Tom and Jerry

10 Worst Episodes of Tom and Jerry

This is all the Tom and Jerry shorts, from 1940 to 1967. The first 114 are from the Hanna-Barbera era (1940 – 1958), the next 13 are from the Gene Deitch era (1960 – 1962), and the last 34 are from the Chuck Jones era (1963 – 1967).

Written by Sophie and last updated on dec 10, 2022.

PS: The following content contains spoilers!

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#10 - Dicky Moe (Season 1960 - Episode 8)

A Tom and Jerry version of the book, "Moby Dick".

The episode was rated 7.27 from 22 votes.

#9 - The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse (Season 1960 - Episode 19)


Tom is jealous when a tiny kitten comes into the house. He tries to get rid of it, but Jerry stops him, having Tom do everything that Jerry and the kitten needs.

The episode was rated 7.27 from 15 votes.

#8 - The Cat Above and the Mouse Below (Season 1960 - Episode 15)

Another musical episode. Famous opera singer Tom arrives at a concert, where Jerry happens to be sleeping. Jerry tries to distract Tom from his performance, and eventually, the two end up literally switching places.

The episode was rated 7.24 from 17 votes.

#7 - Nit-Witty Kitty (Season 1950 - Episode 15)


Tom is chasing Jerry as usual, with Mammy Two-Shoes cheering him on. But when she attempts to crush Jerry herself by whacking him with a broom, she accidentally whacks Tom on the head instead. This causes Tom to suffer a case of amnesia, and he begins to act like a mouse. So both Jerry and Mammy individually try to cure him.

The episode was rated 7.20 from 25 votes.

#6 - Landing Stripling (Season 1960 - Episode 6)

In This Episode Tom uses lighting to make a runway to try to catch a bird.

The episode was rated 7.19 from 21 votes.

#5 - Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary (Season 1960 - Episode 30)


Jerry keeps trying to hurt Tom in his sleep. Jerry notices this, and tries to stay awake, but it doesn't work. No matter where Tom goes, Jerry keeps following him in his sleep, trying to hurt him.

The episode was rated 7.17 from 12 votes.

#4 - Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life (Season 1960 - Episode 20)

This episode involves both transportation and abstract, and begins with Tom sounding like a sports car. Tom and Jerry start racing, and Jerry ends up passing Tom several times in one second. Jerry thinks of swords and takes the swords from his thoughts, starting to throw them at Tom, barely missing. Jerry falls and a question mark appears. He holds onto the question mark and grabs the nearest ledge. Tom falls and an exclamation mark appears and while he tries to bend it into a question mark, he falls to the ground. Tom gets stuck in a drain pipe and Jerry frees him by using a horn. Out comes a very long Tom sounding like a train.

The episode was rated 7.06 from 16 votes.

#3 - Tot Watchers (Season 1950 - Episode 68)


Babysitter Jeannie, still attached to the phone, unintentionally forces Tom and Jerry to take care of the baby, who still keeps getting into mischief.

The episode was rated 6.94 from 16 votes.

#2 - Pet Peeve (Season 1950 - Episode 42)

Husband and wife tell Tom and Spike that, due to the high cost of feeding them, one must go, and the one who catches Jerry will stay.

The episode was rated 6.77 from 13 votes.

#1 - Southbound Duckling (Season 1950 - Episode 44)


Stubborn Quacker, convinced this time that all ducks go south for the winter, refuses to stay home like his domestic buddies even though he can't fly. To complicate things Tom is hungry for a duck meal.

The episode was rated 6.67 from 12 votes.

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