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E4 2007

Irreverent comedy drama which follows the messy lives, loves, delirious highs and inevitable lows of a group of raucous teenage friends in Bristol.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

The 10 Best Episodes of Skins

Skins - S2E10

#1 - Final Goodbyes (Season 2 - Episode 10)

It's A-Level results day for the gang but not all of them are present. Decisions are made as they all prepare for the next chapter of their lives.

The episode was rated 8.89 from 258 votes.

Skins - S6E2

#2 - Rich (Season 6 - Episode 2)

Professor David Blood has banned Rich from visiting Grace in hospital and Rich is suffering. Alo tries to keep him out of trouble with a band practice, but Rich is committed to his love and he stands outside the hospital waiting for Grace's call. Eventually the call comes and Rich finds a way past security and breaks into Grace's room. The lovers are reunited, but they have a problem as Blood is moving Grace to another hospital in Zurich. Alo has other things on his mind and cracks begin to develop in the boys' friendship. It falls to Liv to bring the fractured group back together again.

The episode was rated 8.62 from 169 votes.

Skins - S3E8

#3 - Effy (Season 3 - Episode 8)

Effy (Kaya Scodelario) is at the lowest point, but this time there’s no older brother at home to notice; and home life has deteriorated so much that it’s even harder than ever for her to communicate. Katie (Megan Prescott), having usurped Effy as Queen Bee, takes every opportunity to rub in her superiority and highlight the fact that Freddie (Luke Pasqualino) is her man, and Effy is to keep her hands off. She invites Effy to a party in the woods, but there are stipulations - Effy has to drive, and Cook is not welcome. As they all head off, the car strains with tension - as secrets and rivalries build. Their paranoid state increases when they have a frightening run in with some poachers. Freddie manages to lighten the mood, and as they arrive at the campsite, they recover themselves and start to have fun. Effy finds some magic mushrooms, and they experiment. Katie’s jealousy of Effy returns, as Effy becomes the centre of the action. The fun and excitement intensify, that is until it becomes clear someone has been tampering with their stuff. Hearing gun shots, they realise someone is charging towards them. The atmosphere darkens and any fun they were having disappears in an instant. Later, Effy gets the opportunity to follow her heart, but a decision she makes may be difficult to ever recover from.

The episode was rated 8.59 from 236 votes.

Skins - S1E9

#4 - Everyone (Season 1 - Episode 9)

The last episode in the series involves Sid attempting to pull himself together and tell Cassie how he feels about her, but with tragic consequences. Meanwhile, nobody is in the mood to celebrate Anwar's birthday, and Tony is out of luck when he tries to make amends.

The episode was rated 8.59 from 319 votes.

Skins - S3E6

#5 - Naomi (Season 3 - Episode 6)

Naomi (Lily Loveless) thinks she has the world worked out, and puts people in their appropriate boxes. There's her hippy mum (Olivia Colman); the adoration from Emily (Kathryn Prescott); Cook's (Jack O'Connell) insulting misogyny; and her politics teacher, Kieran's (Ardal O'Hanlon), flattery. She thinks she has them all sussed, and that it's only her who can see the truth. However, the upcoming student elections leave her at a loss, and her insecurities get the better of her. The trust and confidence inspired by a friend encourages her to stand up to her arch rival, the antithesis of everything she stands for, as her and Cook go head to head; but Naomi learns that nothing is black and white anymore.

The episode was rated 8.58 from 230 votes.

Skins - S3E4

#6 - Pandora (Season 3 - Episode 4)

With the first and only boy Pandora’s ever fancied having been deported, Pandora is desperate for some fun and decides to throw a party. Unknown to Pandora, Katie has used some special ingredients in the chocolate brownies, which take the party to another level. Effy knows, but hasn’t warned Pandora or her mum Angela (Sally Phillips), who is munching happily on the choccie treats. Effy can only look on while her best friend’s mum’s behaviour gets increasingly bizarre. Pandora grabs the fun where she can, and towards the end of the evening lets her heart rule her head… but will she regret it in the morning, and will her best mate forgive her? Also guest starring (David Baddiel) as Steve, and (Harry Enfield) as Jim Stonem.

The episode was rated 8.54 from 229 votes.

Skins - S6E10

#7 - Finale (Season 6 - Episode 10)

The exam results are in and Alex is throwing a leaving party that he hopes nobody will ever forget. Everybody's future hangs in the balance as Franky finds it hard to confront her past. The group is still in shock following Grace's death and time is running out for them to make things right.

The episode was rated 8.54 from 146 votes.

Skins - S4E5

#8 - Freddie (Season 4 - Episode 5)

Freddie and Effy use the Stonem house as a private place to drink, dance and fuck. Freddie is worried that he's failing his college work. Effy begins to act strangely, switching between depression and delusion and always drinking alcohol. After arguing with his dad and seeking advice from his grandfather, Freddie tries to fix things with Effy, to no avail. Cook becomes unusually compassionate and talks to Freddie about Effy, putting aside his own feelings for her.

The episode was rated 8.53 from 197 votes.

Skins - S4E7

#9 - Effy (Season 4 - Episode 7)

Effy has been in a psychiatric hospital recovering since she tried to take her own life. After lots of sessions with her counsellor John Foster, he tells her she is ready to go back home. Effy is worried she could slip back into her previous state, but John assures her that as long as she is disciplined she will be ok, and she will still visit him for sessions.

The episode was rated 8.50 from 193 votes.

Skins - S2E9

#10 - Cassie (Season 2 - Episode 9)

What's the matter with Cassie? She's back together with Sid, Chris is on the mend, Michelle and Tony are back with each other and A-level exams are finally over. So to celebrate, Sid has organised a dinner party where everyone can try to get along. But how can they? Jal is lying to Chris, Chris is lying to everyone, including himself. And when it finally gets too much, Cassie runs. She runs and runs and keeps on going - until she arrives at a totally magical place, where the people are friendly and she can get along. But can she be happy?

The episode was rated 8.48 from 265 votes.

Skins - S2E3
#11 - Sid
Season 2 - Episode 3

Sid hasn’t coped at all well with the fact that his best friend Tony is a shadow of the man he was. And his ‘girlfriend’ Cassie moving away to Scotland hasn’t helped either, particularly when he catches her looking like she’s having the time of her life with a pair of tartan-clad boys. So his mood is not improved much when his Grandad, a notorious Glaswegian hard bastard arrives, dying of cancer, to say his final goodbyes. He has never liked his son and he likes his Grandson Sid even less. So his arrival makes Sid’s Dad’s life a misery too. Especially as he’s brought Sid’s Uncle Sandy and his two weird cousins along for good measure too. Multiply all this by ten when Sid’s estranged Mum joins in to play happy families. So it’s Jenkins family meltdown. And when Sid comes down for breakfast he ends up making a discovery that nothing could have prepared him for. Sometimes life is just too sudden, just too cruel. So Sid’s life crisis deepens into a chasm of despair, what he really needs now is his best mate, he needs Tony.

The episode was rated from 261 votes.
Skins - S4E3
#12 - Cook
Season 4 - Episode 3

After failing to reign in his jealousy of Freddie and Effy's reunion and hospitalising the kid he beat up in a room full of witnesses, Cook finds himself in prison. When released on bail, he is forced to live with his mother due to the terms of his electronic tag. His mum is a successful artist who owns a mansion, but it's no holiday for Cook; he and his mum clash again and again. With few people to talk to, Cook is helped by an unlikely ally and begins to question his actions.

The episode was rated from 196 votes.
Skins - S4E8
#13 - Everyone
Season 4 - Episode 8

With A-level results in for most of the gang, thoughts about the past and the future are on their minds. Slowly the gang end up in the one place that makes sense. In their final moments, they are reunited once more and anything could happen. But one thing's for sure, it will be eventful, and for some, there's no going back.

The episode was rated from 211 votes.
Skins - S4E2
#14 - Emily
Season 4 - Episode 2

Emily and Naomi return home but are called in for questioning by the police. Emily discovers that Naomi was dealing drugs and that Sophia was pretending to be friends with them. Cook and Freddie try to keep away from Effy but neither can resist for long resulting in a fight. Emily finds a Naomi shrine in Sophia's locker.

The episode was rated from 209 votes.
Skins - S3E9
#15 - Katie And Emily
Season 3 - Episode 9

What a difference a party makes. Since their disaster in the forest, the twins’ lives have descended into chaos. Katie is refusing to leave the house and must face her lack of control, while Emily is struggling with her feelings for Naomi. With the college ball approaching, a showdown is imminent.

The episode was rated from 210 votes.
Skins - S3E7
#16 - JJ
Season 3 - Episode 7

JJ’s (Ollie Barbieri ) feeling lost and confused. The upset within the gang has taken its toll on him, and his fine balancing act has come unstuck. When he visits his psychiatric clinic, he just gets given more drugs. At home, his mother (Juliet Cowan) is worn out with it all, and away from the home, JJ can see his friends coming apart at the seams. With Effy (Kaya Scodelario) at such a low ebb, and the chance discovery of Cook (Jack O’Connell), Freddie (Luke Pasqualino) and Pandora’s (Lisa Backwell) secrets, he feels the burden to be overwhelming. But an unlikely member of the gang - Emily (Kathryn Prescott ) - proves to be the true friend at his time of need.

The episode was rated from 223 votes.
Skins - S1E2
#17 - Cassie
Season 1 - Episode 2

Cassie's family and friends are too wrapped up in their own worlds to notice she is not eating and that her health is at risk. Will this change when Cassie gets to know Sid?

The episode was rated from 446 votes.
Skins - S4E6
#18 - JJ
Season 4 - Episode 6

JJ is in love. But he thinks that the lovely Lara Lloyd is out of his league and lacks the courage to ask her out. After finally plucking up the courage, JJ realises that he's got to do it all by himself. Almost by himself anyway. But it's JJ's friends and family who are really messing things up.

The episode was rated from 187 votes.
Skins - S1E6
#19 - Maxxie and Anwar
Season 1 - Episode 6

A school trip to Russia provides plenty of opportunity for the testing of friendships, as Anwar's religion and Maxxie's sexuality collide.

The episode was rated from 320 votes.
Skins - S6E5
#20 - Mini
Season 6 - Episode 5

Mini's mother has hooked up with a pervy new live-in boyfriend who Mini really dislikes. To make matters worse, Alo has broken the rules of their 'no strings attached' relationship and admitted that he is in love with her. Mini decides that she needs to get away and ends up seeking refuge in the arms of her father.

The episode was rated from 155 votes.

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As @pirs already mentioned... I also gonna miss the first generation, but I also gonna miss the whole show as well. The characters were sooo good, many highs and lows, good stories and some lovely developments in the different story lines. I am sad seeing Skins gone - and it seems like forever. What I don't liked was the last season. It was totally different compared to the other seasons. Most of the time I got bored. Don't get me wrong - the stories were good, and the acting too but it didn't felt right. It felt like a forced end on a movie-based episodes... and that went totally wrong.


Anyone ever watch Harmony Korine's "Kids" 1995? Well, Skins is basically the television series version of that movie. It revolves around topics of reality that people are afraid to face are real and pretend they actually don't exist. Each episode revolves around a specific character that is within this group of friends and it alternates back and forth, giving every character a chance to have their story developed on screen. Every two seasons we are introduced to a new generation which at first I thought was irritating, but in all honesty, the writers are brilliant! The show presents us to friendship, love, drugs, sex, sexuality, religion, the struggles that come within families, search for identity, etc. I would definitely recommend this show. It says so much about youth and the horrid events that specifically adults who are parents hate to know are true. Season 3-4, Generation 2 are my favourite <3 I miss this so much. *cries*


I'd be lying if I said my mind wasn't blown by this show. It greatly exceeded my expectations. The acting was spot on, soundtrack was simply remarkable and the direction of this show was astonishing. I cried more than once throughout my viewing, the show just immerses you into the plot that you live with the drama. I consider my self to be a TV fanatic, with having watched well over 90 TV shows, this one is definitely stood out. This show will stand a testament that good TV does exist and that we may not be as diverse as our cousins from across the pond but we can sure as shit can make good Tele. (via TV Closet for Windows 8.1)


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