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Third Watch

Third Watch

NBC 1999

The series tells the stories of the members of the 55th Squad – police, firefighters, and paramedics who work the "third watch" between 3 pm and 11 pm in New York City.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Third Watch

Third Watch - S5E22

#1 - Monsters


Season 5 - Episode 22

Faith begs Fred to return home, but he refuses for a reason that infuriates his wife; Bosco turns a cold shoulder to Maritza's attempts to offer her condolences; Carlos is spectacularly unsuccessful in his attempts to hit on Grace; on the day of his son's funeral, Donald Mann exacts his revenge with the help of a dirty cop by planting bombs designed to kill the police officers he holds responsible for the death of his son; after Mann's lieutenants force a man to crash a car carrying a live bomb into the funeral home where Mikey's wake is being held, Grace takes charge and goes out of protocol to save Rose's life, and Dr. Fields later swears to have her job for it; Kim's decision not to enter the funeral home while the bomb is still live stems not from cowardice, but from maternal instincts; when Mann discovers that some of his intended targets survived the bombings, he sends machine-gun wielding minions into the hospital to finish off the job.

The episode was rated from 27 votes.

Third Watch - S6E22

#2 - Goodbye to Camelot


Season 6 - Episode 22

The series concludes with the gangbangers taking out their assault on the 55th Precinct. After some grenade explosions, the precinct is destroyed. Cruz knows that Marcel Hollis is behind the attack, and she takes his life, as well as her own. Carlos proposes to Holly, and they are married. Everyone receives their reassignments, and Sully retires. In the last few moments, Sully narrates a look into the future.

The episode was rated from 35 votes.

Third Watch - S6E1

#3 - More Monsters


Season 6 - Episode 1

After a fierce gun battle and some hand-to-hand combat, Mann's gunmen are finally subdued by the members of the 55 in the E.R., but not before Orland is murdered and Bosco is critically injured; after Kim heroically puts herself in the line of fire to save Holly and a little girl, she realizes that her days as a paramedic are over, and that her future lies in being a wife to Jimmy and a mother to their children; Grace and Dr. Fields patch up their differences and come to an understanding about her out-of-protocol field procedures; Maritza uncovers the traitor in their midst, who leads her to Mann; Faith steps over the line to avenge her partner.

The episode was rated from 42 votes.

Third Watch - S5E1

#4 - The Truth and Other Lies


Season 5 - Episode 1

Although Dade encourages him to keep quiet, Bosco tells Swersky everything that transpired with Maritza, Noble, the death of Willie G, and the shootout in Noble's hotel room, and confesses that he killed Noble after Noble pulled out a gun, Faith was shot by Maritza, and that he grazed Maritza's head with a bullet to keep her from killing Faith; wracked with grief that his wife has a bullet next to her spine, Fred attacks Bosco and threatens to kill him when he discovers that Faith became injured while she was helping her partner out of yet another jam; a critically injured Lt. Johnson, in excruciating pain and with only hours to live, begs Jimmy and Doc to ease his suffering; overwhelmed at the sight of Lt. Johnson's wife lashing out in heartbreak and anger, and her husband's horrific suffering and imminent death, Doc sadly helps out his boss one last time; Swersky has Maritza arrested when she refuses to tell him what happened during the shootout; Bosco learns that Noble was working f

The episode was rated from 33 votes.

Third Watch - S6E2

#5 - Alone Again, Naturally


Season 6 - Episode 2

After she realizes that telling the truth will mean and prison sentence and never seeing her children again, Faith reluctantly agrees to go along with Maritza's cover story that she shot Mann as he was trying to stab Maritza; Yoshi slips out of the cuffs and into the wind; Sasha and Ty hook up; Maritza gets a tough new boss who's been charged with keeping her on a very short leash to curb her renegade ways; Faith goes ballistic when Fred has her served her with divorce papers at the station house; Swersky shuffles the partnerships, and assigns Faith to ride with Sully and Sasha to ride with Ty; Maritza gets an anonymous call that there's an I.A.B. plant in the house who's after her, and she immediately suspects that it's her new boss; Faith decides to turn down the promotion to detective that she's offered for saving Maritza's life until Sully reminds her that the new assignment will improve her chances of getting custody of her children; Bosco's surgeon gives Faith a devastating progn

The episode was rated from 32 votes.

#6 - No More, Forever
Season 5 - Episode 15

Steeper continues his by-the-books command style and goes head-to-head with Kim when Doc doesn't report for duty on time; Sasha can't find her off-duty weapon the morning after Doc's party; Faith returns to duty at the front desk despite Fred's wanting her to remain on disability, and discovers that Bosco has lied to her about Swersky's not allowing them to be partners; a panicky Nardo kidnaps Rose and then Bosco in a futile attempt to prove that he wasn't a rat, and makes a shocking choice when he realizes that his days as a mobster have come to an end; to the horror of the squads, Doc takes extreme measures to prevent Steeper from closing the house, and forces Carlos and Kim to risk their lives to do the right thing; Sully returns a favor by reaching out and saving his friend's life in Doc's hour of greatest need.

The episode was rated from 34 votes.
#7 - Unfinished Business
Season 2 - Episode 16

Bobby's attempt to keep Paulie away from drugs ends tragically.

The episode was rated from 40 votes.
#8 - A Hero's Rest
Season 2 - Episode 11

Bosco, Yokas, Sully and Davis search for a cop killer on the streets, and cope with an obnoxious new sergeant at the station house.

The episode was rated from 48 votes.
#9 - Crime and Punishment (2)
Season 4 - Episode 10

Bosco is dismayed as he watches Cruz go to the extreme lengths of planting drugs, frightening children, and faking a dying declaration in their attempt to arrest the drug dealer who killed another dealer and then tried to to kill the 12 year old boy who witnessed the crime; Nancy tells Ty that she's ending her relationship with Hancock, and gives Ty the ammunition he needs to get out from under Hancock's thumb and back to duty at the 55, as well as getting Sully's suspension from duty lifted.

The episode was rated from 29 votes.
#10 - Family Ties (1)
Season 5 - Episode 16

The news that Faith is repartnering with Bosco outrages Fred; Bosco overcomes his initial wariness about his brother's claims of sobriety after the tip Mikey gives him about Ecstasy dealers leads to a solid bust; in the wake of the hostage situation, the department shrink sent to debrief the house elicits a range of emotional reactions from Kim, Carlos and Holly as she reveals that Doc is in the Bellevue psych ward on a suicide watch, and that the toll of 9/11 and its aftermath may be at the root of his collapse; when she investigates the murder of an Ecstasy dealer outside a rave, Maritza discovers that the motive may be a turf war between rival dealers; Bosco is distraught when Maritza informs him that the evidence points to Mikey's being a major Ecstasy dealer who used him to eliminate the competition by providing the tip that lead to the raid; Bosco and Maritza set out separately to find Mikey; tragedy occurs when Maritza and Dade pull over Mikey's car outside a rave.

The episode was rated from 28 votes.

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Superb tv show, on season 4 at moment, and we are loving it, wuite emotional at times too!


Best tv show ever watched. For me season three is the best but on the whole is totally Ninja!!!!


Best. Show. Ever. :heart: Characters, story, realistic, deep, and funny too.


It's too bad the last 2 seasons or so started focusing more on action and over the top gangster plots, rather than the down to earth police and fire stories that made the first few seasons so much fun to watch. Still a great show, though. Especially the way they weaved in 9/11 was so impressive.


Egyik kedvenc sorozatom. A színészek szueperek, a történet is magával ragadó. Gratulálok és köszönöm. Thank you &lt;3 +++++


**This is one of the best TV shows of all time.** I can count on one hand the number of compelling TV shows that have a beginning, a middle and an end. From the first episode, _Welcome to Camelot_ to the last, _Goodbye to Camelot_, _Third Watch_ was intriguing, true to life television for the entire six seasons of its existence. Forewarned is forearmed. This is a television series where it doesn't necessarily get solved by the hour's end, where main characters die and good doesn't always triumph over evil. This is the original series that tells the stories of the first responders of the city of New York. Making it even more compelling was it was broadcast during the time of the September 11th attacks. The series weaves reality into its universe and shows us how those events affected its characters. The fact is by the time you reach those storylines in season three, you'd expect nothing less from this series which treated you like an adult from Episode 1. From some of the creative minds that brought you _ER_, _Criminal Minds_ and _SouthLAnd_, I highly recommend this rare series. If you can find it, don't binge it. Savor it. Treasure it. Enjoy it.

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