Sneasel while Brock advises Mr. Mime, and after a night's practice it's time to allez cuisine! Mr. Mime's presentation is great, but now Sneasel also puts on a show. It looks like a close battle until Team Rocket steals the chefs and Pikachu too! Team Rocket hops in their balloon to make a getaway, but Rhonda tells Mr. Mime to use Trick and Psychic. This frees all three Pokémon, who head home and send Team Rocket packing along the way. Impressed, Rhoda leaves the restaurant to Rhonda. But Rhonda makes Rhoda co-manager and Sneasel the head chef; with everyone working together, the restaurant is now better than ever! And after a wonderful meal, Ash and his friends can happily continue on their way.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Pokémon from 15 votes.

Pokémon - S19E21
#14 - A Keeper for Keeps?!
Season 19 - Episode 21

A new friend who gets along well with Clemont makes Bonnie feeling left out and jealous.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Pokémon from 29 votes.

Pokémon - S21E14
#15 - The Dex Can't Help It!
Season 21 - Episode 14

Rotom Dex is excited to house-sit while Ash and the professors go shopping. But chaos ensues when a washing machine is mistakenly delivered—and there’s a Wash Rotom inside! Somehow, the Wash Rotom ends up inside Ash’s Pokédex, and Rotom Dex takes its place in the washing machine. After a series of accidental form changes, and even some time spent inside a TV, Rotom Dex yearns to be back inside the comfort of the Pokédex. It finally succeeds, but not for long—after a big shock from Pikachu, Rotom Dex accidentally inhabits the entire Pokémon Center!

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Pokémon from 18 votes.

Pokémon - S22E1
#16 - Lillier and the Staff!
Season 22 - Episode 1

Today is the sole performance of the Pokémon School play, and everyone’s so excited! Lillie stars as Lillier, a brave adventurer who is charged with restoring Alola’s lost energy using a staff imbued with the power of Legendary Pokémon. But Act Two takes an unexpected turn, as Jessie, in disguise as Jessa Bergère, crashes the performance to steal the spotlight for herself! After some confusion, Rotom Dex writes a magnificent new script on the fly, bringing the crowd (including Ash’s mom) to applause for a job well done!

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of Pokémon from 13 votes.

Pokémon - S21E48
#17 - A Plethora of Pikachu!
Season 21 - Episode 48

Ash, Kiawe, and Mimo discover an amazing place called Pikachu Valley, home to the biggest group of Pikachu they’ve ever seen! Their Trainer is a major pika-fan named Pikala, who gives everyone a set of Pikachu ears and a tail, and insists that they all talk in Pikaspeak by adding “pika” to every sentence. At first, Ash’s Pikachu seems to be a big hit with the ladies—but Pikala clarifies that they’re just offering their usual pika-greetings. Annoyed by this behavior, the boss Pikachu challenges our buddy to a battle, but Ash’s Pikachu wins—and then thwarts an attempt by Team Rocket to grab the whole group!

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of Pokémon from 13 votes.

Pokémon - S9E5
#18 - May's Egg-Cellent Adventure!
Season 9 - Episode 5

As Ash and his friends head for the next Battle Frontier stop, May spots a lovely farm. But when she takes a closer look, she's zapped by Voltorb! The Voltorb guard the farm, where a friendly couple and their daughter Nicolette raise Pokémon Eggs. Nicolette has a Vileplume and wants to be a Coordinator, except she's afraid to leave home. She's not afraid to battle May and Munchlax, however—but May wins, proving her ribbon-winning skills! Team Rocket hatches a plan to raid the farm by sneaking Meowth and an egg-shaped robot inside. The robot then transforms and swipes the Pokémon Eggs, including one that's about to hatch! Once Team Rocket's villainy is out in the open, our heroes must stop them without hurting the stolen Eggs. Nicolette has Vileplume knock Team Rocket for a loop, and after some scrambling around the Eggs are safely retrieved. To everyone's relief, a Vulpix emerges safe and sound from the Pokémon Egg that was ready to hatch. Nicolette decides she's ready now to set off on her own and become a Coordinator—and someday compete against May! As for May, Nicolette's parents give her a Pokémon Egg to thank her for all her help. She resumes her journey with a new sense of excitement and anticipation!

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of Pokémon from 28 votes.

Pokémon - S22E2
#19 - A Haunted House for Everyone!
Season 22 - Episode 2

Harper and Sarah are determined to visit a haunted house, but when our heroes are stumped as to where to find one, Acerola suggests they create their own! At first, Shuppet and Mimikins provide ghostly entertainment for the twins, but then several other Ghost-type Pokémon join in on the fun. Everyone gets caught up in what looks like a scary dream, but when Komala strikes the Pokémon School bell, they all wake up and breathe a sigh of relief! Still, Lana is not amused with her sisters’ rambunctious behavior…

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of Pokémon from 14 votes.

Pokémon - S21E34
#20 - Guiding an Awakening!
Season 21 - Episode 34

With his pre-trial successfully behind him, Ash is finally ready to take the Ula’ula Island grand trial against Kahuna Nanu. Our hero is taken aback when Nanu reveals the terms of the challenge, though—Ash must defeat three of Nanu’s Pokémon with only one of his own! Ash decides that Lycanroc is up to the task, but the temperamental Pokémon might have trouble keeping its anger under control...especially when Nanu unleashes a barrage of taunts questioning Ash and Lycanroc’s teamwork.

The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of Pokémon from 18 votes.

Last updated: feb 26, 2021



I'm never gonna stop watching Pokemon, never...


I don't get why Ash/Satoshi gets so much hate. He honestly makes me like the anime way more than the games.


Childhood memories, favourite childhood show ever. Unfortunately I grew up and it can't seem to interest me anymore. I do miss it.


This show has made my childhood! I played almost every game that was available for the Nintendo Game Boy and I'm sure it made me a better person! Thank you Pokémon for being so great and for making me so happy!


The anime that ruled our childhoods


Ok so Season 1 had 2 episodes removed for American and UK showing so if you watch these it can throw out your number list and it also aired the [spoiler] holiday hi jynx [/spoiler] in wrong order too


I will never stop watching and playing Pokémon


season 5 is great!

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