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Starz 2014

A successful New York entrepreneur lives a double life as the head of a drug empire that serves only the rich and influential, all while wanting to escape the underworld and keep his family safe.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Power

Power - S5E10

#1 - When This Is Over


Season 5 - Episode 10

When the RICO case comes crashing down, Angela breaks ranks to form her own A-team. LaKeisha takes a stand of her own while “Ghost”, Tommy, Tasha, and Angela race against the clock to prove their innocence...but to what end?

The episode was rated from 976 votes.

Power - S6E13

#2 - It's All Your Fault


Season 6 - Episode 13

Tommy is on a path to avenge LaKeisha's murder; Elisa Marie investigates what's on the USB stick given to her by her father; Tommy must destroy the evidence, and he may need Ghost's help to retrieve it.

The episode was rated from 584 votes.

Power - S6E8

#3 - Deal With the Devil


Season 6 - Episode 8

The Feds turn the heat up on Tommy and scare LaKeisha into cooperating. Ghost discontinues a relationship with an ally. Tasha confronts a snitch, which hits a little too close to home.

The episode was rated from 815 votes.

Power - S4E10

#4 - You Can't Fix This


Season 4 - Episode 10

When tragedy befalls the St. Patrick family, Ghost and Tommy seek retribution. Tasha tries to keep things together at home until she realises it will be on her to prevent further disaster, causing her to seek help from an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, Angela uses her own investigative skills and resources to figure out what Ghost is hiding and the return of an old friend heralds a call to war.

The episode was rated from 2503 votes.

Power - S5E9

#5 - There's a Snitch Among Us


Season 5 - Episode 9

When Angela's arrest of Jimenez gives her a solid win, she discovers plans that would undercut her career; Ghost tasks Tommy in killing a snitch, changing all of their lives; Tariq accepts the consequences of his choices.

The episode was rated from 960 votes.

Power - S6E10
#6 - No One Can Stop Me
Season 6 - Episode 10

Ghost is on top of the world. Meanwhile the Feds work to prove St. Patrick is guilty for the murder of Terry Silver. But when Ghost makes a political move, it triggers resentment from his many enemies.

The episode was rated from 714 votes.
Power - S3E5
#7 - Help Me
Season 3 - Episode 5

Tommy goes gunning for the culprit who tried to kill him; Greg pressures Ruiz to give up the "Ghost," as Angela tries to keep them at bay. Meanwhile, Proctor brings a new problem to the fore for Ghost to deal with.

The episode was rated from 2649 votes.
Power - S6E1
#8 - Murderers
Season 6 - Episode 1

Ghost seeks vengeance due to the ill will of Tommy Egan. Tasha vows to get even with Ghost for the murder of Terry Silver. Tariq and Tommy mourn an old friend. The AUSA's Office is under new leadership.

The episode was rated from 936 votes.
Power - S3E10
#9 - In My Best Interest
Season 3 - Episode 10

Ghost attempts to retrieve evidence while throwing the party of his career; Tasha forms an unlikely alliance in an effort to save her family; Tommy considers a move that could change everyone's lives.

The episode was rated from 2614 votes.
Power - S5E8
#10 - A Friend of the Family
Season 5 - Episode 8

The AUSA turns up the heat on Ghost and implicates his inner circle in on a RICO; Ghost and Tommy plan to frame Dre for the murder of Raymond Jones, Raina's killer; Angela and Tasha enact a plan of their own.

The episode was rated from 988 votes.

Last updated: jul 24, 2021



Empire got nothing on Power! Now this is great TV.


Really great show. All the actors have a great acting, and I'm most excited about Ghost and Tommy. Tommy plays PERFECTLY the "white boy from the hood", while trying to keep a Russian accent. Ghost on the other hand is always on point with his acting, talking like a businessman and someone to be reckoned with, all while letting subtle street talk chime in when it's needed. The premise is interesting as is, but the people of the show make it really great. I love how it progresses and changes, the twists, the crossroads that each character has to face. Just an FYI, has lot's of sex in it, I personally didn't mind.


worth watching, the end episode just make you want more from the 2nd season, 50 Cent will be the critical point in the second season


This is the best series I've watched in a long time. Can't wait for the next season.


Top 3 best shows on TV right now hands down.... "They say this is a big rich town"


Recommended to me by a friend at work and quickly hooked... Great show, watch it!


Great show, plot,acting,pace, all perfect. It's worth your time.


The ending of this series was so trash and Disrespectful to both Ghost and Tommy.....all they build gone all because of Tariq and Tasha


this is a really great show to watch theirs a lot of twist and turns in the show action and drama as well all the actors are very good in they rolls


I had trouble watching Empire, I moved over to this show Power. Wow what an impressive show. The writing/acting/directing, its all superb! I watch a ton of shows & this is excellent. Luckily enough I came to this show with 5 seasons available. I'm gonna be inside during this heatwave were having with my AC watching Tommy & Ghost take on the elite drug dealings of America! ¡ I just got to S2; 50cent is finally out of prison... Hummm the drama gets even better.

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