Dragon Ball Z

10 Best Episodes of Dragon Ball Z - Season 4

The adventures of Earth's martial arts defender, Son Goku, continue with a new family and the revelation of his alien origins. Now Goku and his allies must defend the planet from an onslaught of new extraterrestrial enemies.

Written by Sophie and last updated on feb 04, 2023.

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Dragon Ball Z - S4E28

#15 - Deadly Beauty (Season 4 - Episode 28)

The Androids are heading to Goku's place to complete their mission, but Vegeta arrives to face them head-on. The first to fight is the beautiful Android 18. Can Vegeta beat 18 or is a Super Saiyan not enough for these Androids' unlimited power?

The episode was rated 7.86 from 106 votes.

Dragon Ball Z - S4E29

#14 - No Match for the Androids (Season 4 - Episode 29)


Vegeta fights with everything he's got, but he can't beat Android 18. To save his father, Trunks steps in to help, but gets beaten easily by 17. As 16 just stands there, 17 and 18 have easily beat Earth's heroes and head off to complete their mission, but can Goku recover in time to help and protect himself?

The episode was rated 7.87 from 106 votes.

Dragon Ball Z - S4E32

#13 - Unwelcome Discovery (Season 4 - Episode 32)

The Z-Fighters head to Master Roshi's island to keep Goku safe for time being as Trunks tries to figure out how the timeline became so different. Bulma calls discovering another time capsule, but it looks pretty old. How long has it been out there, and more importantly, who was using it?

The episode was rated 7.87 from 100 votes.

Dragon Ball Z - S4E16

#12 - Goku's Special Technique (Season 4 - Episode 16)


Trunks, the son of Bulma and Vegeta, has told Goku of a new threat- two powerful Androids that will bring destruction to Earth. But maybe Goku and the others can do something about it.

The episode was rated 7.88 from 114 votes.

Dragon Ball Z - S4E17

#11 - Z Warriors Prepare (Season 4 - Episode 17)

As Goku and Piccolo train with Gohan, Vegeta trains under very high gravity levels in an effort to become a Super Saiyan, but can he survive it?

The episode was rated 7.88 from 108 votes.

Dragon Ball Z - S4E23

#10 - The Secret of Dr. Gero (Season 4 - Episode 23)


Finally becoming a Super Saiyan, Vegeta easily defeats Android 19, but 20 has escaped to come up with a new plan. Vegeta and the others look for the diabolical Android, but it won't be easy.

The episode was rated 7.89 from 107 votes.

Dragon Ball Z - S4E21

#9 - Double Trouble for Goku (Season 4 - Episode 21)

The fight begins as Goku turns Super Saiyan and fights Android 19. It looks like Goku has the situation handled, but he discovers 19's aborbing technique after firing a Kamehameha. To make matters worse, it looks like something else is weakening him while 19's ready to fight.

The episode was rated 7.91 from 114 votes.

Dragon Ball Z - S4E27

#8 - Goku's Assassin (Season 4 - Episode 27)


Androids 17 and 18, the ones responsible for the future destruction of Earth, have finally awakened. It seems the Androids will not follow Dr. Gero's orders as they try to open another Android- Android 16. Can the creator control his creations?

The episode was rated 7.92 from 106 votes.

Dragon Ball Z - S4E26

#7 - Nightmare Comes True (Season 4 - Episode 26)

Dr. Gero hides on the ground as the Z-Fighters are close to finding his secret laboratory, thanks to Bulma, but the mad doctor won't give up so easily. Meanwhile, Goku's condition is starting to get better, but will he recover quickly enough to help his friends?

The episode was rated 7.94 from 110 votes.

Dragon Ball Z - S4E24

#6 - More Androids?! (Season 4 - Episode 24)


Android 20 prepares to absorb Piccolo to get stronger, but Gohan comes just in time to save him. As Piccolo fights the Android, Trunks returns to the past and has discovered something different about these Androids- he never saw them before! If that's the case, then where the Androids he warned about?

The episode was rated 8.00 from 112 votes.

Dragon Ball Z - S4E14

#5 - Welcome Back Goku (Season 4 - Episode 14)

By becoming a Super Saiyan, this young warrior defeats Frieza and King Cold with ease. With the threat over, he tells the others Goku will be coming soon, but can he be trusted?

The episode was rated 8.05 from 128 votes.

Dragon Ball Z - S4E22

#4 - Upgrade to Super Saiyan (Season 4 - Episode 22)


It looks like the heart virus Trunks warned about came true after all, but at a bad time for Goku as he is in the clutches of Android 19. Suddenly, Vegeta saves Goku and prepares to fight the Androids and he's got a surprise for everyone.

The episode was rated 8.13 from 115 votes.

Dragon Ball Z - S4E12

#3 - The Mysterious Youth (Season 4 - Episode 12)

Thanks to his father, King Cold, Frieza has survived Namek's explosion and has been repaired. These two tyrants are headed to Earth to exact revenge against Goku. It looks like all hope seems lost as no one can stop these two powerful warriors... or is there?

The episode was rated 8.20 from 127 votes.

Dragon Ball Z - S4E15

#2 - Mystery Revealed (Season 4 - Episode 15)


Goku finally arrives to Earth, but wonders who this mysterious man is. The young swordsman asks Goku to speak to him privately. Once he and Goku are out of nearly everyone's earshot, his identity is finally revealed, and he is from the future. But why is he here, and what news does he bring?

The episode was rated 8.30 from 141 votes.

Dragon Ball Z - S4E13

#1 - Another Super Saiyan? (Season 4 - Episode 13)

As Frieza and King Cold prepare to strike, a mysterious young man armed with a sword comes out of nowhere and challenges them to fight. It looks like this boy has made a grave mistake, or maybe ...it's the other way around.

The episode was rated 8.30 from 142 votes.

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