The King of Queens

10 Worst Episodes of The King of Queens

Life’s good for deliveryman Doug Heffernan, until his newly widowed father-in-law, Arthur, moves in with him and his wife Carrie. Doug is no longer the king of his domain, and instead of having a big screen television in his recently renovated basement, he now has a crazy old man.

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The King of Queens - S9E5

#10 - Ruff Goin' (Season 9 - Episode 5)

Feeling hurt over not being invited to a block party, Doug adopts a dog just to prove to the neighbors that he's an okay guy-a decision he soon regrets. Meanwhile, Arthur falls prey to the gambling bug when trying to help Danny beat it.

The episode was rated 7.35 from 207 votes.

The King of Queens - S1E19

#9 - Rayny Day (Season 1 - Episode 19)


When Ray Barone calls and asks Doug if he wants to play golf at his private club, Doug cancels on his friend Richie – who he was going to spend the day with in order to comfort him after his divorce. But when a huge thunderstorm lets loose, Doug's day of golf turns into a fiasco, and he high-tails it back to his garage to Richie. Meanwhile, Ray's mother, Marie, arrives at the Heffernan's early to pick Ray up and gives Carrie a lesson in cleaning – which Carrie milks for all it's worth.

The episode was rated 7.35 from 234 votes.

The King of Queens - S9E4

#8 - Major Disturbance (Season 9 - Episode 4)

The Palmers' vacation plans are ruined when Doug frightens Major so much that he refuses to be babysat by the Heffernans. In the meantime, Arthur begins hiring out himself and friends from the senior center to ride with solo drivers so they can use car-pool lanes.

The episode was rated 7.34 from 208 votes.

The King of Queens - S8E21

#7 - Hartford Wailer (Season 8 - Episode 21)


Doug crashes Carrie's weekend company retreat, not realizing she's blown it off for a relaxing day with her girlfriends. Meanwhile, Danny and Spence pose as staff to sneak into a Huey Lewis concert.

The episode was rated 7.34 from 167 votes.

The King of Queens - S9E11

#6 - Single Spaced (Season 9 - Episode 11)

Seeing friends who recently had a child makes Doug and Carrie consider adopting.

The episode was rated 7.33 from 182 votes.

The King of Queens - S9E3

#5 - Moxie Moron (Season 9 - Episode 3)


Doug and Deacon fill in for Supervisor O'Boyle at the IPS depot. Carrie regrets her decision to complain about her company's chinzy gift for work on an important project.

The episode was rated 7.33 from 216 votes.

The King of Queens - S7E12

#4 - Gym Neighbors (Season 7 - Episode 12)

When the Heffernans begin working out with the Ferrigno's, Doug secretly makes a pact with Lou so he can sit around instead of working out.

The episode was rated 7.32 from 196 votes.

The King of Queens - S7E13

#3 - Gorilla Warfare (Season 7 - Episode 13)


Carrie recalls what Doug said to her when they were dating that made her want to marry him, but then she learns a horrifying truth about that night; Danny falls for Holly after his girlfriend breaks up with him

The episode was rated 7.30 from 192 votes.

The King of Queens - S8E4

#2 - Like Hell (Season 8 - Episode 4)

Doug and Carrie both have feelings of not being entirely popular at their workplaces, and both overcompensate to rectify the situation

The episode was rated 7.22 from 213 votes.

The King of Queens - S3E17

#1 - Inner Tube (Season 3 - Episode 17)


Doug dreams that he could solve all of his problems if he could assume the roles of vintage sitcom characters.

The episode was rated 7.16 from 226 votes.

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