The Grand Tour

10 Best Episodes of The Grand Tour

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back with a show about adventure, excitement and friendship... as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it's even a show about cars. Follow them on their global adventure.

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The Grand Tour - S3E13

#1 - Survival of the Fattest (Season 3 - Episode 13)

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are dropped in the vast wilderness of Mongolia and told to await a delivery which turns out to be some basic rations and all the flat-packed parts they need to assemble a vehicle in which they can escape to civilisation.

The episode was rated 8.52 from 1207 votes.

The Grand Tour - S3E14

#2 - Funeral for a Ford (Season 3 - Episode 14)


In the final episode of the series, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May present a short and informative history class on one of the bedrocks of British life.

The episode was rated 8.39 from 1100 votes.

The Grand Tour - S1E1

#3 - The Holy Trinity (Season 1 - Episode 1)

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May start their brand new car show with hundreds of cars, thousands of people, a fire spitting metal scorpion and a squadron of jets in the California desert, plus three amazing hybrid hypercars and a brilliant BMW.

The episode was rated 8.19 from 5087 votes.

The Grand Tour - S5E1

#4 - A Scandi Flick (Season 5 - Episode 1)


Jeremy, Richard and James head for the icy wastes of the Scandinavian Arctic Circle. At the wheel of their three favourite rally cars the boys embark on a catastrophe-filled adventure that takes in Cold War submarine bases – frozen lake racetracks, crashes and ski resort chaos as they drag their homemade houses from the coast of Norway to the Russian Border. 

The episode was rated 8.16 from 794 votes.

The Grand Tour - S1E13

#5 - Past v Future (Season 1 - Episode 13)

Jeremy Clarkson and James May introduce a battle between their own, personal cars. Jeremy champions the past with his Volkswagen Golf GTI while James makes a case for the future with his electrically powered BMW i3. Meanwhile, Richard Hammond is in France learning how to drift a car like a pro, and James is sent to a damp part of England to take part, against his will, in a strange sport called winching. Plus, the recently deceased Bugatti Veyron takes part in a drag race against the current hypercar speed champion, the Porsche 918 Spyder.

The episode was rated 8.06 from 2541 votes.

The Grand Tour - S3E3

#6 - Colombia Special (2) (Season 3 - Episode 3)


In part two of this episode, Clarkson, Hammond and May continue their task of getting high-quality photos depicting interesting animals. In Colombia, they drive a Jeep Wrangler, Chevrolet Silverado pick-up and a Fiat Panda 4x4.

The episode was rated 8.02 from 1251 votes.

The Grand Tour - S4E1

#7 - Seamen (Season 4 - Episode 1)

In the first of a series of feature length Specials, Clarkson, Hammond and May take a one time only break from cars and set out on an epic journey across Cambodia and Vietnam…in boats. This adventure packed voyage sees the hapless trio experience thrills, spills and genuine danger as they try to navigate their way through the world’s most iconic waterway – the Mekong Delta.

The episode was rated 7.96 from 1133 votes.

The Grand Tour - S1E7

#8 - The Beach (Buggy) Boys - Part 1 (Season 1 - Episode 7)


In the first of two special shows, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are challenged to complete an epic journey across Namibia in three beach buggies, each built to their personal spec. What starts off as a simple determination to win an argument with their boss turns into an amazing adventure across some of the most incredible desert scenery Africa has to offer.

The episode was rated 7.94 from 3200 votes.

The Grand Tour - S2E7

#9 - It's a Gas, Gas, Gas (Season 2 - Episode 7)

In this episode, Richard Hammond and James May work out that the average motorist loses 36 days of their lives filling up with fuel. The pair vow to do something about it using their skill and ingenuity to invent a system for filling up on the move.…

The episode was rated 7.93 from 1461 votes.

The Grand Tour - S2E10

#10 - Oh, Canada (Season 2 - Episode 10)


Jeremy, Richard and James reluctantly agree to test three SUVs in the rugged landscapes of Canada – Jeremy in the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, Richard in the Porsche Macan Turbo Performance Pack and James in the Range Rover Velar. The boys will test their cars' sporting side at a race track and their utilitarian side with some enormous dogs, before ending in an epic race across the snowy mountains. Jeremy embarks on a legally perilous test of the Tesla Model X. This will mark the first time he's driven a Tesla on-screen since the controversial Roadster review in 2008. Celebrity Face Off finds the world's fastest golf enthusiast as Rory McIlroy takes on Paris Hilton.

The episode was rated 7.93 from 1418 votes.

The Grand Tour - S1E8

#11 - The Beach (Buggy) Boys - Part 2 (Season 1 - Episode 8)

In the second show of a two-part special, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are battling across Namibia in a quest to prove that beach buggies are brilliant. Having survived the challenges of the desert, the trio must now brace themselves for even greater hardship involving rough roads, camping, rhino conservation and a rather unusual river crossing.

The episode was rated 7.91 from 2876 votes.

The Grand Tour - S3E11

#12 - Sea to Unsalty Sea (Season 3 - Episode 11)


Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are driving the Aston Martin DBS, the Bentley Continental GT and the BMW M850i on an epic 1000 kilometre trip from the shores of the salt water Black Sea in Georgia to the edge of the freshwater Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan.

The episode was rated 7.91 from 1067 votes.

The Grand Tour - S1E12

#13 - [censored] to [censored] (Season 1 - Episode 12)

The Grand Tour tent is once again in Loch Ness, Scotland after a monster discovery since the last show. This week, the hosts tour central Europe in a Jaguar F-Pace, a Bentley Bentayga and a Range Rover Autobiography, arguing over which is the best SUV and trying not to giggle at road signs. Also in this show, Jeremy kills preconceptions as he laps the Eboladrome in a Lexus GS F, the hosts examine the point of launch control, and Hollywood legend Tim Burton is invited to play Celebrity Brain Crash.

The episode was rated 7.89 from 2568 votes.

The Grand Tour - S3E5

#14 - An Itchy Urus (Season 3 - Episode 5)


Jeremy Clarkson is in Sweden driving the new Lamborghini Urus SUV, James May is at the Eboladrome trying the Alpine A110 sports car, and Richard Hammond profiles Scottish racing driver Jim Clark, arguably the greatest racer of any generation.

The episode was rated 7.89 from 1118 votes.

The Grand Tour - S2E9

#15 - Breaking, badly (Season 2 - Episode 9)

Clarkson, Hammond, and May attempt to break the British speed record for amphibious cars by strapping a jet engine to an old off-roader. After testing their creation, they take it to the Coniston Speed Week to set their record.

The episode was rated 7.89 from 1428 votes.

The Grand Tour - S1E6

#16 - Happy Finnish Christmas (Season 1 - Episode 6)


The Grand Tour tent is in Kakslauttanen, Finland, deep within the Arctic Circle with a show in which Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson compare the Ford Mustang V8 and the Ford Focus RS, James May recounts the bitter 1960s battle for endurance racing supremacy between Ferrari and Ford, and the presenters run through some ideal Christmas gifts for car fans.

The episode was rated 7.89 from 2970 votes.

The Grand Tour - S3E1

#17 - Motown Funk (Season 3 - Episode 1)

In the first episode of a brand new season, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May make a pilgrimage to Detroit to drive three highly tuned muscle cars on the deserted streets of this once-great motor city. Also in this show, Jeremy drives the super-lightweight, super-hardcore, 789 horsepower McLaren Senna.

The episode was rated 7.88 from 1282 votes.

The Grand Tour - S3E2

#18 - Colombia Special (1) (Season 3 - Episode 2)


In a special episode, Clarkson, Hammond and May clatter across Colombia in a Jeep Wrangler, a Chevrolet Silverado pick-up and a Fiat Panda 4x4 as they attempt to capture high quality images of interesting animals to be used as Amazon’s new screensavers, encountering epic scenery, extreme peril, weird hobbies and even some actual animals along the way.

The episode was rated 7.88 from 1349 votes.

The Grand Tour - S2E1

#19 - Past, Present or Future (Season 2 - Episode 1)

For the opening episode, we are in Switzerland where the presenters compare a Lamborghini Aventador S, a Honda NSX and an all-electric Croatian supercar called the Rimac Concept One in a battle of past, present and future. Richard's hillclimb takes an unexpected turn. And Ricky Wilson of The Voice UK and David Hasselhoff from America's Got Talent go head-to-head in the all-new Celebrity Face Off.

The episode was rated 7.88 from 1963 votes.

The Grand Tour - S2E6

#20 - Jaaaaaaaags (Season 2 - Episode 6)


In this show, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May set out to prove that old Jaguars are not only stylish and roguish, but also strong and reliable with a road trip across Colorado. Along the way they set laps around a punishing dirt track…

The episode was rated 7.87 from 1502 votes.


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