The Bold Type

10 Worst Episodes of The Bold Type

A glimpse into the outrageous lives of Jane, Kat and Sutton, who are working at the nation's top women's magazine, Scarlet, while navigating their careers, identities and individual voices.

Written by Sophie and last updated on feb 04, 2023.

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The Bold Type - S1E7

#10 - Three Girls In A Tub (Season 1 - Episode 7)

Richard is determined to get to know Sutton’s friends outside of the office and invites the girls to dinner, but things don’t quite go as planned. Sutton attempts to network with a new social circle by attending a high tea. While on a date with someone else, Jane comes to a realization about Pinstripe; and Jacqueline is forced to intervene when Kat’s new staffer keeps damaging Scarlet’s social media presence.

The episode was rated 7.61 from 216 votes.

The Bold Type - S2E2

#9 - Rose Colored Glasses (Season 2 - Episode 2)


Believing it shouldn’t matter, Kat bristles when Alex recommends she highlights that she is black in her company bio. However, while introducing her parents to Adena, Kat is forced to confront how her avoidance of labels has affected her life. Sutton is horrified when she discovers her fellow fashion assistants think she was asked to organize a photo shoot featuring “honorable men” for reasons other than her talent. And Jane tries to defend herself after the fallout from her Incite article, which doesn’t go as planned.

The episode was rated 7.59 from 137 votes.

The Bold Type - S4E14

#8 - The Truth Will Set You Free (Season 4 - Episode 14)

Jane isn't comfortable in her post-surgery body, but a visit from her dad may change her outlook. Sutton and Richard make plans for the future. Kat tries to move forward at work with a podcast, but her first episode comes with a price.

The episode was rated 7.56 from 54 votes.

The Bold Type - S4E7

#7 - The Space Between (Season 4 - Episode 7)


Kat and Adena need to work together on a Scarlet project, which becomes tense when Adena learns about Kat’s recent romantic relationships. Sutton earns her first solo styling gig, hoping it leads to being a fashion influencer. Jane makes a decision about her health concerning her BRCA-1 status.

The episode was rated 7.55 from 67 votes.

The Bold Type - S4E5

#6 - Tearing Down the Donut Wall (Season 4 - Episode 5)

Jane's story on millennial weddings comes to a halt when she uncovers a secret about Jacqueline; Sutton helps Carly take on her school uniform policy without running it by Oliver; Kat finds uncomplicated dating more complicated than she thought.

The episode was rated 7.49 from 73 votes.

The Bold Type - S4E3

#5 - Marathon (Season 4 - Episode 3)


Kat goes out of her way to help a transgender runner get into the New York City Marathon, while Jane and Ryan try a different kind of marathon to rebuild their relationship; Jacqueline's new situation at work leads to tension with her husband.

The episode was rated 7.49 from 74 votes.

The Bold Type - S2E7

#4 - Betsy (Season 2 - Episode 7)

When Jane discovers that Sutton has been hiding a gun in the apartment, the girls realize they have polar opposite views on the subject. Meanwhile, Adena shocks Kat with her latest suggestion.

The episode was rated 7.45 from 128 votes.

The Bold Type - S4E12

#3 - Snow Day (Season 4 - Episode 12)


A blizzard halts NYC and Kat is trapped at her new job with her nemesis. Sutton struggles to balance her career and relationship. Jane tries to emulate Jacqueline's leadership with her new staff. Oliver comes face to face with his ex.

The episode was rated 7.44 from 59 votes.

The Bold Type - S4E8

#2 - Stardust (Season 4 - Episode 8)

Jane is overjoyed when her brother Evan comes to town, and she introduces him to Ryan. Adena turns to Kat for help in dealing with RJ, which causes more trouble between Kat and the board. Richard returns from San Francisco, allowing him and Sutton to dive into wedding plans.

The episode was rated 7.32 from 69 votes.

The Bold Type - S4E16

#1 - Not Far from the Tree (Season 4 - Episode 16)


Sutton visits her hometown, but falls into a familiar pattern while there. Jane finds a big story, but it could have serious ramifications for Jacqueline. Kat is reluctant to share her new romance with Jane and Sutton.

The episode was rated 7.19 from 57 votes.

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