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Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go!

Cartoon Network 2013

Teen Titans Go! is a TV show that follows the Teen Titans when saving the world and when living together as teenagers without adult supervision.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Teen Titans Go! (Season 3)

Teen Titans Go! - S3E42

#1 - Island Adventures (2): Pure Protein


Season 3 - Episode 42

The Titans hold a team competition, but have to avoid an alien hunter.

The episode was rated from 166 votes.

Teen Titans Go! - S3E40

#2 - TTG VS. PPG


Season 3 - Episode 40

The Powerpuff Girls follow Mojo Jojo to the Teen Titans' home in Jump City, where he plans to take over the world with an army of monkeys. Beast Boy and Cyborg think Mojo is "pretty cool for a talking monkey", and the girls compete against Robin, Starfire, and Raven to see which is the best superhero team.

The episode was rated from 112 votes.

Teen Titans Go! - S3E48

#3 - Oregon Trail


Season 3 - Episode 48

The group gets into the pioneer spirit on their journey west.

The episode was rated from 137 votes.

Teen Titans Go! - S3E44

#4 - Island Adventures (4): Crazy Desire Island


Season 3 - Episode 44

Robin eavesdrops on the Titans and grant them wishes to teach them life lessons, but things didn't go as he hoped.

The episode was rated from 164 votes.

Teen Titans Go! - S3E10

#5 - 40%, 40%, 20%


Season 3 - Episode 10

Cyborg's real strength comes not from his robot parts, but from his favorite song.

The episode was rated from 348 votes.

Teen Titans Go! - S3E45
#6 - Island Adventures (5): The Titans Show
Season 3 - Episode 45

The Titans get sick of the island and decide to leave, only to realize that they have in fact been unknowingly press-ganged into a reality TV show by the Teen Titans villains and Control Freak.

The episode was rated from 159 votes.
Teen Titans Go! - S3E46
#7 - Booty Scooty
Season 3 - Episode 46

In order to save Titans Tower from some wealthy land developers, the Titans search for pirate treasure.

The episode was rated from 126 votes.
Teen Titans Go! - S3E41
#8 - Island Adventures (1): The Coconut Cream Pie
Season 3 - Episode 41

The Titans are shipwrecked on a desert island and must use the island's resources to survive.

The episode was rated from 173 votes.
Teen Titans Go! - S3E38
#9 - The Art of Ninjutsu
Season 3 - Episode 38

The Titans must use ninjutsu to get the McGuffin.

The episode was rated from 188 votes.
Teen Titans Go! - S3E50
#10 - Oh Yeah!
Season 3 - Episode 50

Cyborg tells the other Titans that TV wrestling is fake and tries to teach them about real wrestling.

The episode was rated from 124 votes.

Last updated: nov 24, 2021



It's not supposed to be taken seriously, and that is great. It's not as /dark/ as the original Teen Titans tvshow (or most of DC tvshows, to be honest) but it's silly and funny and that was probably the point. It's a great silly show that makes you laugh. There's nothing wrong with that.


I think this show is funny. Obviously it isn't really about superhero stuff, it's about super powered being pulling off greater and greater crimes with no consequences. Don't watch this expecting teen titans or young justice and you will probably like it.


Don't watch if you are a fan of teen titans. If I wanted to watch the power puff girls I would go back in time.


Oh yeah TTG definitely remind me of the Powerpuff Girls at times. It's funny though, 'cause Raven and Bubbles are voiced by the same actress. As for the TTG itself, it's not that bad overall. And most importantly, at least here BB/Rae is a thing. Well, sort of.


It wasn't really anything worth one's time.

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