The Golden Girls

10 Best Episodes of The Golden Girls

Four Southern Florida seniors share a house, their dreams, and a whole lot of cheesecake. Bright, promiscuous, clueless and hilarious, these lovely, mismatched ladies form the perfect circle of friends.

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The Golden Girls - S7E25

#1 - One Flew Out Of The Cuckoo's Nest: Part I (Season 7 - Episode 25)

Blanche's uncle Lucas Hollingsworth is visiting but, to no surprise, Blanche is busy with a date. In order to berid of his intrudence, Blanche tells Dorothy that he desparetely wants to meet a woman of her intelligence. Dorothy agrees to see him but they both later learn that Blanche just lied to get rid of them and decide to get revenge by acting as though they're getting married, much to the dismay of Blanche. As a result, Rose decides she should move on to live with her daughter Kirsten to be the ""Sophia of the household"" as Blanche finally comes to terms with their idea to wed. Just as Lucas is about to reveal the truth, he decides to pop the question to Dorothy for real...

The episode was rated 8.48 from 96 votes.

The Golden Girls - S8E7

#2 - Seems Like Old Times: Part 1 (Season 8 - Episode 7)


Dorothy visits her ex-roommates at the Golden Palace, hoping to convince Sophia to come and live with her and her husband in Atlanta.

The episode was rated 8.46 from 13 votes.

The Golden Girls - S2E19

#3 - Long Days Journey into Marinara (Season 2 - Episode 19)

Sophia's sister, Angela arrives in Miami for a visit and decides to move there but while she's looking for an apartment Dorothy invites her to stay with the girls. This ticks off Sophia since she thinks that Angela is after everything that she has.

The episode was rated 8.41 from 114 votes.

The Golden Girls - S8E8

#4 - Seems Like Old Times: Part 2 (Season 8 - Episode 8)


Sophia runs away to her old rest home. When the other girls try to get her, they find that it is no longer anywhere near as bad as she said it was.

The episode was rated 8.36 from 11 votes.

The Golden Girls - S7E26

#5 - One Flew Out Of The Cuckoo's Nest: Part II (Season 7 - Episode 26)

Dorothy accepts Lucas' proposal. The two plan to tie the knot two months later and on the way to the chapel, Dorothy takes a limo. However, this limo is driven by none other than Stanley Zbornak. The two share a rather comical but nonetheless touching moment together before arriving at the chapel. Down the aisle, along with Sophia, the girls think to themselves about the beautiful friendship they shared. Rose, Blanche and Sophia decide that the three of them should not depart and allow Dorothy on her way to Atlanta but she doesn't leave without sharing some final words with the girls...

The episode was rated 8.33 from 49 votes.

The Golden Girls - S8E11

#6 - Camp Town Races Aren't Nearly as Much Fun as They Used to Be (Season 8 - Episode 11)


When The Daughters of the Traditional South are set to arrive at the hotel, Blanche hangs a Confederate flag on the front counter, though this doesn't bode well with Roland. Meanwhile, Rose is outraged when a married man whom she knows checks in with his mistress.

The episode was rated 8.23 from 13 votes.

The Golden Girls - S6E9

#7 - Mrs. George Devereaux (Season 6 - Episode 9)

Blanche has a secret admirer and is shocked when she meets him, her supposedly dead husband, George. Meanwhile, Dorothy is being wooed by two men, Sonny Bono and Lyle Waggoner.

The episode was rated 8.21 from 90 votes.

The Golden Girls - S5E20

#8 - Twice in a Lifetime (Season 5 - Episode 20)


Rose must decide between her boyfriend, Miles or an old boyfriend who has just come to town and asks her to go to Europe with him. Meanwhile, fed up with Dorothy's rules, Sophia decides to move out.

The episode was rated 8.20 from 85 votes.

The Golden Girls - S5E23

#9 - The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present (Season 5 - Episode 23)

The girls attend the wedding of Dorothy's niece who's father was once engaged to Sophia. Sophia thinks that the wedding reception is the perfect spot for revenge after supposedly putting a curse on him years ago.

The episode was rated 8.20 from 82 votes.

The Golden Girls - S6E13

#10 - The Bloom is Off the Rose (Season 6 - Episode 13)


Rose wants more adventure in her relationship with Miles, so she signs them up for sky diving lessons. Meanwhile, Blanche's relationship with abusive man causes Dorothy to speak her feelings.

The episode was rated 8.19 from 85 votes.

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    The Golden Girls - S1E15

    #11 - In a Bed of Rose's (Season 1 - Episode 15)

    Late one evening, Rose brings a man home and they spend the night together. However, in the morning she finds that he has passed away. Even worse, she later discovers he was married.

    The episode was rated 8.19 from 198 votes.

    The Golden Girls - S5E18

    #12 - An Illegitimate Concern (Season 5 - Episode 18)


    Blanche is stunned when a man comes to the front door and claims to be the illegitimate son of her late husband. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Sophia enter a mother-daughter pageant at Shady Pines.

    The episode was rated 8.18 from 84 votes.

    The Golden Girls - S3E23

    #13 - Mixed Blessing (Season 3 - Episode 23)

    Dorothy's son, Michael pays another visit to Miami and this time he has an announcement, he's engaged. However, Dorothy has two more surprises in store, her future daughter-in-law is also black and twenty years older than Michael.

    The episode was rated 8.17 from 110 votes.

    The Golden Girls - S2E4

    #14 - It's a Miserable Life (Season 2 - Episode 4)


    The girls circulate a petition to save a 200 year old oak tree which is located on the property of the most hated woman in the neighborhood, Frieda Claxton, who wants the tree cut down.

    The episode was rated 8.17 from 178 votes.

    The Golden Girls - S2E5

    #15 - Isn't It Romantic (Season 2 - Episode 5)

    Dorothy's old friend, Jean comes to Miami for a visit and Dorothy decides not to tell Blanche and Rose that Jean is a lesbian. Then, after spending time with Rose, Jean begins to fall for her. Meanwhile, a new VCR, prompts Sophia to rent "dirty movies."

    The episode was rated 8.16 from 176 votes.

    The Golden Girls - S5E16

    #16 - Clinton Avenue Memoirs (Season 5 - Episode 16)


    Dorothy becomes alarmed when Sophia forgets the date of her wedding anniversary. This leads Dorothy to face the fact that Sophia is becoming more and more forgetful with age. After visiting a doctor, Sophia decides to regain some of the memories she has lost and decides to take a trip to Brooklyn and their old apartment.

    The episode was rated 8.15 from 79 votes.

    The Golden Girls - S2E18

    #17 - Forgive Me, Father (Season 2 - Episode 18)

    Blanche and Rose plan a nice dinner at the house for Dorothy and her new boyfriend whom she later learns is a priest. She later gets another shock when she learns he plans to leave the church.

    The episode was rated 8.15 from 126 votes.

    The Golden Girls - S5E15

    #18 - Triple Play (Season 5 - Episode 15)


    Blanche tries to lure men by placing a fake ad in the paper trying to sell a Mercedes. Meanwhile, Rose has to deal with meeting Miles's daughter who makes it clear she wants their relationship to be no more and Dorothy discovers Sophia is hoarding Social Security money, thanks to a computer error.

    The episode was rated 8.15 from 100 votes.

    The Golden Girls - S3E1

    #19 - Old Friends (Season 3 - Episode 1)

    Sophia befriends an old man on the boardwalk whom she becomes quick friends with. However, his strange behavior signals that he has a medical condition, Alzheimer's disease. Meanwhile, Blanche accidentally gives away Rose's teddy bear at a garage sale.

    The episode was rated 8.15 from 157 votes.

    The Golden Girls - S2E24

    #20 - To Catch a Neighbor (Season 2 - Episode 24)


    Two police detectives stake out the girls' home to investigate the neighbors whom are believed to be dealers in stolen gems.

    The episode was rated 8.14 from 134 votes.


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