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The Pentaverate

The Pentaverate

Netflix 2022

After influencing global events for centuries, a secret society faces a dangerous threat from within. Can a Canadian reporter save them — and the world?

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The 10 Best Episodes of The Pentaverate

The Pentaverate - S1E1

#1 - Chamber


Season 1 - Episode 1

Canadian reporter Ken Scarborough seeks out a hard-hitting story to save his job. Meanwhile, a new face is asked to join a centuries-old secret society.

The episode was rated from 18 votes.

Last updated: jun 16, 2022



I'm a big fan of *Austin Powers* and consider them as some of the best comedies. This is exactly the same kind of comedy but the jokes just aren't as funny. They are not all bad by any means but didn't find myself laughing that much. Last episode was by far the best for me


This is Mike Myers expanding the "Austin Powers Cinematic Universe" and I'm all for it! It's tacky, it's raunchy, it lacks manners, it's bonkers... It's Mike Myers doing what he's always done best. It's definitely not a series for everyone, though. It's great for all the 12 year old minds out there, who still giggle at a good dick joke (myself included). --- [spoiler]Sadly, the show loses its mojo after the third episode, I barely got any laughs out of the last three episodes. It really could have been so much more.[/spoiler]


You have to be a huge fan of Mike Myers and his style of humor. It wasn't producing big laughs for me but it's actually smart below the surface. Could have been a better movie instead of mini series. But if you watch it a couple episodes at a time it's not a strain to get to the end. Which was actually not bad.


Quite possibly one of the worst shows to hit television screens in a very long time. This is just Mike Myers regurgitating what was funny ages ago that got tiresome (and why everyone stopping watching his stupid crap). I guess he felt that enough time had passed that he could puke up the same garbage and people would find it fresh. There’s a reason why Mike Myers disappeared from movies - it’s the same stupid slapstick junk and him playing every role in the the movie (or in this case, the show) and it was fresh once, now it’s very stale. If you want to relive the days of Austin Powers, along with the mostly unfunny performances and jokes and Myers playing a hundred different characters, none of them well, this show is for you. If this gets renewed for a second season it would not just be a miracle, but a shame. Myers isn’t the only one whose old schtick is tired and undesirable, he joins the ranks of Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrel, Melissa McCarthy, Kevin James, Martin Short, Chevy Chase and many others who just clung to the one thing that made them successful to the point of nausea. Ryan Reynolds is trying hard to join this club, it’s still entertaining now but give it another few movies and it won’t be (good thing he has his tequila money). Dear Netflix, please refund to me any portion of my subscription that went into making this vomit.


Why the low rating? I haven’t seen a comedy series this hilarious in years. Probably not woke enough.


It was enjoyable, if you look for a short story that requires zero thinking with some laughes This is it


In terms of Mike Myers, this isn't as bad as Love Guru, but it's far from the Austin Powers/Wayne's World pinnacle. There's a few good jokes in all of the episodes. I particularly love the Jeremy Irons and Maria Menounos jokes. I think where this goes wrong is the writing. The episodes have way too many unnecessary scenes. I think another issue is that Mike Myers doesn't have to play that many characters. I'm glad to see him trying comedy again though.


Big dick half way in.... Nice one.


What did Mike Myers do during lockdown? He fell into the hole of YouTube conspiracy videos, wrote and somehow sold this horrendously bad script to Netflix, and then they let him And that talentless Key twat star in it . Utter garbage. Rob Lowe had a single amusing line. Poor Debi Mazaar has to have this on her filmography too now.


I loved Austin Powers. But The Pentaverate was surprisingly unfunny :(

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