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The Apprentice (UK)

The Apprentice (UK)

BBC One 2005

Over the course of 12 tough tasks, the 16 candidates will be whittled down until just one victor remains. And plenty of sparks are set to fly in the boardroom along the way!Each week the budding entrepreneurs will be divided into two teams - led by designated Project Managers - that lock horns under the watchful eyes of Lord Sugar's advisor Baroness Karren Brady and new aide Claude Littner.After completing each task both teams return to the boardroom to discuss their inspirational or calamitous experiences and discover which side has triumphed.The winners will be rewarded with a luscious treat while the losing team’s Project Manager must select two colleagues to accompany them back into the boardroom. Lord Sugar will then hear their arguments and fire at least one of them from the competition.The eventual winner of The Apprentice Series 15 will be given the opportunity to be Lord Sugar's business partner and receive an investment to the value of £250,000 founded on the basis of their idea.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of The Apprentice (UK)

The Apprentice (UK) - S6E11

#1 - Interviews


Season 6 - Episode 11

Lord Sugar's search for an apprentice reaches its penultimate week, and the five remaining candidates face a different type of challenge: they each have to face a gruelling interview process on their own. There is nowhere to hide as they are grilled by four of Lord Sugar's trusted business colleagues, one of whom is a very familiar face. These advisors then feed their opinions back to Lord Sugar, and three candidates are fired in the boardroom as he decides who is worthy of a place in the final.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 0 votes.

The Apprentice (UK) - S6E12

#2 - The Final and You're Hired


Season 6 - Episode 12

After eleven gruelling tasks of the job interview from hell, it's finally time for Lord Sugar to choose his next Apprentice. The two finalists are faced with the final task of launching and presenting a new premium alcohol drink to an audience of over one hundred industry experts. Dara O Briain then presents the first opportunity to hear from the winner, as well as the boss himself, in front of an audience including all of this year's candidates. Quizzing the runner-up are comedian Jack Dee, entrepreneur Sarah Willingham and columnist Amanda Platell.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 0 votes.

The Apprentice (UK) - S6E13

#3 - Why I Fired Them


Season 6 - Episode 13

Lord Sugar looks back on the unsuccessful candidates in the 2010 series. From making sausages and selling clothes to creating a character for a brand new cleaning product, this year's budding businessmen and women have been tested to destruction. Reliving their worst decisions, Lord Sugar reveals how, each week, he decided who would hear his famous phrase: "You're fired".

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 0 votes.

The Apprentice (UK) - S8E13

#4 - Why I Fired Them


Season 8 - Episode 13

They knew they had to impress Britain's toughest boss. If they failed, they'd get the chop. 16 hopefuls went into battle for Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment. Now, he explains how some candidates lost the plot completely and others survived by the skin of their teeth.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 2 votes.

The Apprentice (UK) - S10E13

#5 - Why I Fired Them


Season 10 - Episode 13

Lord Sugar takes a look back at the candidates who fell before the final hurdle.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 3 votes.

The Apprentice (UK) - S8E14

#6 - The Final: Interviews and You're Hired


Season 8 - Episode 14

The final episode of this series sees Lord Sugar name his business partner. The final four candidates are called to the Institute of Directors in the City, where Lord Sugar asks them to pitch their business concepts to him right there on the spot. Then it is down to business with Margaret Mountford, Mike Soutar, Matthew Riley and tough-talking Claude Littner. Lord Sugar's four advisors scrutinise the candidates' suitability to go into partnership with the Boss

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 3 votes.

The Apprentice (UK) - S7E4

#7 - Beauty Treatments


Season 7 - Episode 4

Lord Sugar gathers the candidates under the statue of Aphrodite at the British Museum, and reveals their next task: to set-up beauty treatment businesses in Birmingham. At the briefing, he re-balances the teams and personally appoints the project managers. The British beauty industry is worth 14 billion pounds annually, with the best margins in hands-on treatments, so Lord Sugar demands both teams offer these and sell cosmetic products off the back of them. After a choice of professional treatments have been offered to the teams, followed by a short wrangle over total body spray tan, the teams choose two treatments each and get down to some hands-on training. But one of the boys feels that touchy-feely beauty challenges his masculinity, and could worry his girlfriend. Under the watchful eye of Nick and Karren, the teams take their choices to Birmingham. One team goes for the city centre, while the other chooses an out-of-town mall. From now on it's a race to capture customers and get them into the treatment rooms. Products turn out to be easier to shift than getting the public to strip off, but in a desperate struggle to make money, juggling jobs and slashing prices puts profits at risk. In the boardroom the battle to survive gets ugly, until Lord Sugar calls it to order and declares: "You're Fired!".

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 5 votes.

The Apprentice (UK) - S7E11

#8 - Fast Food Chain


Season 7 - Episode 11

At a shopping mall in the City of London, Lord Sugar points out to the teams the wide range of successful fast-food chains and tells them to invent their own outlet, develop a unique cuisine, open it to the public and pitch the concept to him and experts from the fast-food industry. The teams get two brand new sites in the centre of the West End to turn into protoype fast-food outlets. One team goes for Mexican meals, the other for British pie and mash. Both teams split - one half to cook, the other to make the branding match the concept. The Mexican restaurant gets called Caracas because it sounds like maracas, while the pies get named after historic Britains; except that, once the branding has been done, Nick casts doubt on the British credentials of Christopher Columbus. When the restaurants open to the public the customers wait for fajitas and nachos to emerge from the kitchen - cold! Pies, mash and gravy served piping hot in cardboard boxes causes a rethink on presentation, and by the time the two-hour trial run is over there is plenty to fix before Lord Sugar turns up. The teams pitch to the experts who mark both business concepts out of ten in four crucial categories: customer service, the meal, branding, and whether the idea could work on the high street. Marks are revealed in the boardroom. The winners go straight to the final. The losers face the firing line, and their concept gets shredded. In the end, Lord Sugar places his order: "You're fired!".

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 3 votes.

The Apprentice (UK) - S8E11

#9 - Affordable Luxury


Season 8 - Episode 11

Lord Sugar calls the teams to Burlington Arcade, a luxury shopping centre in London's West End. He spells out that in the current economic climate Britain still has a taste for the finer things in life, but they should come with an affordable price tag. He reveals that the candidates' latest task is to consider affordable luxury retail markets and come up with a new product range.

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 3 votes.

The Apprentice (UK) - S9E15

#10 - The Final


Season 9 - Episode 15


The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 1 votes.

#11 - Paris
Season 7 - Episode 8

The venue for the candidates' latest briefing is St Pancras International. With the next Eurostar about to leave, there is just time for Lord Sugar to brief and re-balance the personnel, and then it's off to Paris for half of each team. The others must stay back and choose some new British designs to sell to the French. It is a classic export task, with Lord Sugar on the lookout for proven ability to do business abroad. While the candidates in Paris arrange sales appointments for tomorrow, the London-based groups are treated to quirky products by entrepeneurs wanting a slice of the French market. There's everything from toys to top-end bikes. It is immediately clear that some of Lord Sugar's budding business partners know very little about the French, and even less about what they will buy. To help, he sets them up with a major French retailer, but the teams must fix all the other pitches. Street-based research gets lost in translation. Candidates struggle to describe in stuttering franglais items they haven't seen, while one candidate proves fluent in French, yet hopeless at diplomacy. When the teams regroup in Paris, the selected products look less attractive than they sounded. Squabbles ignite, but selling must begin. Paris retailers, baffled by the stumbling pitches, prove tough customers. Lord Sugar's top-end French chain store is characteristically stoney-faced. Back in the boardroom the teams are subjected to more hard-faced stares, this time from Lord Sugar on hearing that someone decided to employ a playground game to decide who would pitch. And one team discovers it picked a winning product with some blockbusting sales figures. But the losers face an inquisition and then the verbal guillotine: "You're fired!".

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 7 votes.

#12 - Interviews
Season 9 - Episode 11

The candidates receive an early morning phone call from Lord Sugar, who tells them they have 24 hours to brush up on their business plans, before being interviewed by four of his trusted advisors. The next day, business plans in hand, it's off to the Institute of Directors. Lord Sugar explains that his advisors will be scrutinizing their plans and credentials, before feeding back to him. The nerves kick in straight away for the Final Five, as the anxious candidates are called in one by one to meet Lord Sugar's hand-picked hit-squad. Armed with CVs and business plans, the advisors waste no time in taking the candidates to task. Egos are attacked, book-cooking uncovered, and personalities pulverised. There are anxious moments for some, and extraordinary things uncovered as the candidates are pushed to the limit. In an emotional boardroom, Lord Sugar receives some surprising news, and someone feels the full force of his fury, before a shock exit leaves everyone open-mouthed. In the fight to make the final, dreams come crashing down. Only two can make the grade, as the rest all kiss the investment goodbye as they hear the words 'You're fired!'.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 17 votes.

#13 - Discount Dealing
Season 8 - Episode 10

The candidates are called to meet Lord Sugar on a rooftop overlooking the City of London, where countless financial deals are done on a daily basis. For one day only, the teams will be representing an online daily deals website that offers Londoners exclusive deals in hotel stays, beauty treatments, posh dinners and premium products. It is a test in the teams' negotiation skills; they must strike the right deal, get a good discount and deliver their offers to the website by 7pm that evening. Nick and Karren watch on as the teams get increasingly desperate in their attempts to secure quality deals at the right price. Businesses are bemused as candidates try to negotiate offers on everything from candles and teeth whitening to five-star meals and fish pedicures. With the deadline looming, tensions and negotiations reach fever pitch and both teams face a final dash to the website's HQ to have their deals approved; only those that meet the website's exacting standards will go live for twenty four hours. In the boardroom there is a landslide victory, and the losers mount a desperate bid to stay in the running; it seems that no-one is safe from those fateful words: 'You're fired'.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 18 votes.

#14 - Bakery
Season 6 - Episode 3

The candidates seize the opportunity to impress Lord Sugar as they take over an industrial bakery. The teams are each given a market stall from which they try to tempt hungry customers with their baked goods, and they go head-to-head to pitch for the business of a high-class hotel, a restaurant and a coffee shop. Nick and Karren keep an eye on proceedings as the teams work to keep up with orders, and when the teams face Lord Sugar in the boardroom, one candidate is fired.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 5 votes.

#15 - Biscuit
Season 7 - Episode 9

The candidates are enjoying their day off when Lord Sugar turns up at the door. Suddenly it's down to work after he tells them to make, brand and pitch a new type of upmarket biscuit. Project managers get picked (in one case reluctantly) and then it's time for the teams to split up, with half off to a biscuit development lab in Swansea. The teams have two days to get the baking done and packaging designed. In Wales there are sharp elbows in evidence in one team as two of the candidates vie to get their idea made, whilst the other team goes straight for an after-school treat. The ultra-competitive team's focus group munches its way through lots of crunchy offers without a favourite emerging. No-one likes ideas suggested by fellow team members and in the end the decision is a compromise. On the other team, the branding for kids ends up losing precision and no-one can understand its selling point. Hard work in the development lab produces professional looking biscuits. Packaging is equally impressive but the names and invented straplines make for confusing pitch rehearsals and plenty of backstabbing. At the pitches one team tries to create a mini-drama, changing the script twice and still failing to communicate the idea. In the end both teams stumble through pitches that are as crumbly as their biscuits. The hard-nosed buyers from some of Britain's biggest supermarkets appear not to bite. They report back to Lord Sugar who reveals the outcome in the boardroom - the result is a shock to Lord Sugar and to both teams. On the losing team the culprit is uncovered. After some spirited defence and a few regrets it's a close call...then - 'You're fired!'.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 11 votes.

#16 - Keep Fit
Season 8 - Episode 5

Lord Sugar turns the candidates' attentions towards the highly profitable keep fit industry. The teams have two days to devise and brand a new fitness class that reflects recent popular trends like Zumba or Body Pump, which attract gym members to classes in big numbers. They must then pitch their routines to leading health and fitness chains, who will pay for the rights to run them if they like what they see.

The episode was rated #6 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 14 votes.

#17 - Interviews
Season 14 - Episode 11

The final five candidates face the scrutiny of Lord Sugar's most trusted advisors, who are primed to put each of their business plans under the microscope.

The episode was rated #7 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 22 votes.

#18 - Why I Fired Them
Season 13 - Episode 13

Ahead of the final, Lord Sugar looks back on the tasks from this year's series and assesses the candidates' performances. The business tycoon also looks back on the boardroom bust-ups and goes through the best decisions made by the contestants, as well as the worst - including five-star hotel rooms painted in shades of trifle, modern cars in medieval villages and getting lost while showing paying customers around Bruges.

The episode was rated #8 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 16 votes.

#19 - Why I Fired Them
Season 9 - Episode 13

With Lord Sugar on the cusp of choosing his new business partner, this programme provides a chance to look back on the candidates who fell before the final hurdle, and the tasks that tested them to the limit. From making beer and selling caravans to thinking up an online dating concept, this year's budding business partners have been pushed to breaking point. Lord Sugar takes us through the best, and worst, decisions made by this year's candidates, and explains how each week he decided who would hear the fateful phrase 'You're fired!'.

The episode was rated #9 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 11 votes.

The Apprentice (UK) - S15E3
#20 - Toys
Season 15 - Episode 3

The teams are sent back to school as Lord Sugar reveals that for this week’s task they will be creating a toy for 6-8-year-olds.

The episode was rated #10 Worst episode of The Apprentice (UK) from 50 votes.

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