Teen Titans Go!

10 Best Episodes of Teen Titans Go! - Season 7

Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg return in all-new, comedic adventures. They may be super heroes who save the world every day ... but somebody still has to do the laundry!

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Teen Titans Go! - S7E24

#1 - DC (Season 7 - Episode 24)

It's Wonder Woman's 80th birthday, so the Titans head to DC Headquarters for the party.

The episode was rated 8.00 from 12 votes.

Teen Titans Go! - S7E20

#2 - What a Boy Wonders (Season 7 - Episode 20)


Robin forms a book club to debut his new autobiography, but the Titans would rather discuss other books.

The episode was rated 7.07 from 14 votes.

Teen Titans Go! - S7E2

#3 - Hafo Safo (Season 7 - Episode 2)

The Titans travel to the hipster neighborhood of Silver Lake, California to help solve a mystery.

The episode was rated 6.87 from 15 votes.

Teen Titans Go! - S7E22

#4 - Fat Cats (Season 7 - Episode 22)


After winning a huge cash prize, the Titans learn about the IRS and taxes.

The episode was rated 6.80 from 15 votes.

Teen Titans Go! - S7E23

#5 - Jam (Season 7 - Episode 23)

Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman recruit Starfire and Raven for their roller deby team.

The episode was rated 6.79 from 14 votes.

Teen Titans Go! - S7E4

#6 - Pig in a Poke (Season 7 - Episode 4)


The Titans are worried when Starfire says she has sent all of her money to a prince online, especially when it could be the clown prince himself.

The episode was rated 6.63 from 16 votes.

Teen Titans Go! - S7E12

#7 - Cy & Beasty (Season 7 - Episode 12)

Cyborg and Beast Boy can't agree on the better character, Tom or Jerry, so they play a little game of cat and mouse.

The episode was rated 6.53 from 15 votes.

Teen Titans Go! - S7E6

#8 - A Little Help Please (Season 7 - Episode 6)


When they receive a distress call from the TTG animators and artists, the Titans must tone down their actions and avoid big adventures.

The episode was rated 6.47 from 19 votes.

Teen Titans Go! - S7E3

#9 - Zimdings (Season 7 - Episode 3)

When Robin selects the last font on the list for his presentation, it sets off the typocolypse.

The episode was rated 6.40 from 15 votes.

Teen Titans Go! - S7E1

#10 - The Mug (Season 7 - Episode 1)


Robin dreams of receiving a #1 Dad mug so Raven magically turns them into a sitcom family.

The episode was rated 6.36 from 14 votes.

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    Teen Titans Go! - S7E18

    #11 - EEBows (Season 7 - Episode 18)

    Tired of getting pinched, the Titans' elbows rebel and soon bend the very fabric of time and space.

    The episode was rated 6.33 from 15 votes.

    Teen Titans Go! - S7E5

    #12 - P.P. (Season 7 - Episode 5)


    While stopping a museum theft, the Titans encounter the P.P. Goblin, who uses the Titan's pet peeves against them.

    The episode was rated 6.13 from 15 votes.

    Teen Titans Go! - S7E14

    #13 - Creative Geniuses (Season 7 - Episode 14)

    The Titans visit the Jump City Comic Book Con, where they meet Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, but also tangle with Control Freak over an exclusive toy.

    The episode was rated 6.08 from 12 votes.

    Teen Titans Go! - S7E19

    #14 - Batman's Birthday Gift (Season 7 - Episode 19)


    The Titans join Robin as he travels to deliver a birthday gift to Batman but they are detoured several times along the way.

    The episode was rated 6.08 from 13 votes.

    Teen Titans Go! - S7E7

    #15 - Marv Wolfman and George Pérez (Season 7 - Episode 7)

    Marv Wolfman and George Pérez must pitch an idea for the new Teen Titans in 24 hours, so they brainstorm different concepts for the team.

    The episode was rated 5.92 from 12 votes.

    Teen Titans Go! - S7E17

    #16 - Polly Ethylene and Tara Phthalate (Season 7 - Episode 17)


    Teen Titans Go takes a comedic look at the superheroes' lives. Viewers finally get the opportunity to watch what life is like for the super teens when their capes are left at home. The teens will deal with everyday issues of adolescence including laundry contests and quests to construct the perfect sandwich.

    The episode was rated 5.86 from 14 votes.

    Teen Titans Go! - S7E13

    #17 - T is for Titans (Season 7 - Episode 13)

    The Titans are shocked to learn that the T Tower had previous owners.

    The episode was rated 5.77 from 13 votes.


    Last updated: feb 08, 2023

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