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Big Brother

Big Brother

CBS 2000

American version of the reality game show which follows a group of HouseGuests living together 24 hours a day in the "Big Brother" house, isolated from the outside world but under constant surveillance with no privacy for three months.

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Die 10 Beste Folgen von Big Brother

Big Brother - S14E19

#1 - Live Eviction #6; HOH #7; Nominations #7; POV #7; Live Eviction #7


Staffel 14 - Folge 19

Die Folge wurde mit 32 Stimmen bewertet.

Big Brother - S15E30

#2 - Week 10 POV


Staffel 15 - Folge 30

Die Folge wurde mit 44 Stimmen bewertet.

Big Brother - S15E4

#3 - Week 1 Eviction/Week 2 HOH


Staffel 15 - Folge 4

Die Folge wurde mit 60 Stimmen bewertet.

Big Brother - S12E11

#4 - Nominations #4


Staffel 12 - Folge 11

Die Folge wurde mit 21 Stimmen bewertet.

Big Brother - S3E32

#5 - BB3 Ep #32


Staffel 3 - Folge 32

Season Finale

Die Folge wurde mit 18 Stimmen bewertet.

#6 - Week 3 Eviction/Week 4 HOH
Staffel 15 - Folge 10

Die Folge wurde mit 55 Stimmen bewertet.
#7 - POV #8
Staffel 14 - Folge 21

Die Folge wurde mit 37 Stimmen bewertet.
#8 - Week 4 Eviction/Week 5 HOH
Staffel 15 - Folge 13

Die Folge wurde mit 49 Stimmen bewertet.
#9 - Week 3 Nominations
Staffel 15 - Folge 8

Die Folge wurde mit 58 Stimmen bewertet.
#10 - Week 1 POV
Staffel 15 - Folge 3

Die Folge wurde mit 64 Stimmen bewertet.

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What's up with British stream that keeps popping up ?


This show is for the cerebrally challenged sheeple. Watching it is like getting a slow lobotomy with a spoon. Another rip-off turd of a show from Julie Chen, every show she does is a rip-off of some other show. CEO of CBS should be fired for letting his wife push her AGENDA & crappy shows.


These people the CBS producers pick to put in the house to compete are awesome at pitting different personalities together which makes this show highly entertaining and hilarious at times. I hadn’t watched a reality show since MTV’s real world which I liked but this one far exceeds that!!!


I absolutely love this show. I do however wish they would stop bringing back old houseguests and relatives of houseguests! I am all for another allstars season if they really want prior houseguests, but in a house with new people I'm tired of seeing prior people. Shoot if you really wanna get prior houseguests find some that were on the earlier seasons, maybe that migh tbe interesting.


best show ever, other than seeing black sabbath.


Does anyone know why I can only see the UK version of BB in this. I'm from the UK and far prefer this US version... is there a better provider so I can get the proper version?


This is not updating at all !!!!! Please help !!!!!


Love it! Won't miss it for anything


If you have watched the UK version or any EU declination, forget about it. BB US is a game show where participant play to win a cash price. And they have to strategies all the time to get there. It means, lying, cheating, backstabbing and all other niceties you can think of. In a setting where the production might choose certain type of competition to advantage one of more competitor for entertainment value.


I agree with @bbmike15!•!•! Im hooked


pretty sad CBS brought all the racist people on sad they even allowed them to say the things they did. I really hope CBS gets suited over all of this.worthess company and show.


If I had a time machine, I would go back to the year 2000 and stop myself from ever watching this stupid show.

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