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Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo

Fuji TV 2004

Mugen is a ferocious, animalistic warrior with a fighting style inspired by break-dancing. Jin is a ronin samurai who wanders the countryside alone. They may not be friends, but their paths continually cross. And when ditzy waitress Fuu gets them out of hot water with the local magistrate, they agree to join her search for the "samurai who smells of sunflowers."

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The 10 Worst Episodes of Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo - S1E22

#1 - Cosmic Collisions


Season 1 - Episode 22

On the way to Nagasaki the trio falls in a hole and ends up in a mine. The trio ends up working for the owner of the mine for a share of the treasure. As the days drag on Fuu discovers that they are becoming more and more like the seemingly-alive workers.

The episode was rated from 131 votes.

Samurai Champloo - S1E12

#2 - The Disorder Diaries


Season 1 - Episode 12

Jin and Mugen read through Fuu's diary and find out that she hasn't been telling them what they need to know.

The episode was rated from 146 votes.

Samurai Champloo - S1E23

#3 - Baseball Blues


Season 1 - Episode 23

An anachronistic batch of American belligerents sail into town and a canny ninja-turned-team manager enlists our heroes to do battle with them on the field of honor...which in this case is a baseball diamond. Behold Mugen's pitching skills and tremble!

The episode was rated from 138 votes.

Samurai Champloo - S1E18

#4 - War of the Words


Season 1 - Episode 18

Fuu gets a facelift when kids trade in the sword for the graffiti brush; Jin keeps a promise to a long-lost friend and confronts the shock of the new, while Mugen learns to read and conquers a castle.

The episode was rated from 126 votes.

Samurai Champloo - S1E19

#5 - Unholy Union


Season 1 - Episode 19

A cynical charlatan fleeces the Hidden Christian flock, Fuu gets closer to the Sunflower Samurai, and a truth is finally revealed.

The episode was rated from 131 votes.

Samurai Champloo - S1E16
#6 - Lullabies of the Lost (1)
Season 1 - Episode 16

Mugen, Jin and Fuu get into a quarrel and separate, and have unexpected encounters; new opponents appear, old grievances return, and Mugen and Fuu meet a mysterious archer.

The episode was rated from 133 votes.
Samurai Champloo - S1E2
#7 - Redeye Reprisal
Season 1 - Episode 2

Mugen's armless rival retuns with some new hired help: Oniwakamaru.

The episode was rated from 241 votes.
Samurai Champloo - S1E3
#8 - Hellhounds for Hire (1)
Season 1 - Episode 3

Mugen and Jin decide to ditch Fuu, but they end up joining opposite sides in a basica gang warfare with Fuu in the middle reminding them of their promise.

The episode was rated from 211 votes.
Samurai Champloo - S1E9
#9 - Beatbox Bandits
Season 1 - Episode 9

Mugen, Jin, and Fuu need to cross a border so they purchase Travel Passes since they dont have any.The Travel Passes turn out to be fake. Mugen, Jin, and Fuu are sentenced to death. The guards were going to have them killed until they found out about a errand they needed to run. So they send Mugen to run the errand for them. He must travel past a forest full of bandits and trouble to deliver an object. If Mugen does not make the delivery and come back in time, Jin and Fuu will die!

The episode was rated from 160 votes.
Samurai Champloo - S1E6
#10 - Stranger Searching
Season 1 - Episode 6

The gang enters into an eating competition with Mugen and Jin's swords on the line. After a mysterious man wins the eating competition, they must find a way to get their swords back and save the mysterious man. Will they succeed?

The episode was rated from 180 votes.

Last updated: mar 16, 2021



An average story told by amazing detail, easily loveable 3 main characters, great soundtracks with combining samurai era and hiphop. You want more after watching and completing it but that feeling makes you love this anime more. It's short. it's lovely and deserves to be seen.


At first, I thought I was disappointed by this new, lazy, digital animation style. I was expecting something ooh like _Bebop_. But, man… I _really_ was wrong. This… is Watanabe on another level. Plus… it has Nujabes. I think it would be more perfect if it’s squeezed to maybe under 20 episodes? No big deal… _Champloo_ rules! To be (or not to be?) rewatched…


This is an absolutely amazin anime. The characters are well written, the group is fitting well and the adventures and different goals are absolutely amazing. I was close to tears as it ended. For those of you, who haven't seen it yet: Check it out, take your time and enjoy the first time watching... I wish I could do it again! Mixture of: Cowboy Bebop + Afro Samurai = Samurai Champloo (Awesome Soundtrack, great characters and an amazing storyline!)


One of the best animes, great story and characters. The soundtrack's amazing too.


I really enjoyed this story, but was a bit disappointed by the end... [spoiler] I believe I really want complicated stories, with harrowing deaths... But the answer of this show lies in its simplicity ! [/spoiler] The different steps of the journey are still great, and after having watched Cowboy Bebop, I must say I really enjoy his style ! Of course, the production is still amazing, with great soundtracks and design !


Um anime regular, o final é uma lástima, fraco e sem sentido nenhum, eles simplesmente se separam sem se importarem, sendo que episódios antes eles estavam se lamentando pela possibilidade de se separarem quando chegassem a Osaka.


Incredible anime! Nujabes's OST is really giving the tone of this whole show! This is so great to watch!




Real nice anime. Dat music *.*


Extremely stylized and well made. Odd is it may sound, but it blends Samurai-era action with more modern concepts and a touch of hip-hop. Don't knock it - it *works*.

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