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The 10 Best Episodes of VICE

VICE - S1E10

#1 - The Hermit Kingdom


Season 1 - Episode 10

Basketball Diplomacy: VICE makes history on a trip to North Korea to play hoops and meet with "supreme leader" Kim Jong-un.

The episode was rated from 237 votes.


#2 - Addiction


Season 1 - Episode 7

Tobaccoland: Tobacco obsession in Indonesia; Underground Heroin Clinic: treating heroin addiction with hallucinogens in Mexico.

The episode was rated from 218 votes.


#3 - Fighting COVID & Atomic Atolls


Season 7 - Episode 7

Following front-line healthcare workers as they take on the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis; the nuclear legacy of the United States' atomic weapons testing in the Marshall Islands and the negative impacts on its people.

The episode was rated from 42 votes.


#4 - Keepers of the Caliphate & SIM Kids


Season 7 - Episode 1

VICE correspondent Hind Hassan explores the resurgence of ISIS, as brigades of radicalized ISIS women have started to regroup within al-Hol camp, where tens of thousands of women and children who once lived under The Islamic State and are now held; VICE correspondent Krishna Andavolu examines the unlikely origins of what some call the perfect crime, and explores the urgent implications for personal security, digital identity, and the persistent industry inaction on SIM swapping.

The episode was rated from 55 votes.

VICE - S4E13

#5 - State of Surveillance


Season 4 - Episode 13

To find out the government's real capabilities regarding digital surveillance, and whether any of us can truly protect our sensitive information, VICE founder Shane Smith heads to Moscow to meet the man who started the conversation, Edward Snowden.

The episode was rated from 295 votes.


#6 - Raised in the System


Season 6 - Episode 1

Emmy-nominated actor Michael Kenneth Williams embarks on a personal journey to expose the root of the American mass incarceration crisis: the juvenile justice system.

The episode was rated from 116 votes.


#7 - Rocky Mountain High & North Korean Defectors


Season 2 - Episode 6

Rocky Mountain High: Impact of legalized marijuana in Colorado; North Korean Defectors: The struggles of North Korean defectors relocating to South Korea.

The episode was rated from 186 votes.


#8 - When the Earth Melts & The Displaced


Season 5 - Episode 3

“When the Earth Melts” - VICE Correspondent Ben Anderson travels across the Arctic to examine the devastating impact of thawing permafrost--and the astonishing solution that might keep it frozen. “Displaced” - VICE Correspondent Gianna Toboni follows the journey of refugees journeying across the Mediterranean Sea who have been left in limbo due to the tightening borders of an increasingly nationalist Europe.

The episode was rated from 253 votes.


#9 - Crude Awakening & The Enemy of My Enemy


Season 2 - Episode 9

Shane Smith heads to Louisiana to report on the lasting effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Then, Ben Anderson goes deep into Houthi-controlled territory to learn about the group that’s fighting, and beating, Al Qaeda in the east, Saudi Arabia in the north, and Yemen’s central government in the south.

The episode was rated from 168 votes.


#10 - The Pink Gang Rebellion & Genetic Passport


Season 2 - Episode 7

“The Pink Gang Rebellion” - The brutal details of a 2012 gang rape on a Delhi bus focused international attention on India’s rampant rape issue. Inept law enforcement, the social stigma associated with rape, and a patriarchal social structure have allowed sexual assaults to plague Indian women. Delhi’s police department has vowed to hire more female officers and set up a help desk, but these measures are hardly a solution. Rapes in Delhi doubled in 2013, and as bad as it is in Delhi, the Indian countryside is even worse. Instead of investigating rape cases, rural police officers often ignore victims and their families. But one woman, Sampat Pal, has galvanized a group of rural women into the Gulabi Gang, or Pink Gang, to combat the injustice of sexual assault. Gelareh Kiazand heads to rural Indian to investigate the issue and embed with this revolutionary gang. “Genetic Passport” - From 1949 to 1989, the Soviet Union, determined to prepare for nuclear warfare, detonated more than 450 nuclear bombs in an area of Kazakhstan known as the Semipalatinsk Test Site. For hundreds of thousands of Kazakhs, radiation not only surrounded them, but became part of their DNA. In an effort to curtail the birth of a new generation of deformed children, a Kazakh doctor recently tried to implement a mandatory “genetic passport” allowing people to know if their genes were damaged by radiation. Thomas Morton goes to Kazakhstan to learn more about this controversial initiative.

The episode was rated from 173 votes.

#11 - Mormon Lost Boys/The Fat Farms of Mauritania/Mumbai Slumscraper
Season 1 - Episode 5

Mormon Lost Boys: Exiled sons of polygamists; The Fat Farms of Mauritania: fat farms for Mauritanian women; Mumbai Slumscraper: have and have-nots in Mumbai.

The episode was rated from 230 votes.
VICE - S2E10
#12 - Playing with Nuclear Fire & No Man Left Behind
Season 2 - Episode 10

Investigating the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan; veterans struggling with mental illness and addiction.

The episode was rated from 167 votes.
#13 - Battle for Idlib & Seeking Solitude
Season 7 - Episode 3

Correspondent Isobel Yeung gains rare access inside Idlib, Syria's last rebel-held territory, as President Assad and his allies mount a brutal bombing offensive that has civilians paying the highest price; Correspondent Dexter Thomas goes on lockdown in South Korea to search for the benefits of isolation -- ironically, just weeks before the rest of the world would join him in their COVID-19 quarantines.

The episode was rated from 39 votes.
VICE - S4E16
#14 - Die Trying
Season 4 - Episode 16

Battling ALS herself, VICE editor Angelina Fanous meets with patients and top researchers across the U.S. to find out what's being done to tackle this devastating disease and the regulatory hurdles faced by ALS patients and drugmakers alike.

The episode was rated from 162 votes.
VICE - S3E14
#15 - Cold War 2.0
Season 3 - Episode 14

The increasingly strained relationship between Russia and NATO is examined in the Season 3 finale, which includes remarks by U.S. president Barack Obama and vice president Joe Biden.

The episode was rated from 170 votes.
VICE - S7E12
#16 - Citizen's Unrest & Brazil's Little Flu & Know Your Enemy
Season 7 - Episode 12

Minneapolis is the center of the Black Lives Matter protest movement; the impact of COVID-19 on Brazil's most vulnerable populations; as the world races to find a COVID-19 vaccine, "virus hunters" are on a mission to prevent the next pandemic.

The episode was rated from 35 votes.
#17 - The Future of Energy
Season 4 - Episode 9

VICE founder Shane Smith takes an in-depth look at the future of how we make and use energy, and how we can meet growing demand as we cut carbon emissions.

The episode was rated from 280 votes.
#18 - The Afghan Money Pit & the Pacification of Rio
Season 2 - Episode 1

The U.S. has spent nearly $100 billion on reconstruction projects in Afghanistan, the most spent on any country in history. But John Sopko, special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, has found that much of that money has been wasted and misused, and has even fallen into the hands of the Taliban. Shane Smith heads to Afghanistan for a tour of American taxpayer dollars gone down the drain. Rio de Janeiro is working hard to remedy its reputation as a drug and murder capital in time for the upcoming World Cup and Olympics. The Special Police Operations Battalion (BOPE) has been charged with pacifying the slums (favelas), but BOPE's military occupation of increasing numbers of favelas has been criticized as heavy-handed. Some corrupt members of the BOPE, together with ex-police, have formed militia gangs of their own and are controlling many favelas by sinister means, openly extorting, torturing, killing and making criminals disappear. Still, there are hundreds of favelas, untouched by pacification, that remain under the control of drug gangs who act with complete impunity. Ben Anderson looks behind the picturesque façade of Rio's marketing campaign to reveal the dark underbelly of the city.

The episode was rated from 256 votes.
#19 - A Syria of Their Own & White Gold
Season 2 - Episode 4

'A Syria of Their Own' - Thomas Morton goes to the frontline of the battle for a Kurdish state to follow the story of Syria's forgotten ethnic group, the Kurds. 'White Gold' - Rhino horn has been coveted in Eastern medicine for centuries. Vikram Gandhi traces the trade from Southern Africa to Vietnam to understand this illicit phenomenon which has been on the rise.

The episode was rated from 189 votes.
VICE - S6E30
#20 - Back in the DPRK/California Burning
Season 6 - Episode 30

Revisiting the Korean peninsula in the wake of the new detente; the state of California's future in the wake of increasingly deadly fires.

The episode was rated from 75 votes.

Last updated: aug 10, 2022



This is such a great, great show. Talk about brave journalism. It's really admirable what these are doing and it leads to an amazing program.


Quite an interesting format, reporting about issues not often enough talked or reported about in the "mainstream media". Tho I think some of the hipsters working there seem kinda unfit for the job, I'm nonetheless looking forward to the coming episodes and issues tackled there!


The series, as of season 7 airs on SHOWTIME in the US, not HBO


I enjoy watching the episodes despite disagreeing with their blatant liberal bias. We are all people of different opinions, but I prefer being told the facts, rather than how to feel about them from a third party. With that said, keep it up Shane, I've been a long time fan of your work.


HBO just ordered 2 new seasons, great news! :)


I have no idea if this is the show I'm looking for, but hopefully it is.. This is what I'm hoping for; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X51rPtxmd3Y&hd=1 http://www.hbo.com/vice?cmpid=ABC1325


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