10 Worst Episodes of Taskmaster

Greg Davies is the Taskmaster, and with the help of his ever-loyal assistant Alex Horne, they will set out to test the wiles, wit, wisdom and skills of five hyper-competitive comedians. Who will be crowned the Taskmaster champion in this brand new game show?

Written by Sophie and last updated on may 04, 2024.

PS: The following content contains spoilers!

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Taskmaster - S8E1

#10 - Hello (Season 8 - Episode 1)

Five new contestants - Iain Stirling, Joe Thomas, Lou Sanders, Paul Sinha and Sian Gibson - complete a series of tasks under the watchful eye of Greg Davies and Alex Horne.

The episode was rated 7.57 from 147 votes.

Taskmaster - S10E9

#9 - Air Horn Andy (Season 10 - Episode 9)


The comics go all out to win in the semi-final: Richard Herring bleeds on beer mats, Mawaan Rizwan volleys oranges and Katherine Parkinson counts plastic balls.

The episode was rated 7.57 from 121 votes.

Taskmaster - S15E4

#8 - How Heavy Is the Water (Season 15 - Episode 4)

Kiell Smith-Bynoe finds himself playing bingo without any shoes on, Mae Martin plays an unusual but potentially brilliant drum solo and all the comedians create boats to carry eggs, in a race involving eggs in boats.

The episode was rated 7.56 from 116 votes.

Taskmaster - S15E6

#7 - It's My Milk Now (Season 15 - Episode 6)


It's time to meet everyone's imaginary friends in a domestic and poignant setting. Greg Davies has some tricky judging to do when people question the definition of the colour gold, and nobody understands a simple egg-shelling task.

The episode was rated 7.55 from 116 votes.

Taskmaster - S6E1

#6 - The Old Soft Curved Padlock (Season 6 - Episode 1)

Alice Levine, Asim Chaudhry, Liza Tarbuck, Russell Howard and Tim Vine tackle wheelbarrow stunts, lemon towers and a wardrobe as Greg Davies sets them truly absurd tasks.

The episode was rated 7.55 from 179 votes.

Taskmaster - S6E2

#5 - Tarpeters (Season 6 - Episode 2)


Liza Tarbuck shows her hatred of small toy men. Asim Chaudhry invents a new rain hat. Alice Levine tries to fathom darts.

The episode was rated 7.51 from 170 votes.

Taskmaster - S6E4

#4 - BMXing! (Season 6 - Episode 4)

Tim Vine strips to his waist, Russell Howard gets tattooed, while Alice Levine apes Leonardo da Vinci using squirty cream.

The episode was rated 7.51 from 168 votes.

Taskmaster - S6E3

#3 - One Warm Prawn (Season 6 - Episode 3)


Liza Tarbuck introduces a plastic lizard to a drill.

The episode was rated 7.50 from 162 votes.

Taskmaster - S10E7

#2 - Legit Glass (Season 10 - Episode 7)

Mawaan is not at all fazed when faced with a task involving office chairs, chickens and remote control cars, although the same cannot be said of his rivals. Daisy tries to decipher mysterious messages from Richard, and Katherine is baffled by a giant marble

The episode was rated 7.48 from 128 votes.

Taskmaster - S10E2

#1 - A Documentary About a Despot (Season 10 - Episode 2)


Johnny Vegas yells from a tall chair, Katherine Parkinson forgets how balloons work and Richard Herring flails around in a dinghy.

The episode was rated 7.41 from 127 votes.

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