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10 Best Episodes of Tom and Jerry

This is all the Tom and Jerry shorts, from 1940 to 1967. The first 114 are from the Hanna-Barbera era (1940 – 1958), the next 13 are from the Gene Deitch era (1960 – 1962), and the last 34 are from the Chuck Jones era (1963 – 1967).

Written by Sophie and last updated on dec 10, 2022.

PS: The following content contains spoilers!

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#15 - Royal Cat Nap (Season 1950 - Episode 65)

The king is about to take a nap, and tells Tom that if he hears one sound and wakes up, it's off with his head!

The episode was rated 8.47 from 15 votes.

#14 - Puppy Tale (Season 1950 - Episode 34)


Jerry resues a sackful of puppies from a storm swollen river and on of the pups follows Jerry home. Tom, being the cat that he is, doesn't want a dog around.

The episode was rated 8.47 from 17 votes.

#13 - Cannery Rodent (Season 1960 - Episode 42)

Set in Cannery Row, Tom and Jerry are trapped inside a can. When they get out, They find that same shark, and he almost eats Tom. Jerry, being kind and angelic again, saves Tom, but Tom is not grateful, so Jerry chases him with a shark fin,

The episode was rated 8.50 from 14 votes.

#12 - Mucho Mouse (Season 1950 - Episode 62)


Taking place in Spain, Meathead the Cat is ordered by his owner to catch El Magnifico (Jerry) at once, but Meathead says that's impossible because of El Magnifico's world-renowned escaping skills. So the owner decides to call up Tom, the "Olympic, U.S. and World Champion Mouse Catcher", confident that he will be able to do the job.

The episode was rated 8.50 from 14 votes.

#11 - Jerry's Diary (Season 1940 - Episode 45)

After getting tired of chasing Jerry, Tom sits down and finds Jerry's Diary. He opens it and starts to read it, showing clips of past episodes.

The episode was rated 8.50 from 22 votes.

#10 - The Cat's Me-Ouch (Season 1960 - Episode 28)


After Jerry barely gets away from Tom, he calls on his new dog to beat Tom up. Tom ends up in a hospital all bandaged up, with Jerry and his dog clinging on to him with their teeth.

The episode was rated 8.53 from 17 votes.

#9 - Down Beat Bear (Season 1950 - Episode 56)

Tom and Jerry hear on the radio about a bear that escaped from the circus who always dances whenever music is playing. When the bear finds it's way to their house, and music starts playing, it takes Tom as it's reluctant dancing partner. Amused by this, Jerry does his best to keep the music going so he can continue to watch Tom get helplessly thrown around by the dancing bear.

The episode was rated 8.54 from 13 votes.

#8 - O-Solar-Meow (Season 1960 - Episode 39)


Another One that takes place in the future. Tom is at a cheese mining facility, and blows holes into the station. He is forced to repair the damage dune during a chase with Jerry, who is eating cheese in a nearby moon.

The episode was rated 8.58 from 12 votes.

#7 - The Flying Cat (Season 1950 - Episode 17)

Tom is chasing both Jerry and the house canary, but the two go out of reach by taking refuge in the canary's birdhouse. Tom tries everything to get up to them, but everything fails, ultimately resulting in him crashing through the whole house. When he comes out the other side, he has pink lace attached to him. Tom realizes that he can actually use the lace as wings to fly; a new weapon in his quest to get to Jerry and the canary...

The episode was rated 8.64 from 22 votes.

#6 - Tennis Chumps (Season 1940 - Episode 46)


Tom competes against Butch in a tennis tournament. Bad luck keeps happening throughout the game, though. Jerry sees and figures he can use this to his advantage. He uses tricks though, as he competes against both Tom and Butch.

The episode was rated 8.67 from 24 votes.

#5 - Two Little Indians (Season 1950 - Episode 32)

Scoutmaster Jerry has his hands full with two little orphans from the Bide a Wee Mouse Home. Outfitted in Indian feathers and diapers , the two involve Jerry and the sleeping Spike in a hair-raising battle with Tom.

The episode was rated 8.70 from 20 votes.

#4 - Little School Mouse (Season 1950 - Episode 37)


After being chased by Tom once again, Professor Jerry escapes into his classroom (mouse hole). Once there, he proceeds to teach his only student, Nibbles, how to outwit a cat. And the subject for the lesson is none other than Tom.

The episode was rated 8.71 from 17 votes.

#3 - Smarty Cat (Season 1950 - Episode 49)

Tom and his alley cat palls are going through home movies, and Jerry wants to watch them, too. But Tom and his buddies don't want him around and toss him out the window. Annoyed, Jerry decides to get back at them by waking up Spike and angering him by showing him how he's depicted as a big goof in those movies.

The episode was rated 8.75 from 12 votes.

#2 - Feedin' The Kiddie (Season 1950 - Episode 61)


This is a CinemaScope remake of the 1949 episode, The Little Orphan.

The episode was rated 8.85 from 13 votes.

#1 - Designs On Jerry (Season 1950 - Episode 47)

Knowing that he can make a lot of money this way, Tom designs the ultimate mouse trap. But after he goes to sleep, the mouse in his blueprints comes to life and warns Jerry about the upcoming threat that this mouse trap puts upon him...

The episode was rated 8.85 from 13 votes.

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