The Fairly OddParents

10 Best Episodes of The Fairly OddParents - Season 9

The zany, fast-paced adventures of a 10-year-old boy and his fairy godparents, who inadvertently create havoc as they grant wishes for their pint-sized charge.

Written by Sophie and last updated on jan 22, 2023.

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The Fairly OddParents - S9E3

#14 - I Dream of Cosmo (Season 9 - Episode 3)

Cosmo loses his memory and mistakenly thinks he's supposed to grant wishes for Timmy's father.

The episode was rated 6.64 from 11 votes.

The Fairly OddParents - S9E13

#13 - Hero Hound (Season 9 - Episode 13)


Timmy wishes Sparky would get a chance to be heroic, while Dad thinks he can talk to animals.

The episode was rated 6.80 from 10 votes.

The Fairly OddParents - S9E12

#12 - Cosmonopoly (Season 9 - Episode 12)

Timmy, his dad, and his fairies get trapped in a board game created by Cosmo, and must get out before Timmy's mom throws the game in the wood chipper.

The episode was rated 7.28 from 18 votes.

The Fairly OddParents - S9E5

#11 - Dumbbell Curve (Season 9 - Episode 5)


Crocker grades on a bell curve so Timmy wishes everyone was dumber than him. Unfortunately, a meteor threatens Earth and Timmy’s the only one smart enough to stop it.

The episode was rated 7.50 from 12 votes.

The Fairly OddParents - S9E10

#10 - Scary GodCouple (Season 9 - Episode 10)

Foop teams up with Vicky to scare all of the kids in town.

The episode was rated 7.58 from 12 votes.

The Fairly OddParents - S9E8

#9 - Force of Nature (Season 9 - Episode 8)


Timmy wishes the animals would clean up after themselves.

The episode was rated 7.64 from 11 votes.

The Fairly OddParents - S9E7

#8 - App Trap (Season 9 - Episode 7)

Timmy wishes for the world's coolest smart phone.

The episode was rated 7.64 from 11 votes.

The Fairly OddParents - S9E4

#7 - Turner & Pooch (Season 9 - Episode 4)


Mr. Crocker realizes that Sparky has magical powers. Eager to use the fairy dog’s powers to fulfill his own wishes, Mr. Crocker hypnotizes Sparky in an attempt to turn him against Timmy.

The episode was rated 7.82 from 22 votes.

The Fairly OddParents - S9E2

#6 - Dinklescouts! (Season 9 - Episode 2)

Timmy wishes Mr. Dinkleberg would replace Dad as Squirrely Scout leader.

The episode was rated 7.88 from 24 votes.

The Fairly OddParents - S9E11

#5 - School of Crock (Season 9 - Episode 11)


Mr. Crocker becomes a teacher at the Fairy Academy; Poof begins to learn how to talk.

The episode was rated 8.00 from 12 votes.

The Fairly OddParents - S9E6

#4 - The Terrible Twosome (Season 9 - Episode 6)

Poof is going through the Terrible Twos, and Foop uses this to cause mayhem in Dimmsdale.

The episode was rated 8.00 from 16 votes.

The Fairly OddParents - S9E1

#3 - Fairly Odd Pet (Season 9 - Episode 1)


Timmy adopts a mischievous and magical fairy dog named Sparky. However, owning a fairy dog proves to be a much bigger challenge than Timmy could have ever predicted.

The episode was rated 8.14 from 37 votes.

The Fairly OddParents - S9E9

#2 - Viral Vidiots (Season 9 - Episode 9)

Crocker kidnaps Timmy's mom because he thinks she's a troll who possesses magic.

The episode was rated 8.33 from 12 votes.

The Fairly OddParents - S9E17

#1 - Dust Busters (Season 9 - Episode 17)


Timmy's house gets filled with dust from wishing, so Timmy and his Godfamily try to clean it up. Mr. and Mrs. Turner are taken to a fake spa by a disguised Jorgen.

The episode was rated 8.60 from 10 votes.

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