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10 Best Episodes of Family Guy

Family Guy is an animated series created by Seth MacFarlane for the FOX network, which first aired in 1999. It follows the adventures of the Griffin family, featuring Peter, Lois, Stewie, Meg, Chris, and Brian. The show has been praised for its sharp humor and its ability to tackle tough topics. With 23 seasons, there is no shortage of great episodes. Here is a list of the best Family Guy episodes, ranked by fans and critics alike.

From Stewie's time-travelling escapades to Peter's misadventures in Quahog, the show has a wide variety of memorable episodes. One of the most beloved episodes is "Road to the Multiverse," which sees Stewie and Brian travel to alternate universes. Another classic is "The Fat Guy Strangler," where Peter takes on a superhero persona in an attempt to stop a serial killer.

For fans of the show, there are countless episodes to choose from. But these are the ones that stand out from the rest. Whether you're a long-time fan or just getting into the show, these are the Family Guy episodes you should watch first.

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Family Guy - S10E5

#1 - Back to the Pilot (Season 10 - Episode 5)

In the episode "Back to the Pilot" of Family Guy, Brian and Stewie travel back in time to the show's pilot episode in order to change history. Upon arriving to the past, they discover that their mission is more complicated than they thought. In order to make the changes they desire, they must make numerous trips back in time, each time facing with new challenges.

Throughout the episode, Brian and Stewie experience a number of hilarious and unexpected events. From Stewie trying to make sense of why his parents, Peter and Lois, are acting so bizarre, to Brian attempting to convince himself that he is not a bad influence on his canine pal, the duo encounter a series of events that ultimately lead them to their destination. In the end, Brian and Stewie manage to successfully accomplish their mission and return to their own time. The episode is filled with side-splitting comedy and heartwarming moments that will leave viewers laughing and smiling.

The episode was rated 8.08 from 866 votes.

Family Guy - S8E1

#2 - Road to the Multiverse (Season 8 - Episode 1)


Family Guy's episode "Road to the Multiverse" follows Stewie and Brian as they journey through alternate universes with the help of a magical remote control. In this Emmy Award-winning episode, the two visit a post-apocalyptic world and a world run by dogs where humans are pets.

This episode is highly praised by the show's creator Seth MacFarlane who claims it is "the all-around best episode" of the show. With its whimsical plot, witty humor, and creative animation, it is not hard to see why this episode was so successful. It is a great introduction to the show for newcomers, and a must-watch for any fan of Family Guy.

The episode was rated 8.08 from 885 votes.

Family Guy - S10E17

#3 - Forget-Me-Not (Season 10 - Episode 17)

In the episode "Forget-Me-Not" of the popular animated series Family Guy, Peter, Joe, Brian, and Quagmire go out for a night on the town. However, when they wake up in a hospital the morning after, they find that they don't remember anything that happened the night before. Even more disturbing, the entire town is deserted and empty, as if no one else is around.

The four friends must try to piece together the events of the night before and reunite with the rest of their family and friends. In the process they must find the answer to why the town has been deserted and why they can't remember what happened. This episode was nominated for a Writers Guild of America Award for Outstanding Writing in Animation and it is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats as they join the gang on their exciting and mysterious journey.

The episode was rated 8.02 from 699 votes.

Family Guy - S8E20

#4 - Something, Something, Something, Dark Side (Season 8 - Episode 20)


Family Guy's "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side" is a parody of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. With Peter entertaining his family at home during a power outage, the episode follows the family as they take on the roles of some classic Star Wars characters. Mort plays Lando Calrissian, Chris' boss Carl is Yoda, and the Giant Chicken takes on Boba Fett.

This episode may be appreciated more by people who are already Star Wars fans, as some of the jokes and references may be lost on people who are not. However, even for someone who is not a Star Wars fan, this episode can still be enjoyed thanks to the creative and humorous retelling of the story. Ultimately, this episode is a fun way to experience a classic story.

The episode was rated 8.01 from 545 votes.

Family Guy - S12E8

#5 - Christmas Guy (Season 12 - Episode 8)

In Family Guy's Christmas Guy episode, Carter Pewterschmidt cancels the annual Quahog Christmas carnival, ruining everyone's plans for festive fun. Peter must find a way to transform his father-in-law from a Scrooge to a hometown hero in order to save the event. Stewie, meanwhile, has his own plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas.

Good news! Brian is back and viewers finally get the chance to find out what happens to all the storylines that have been built up over multiple episodes. The Christmas Guy episode is sure to be an exciting and entertaining continuation of the series. Whether it's Peter's attempt to save the Christmas Carnival or Stewie's plan to get his Christmas wish, it's sure to be a fun episode full of antics and laughs.

The episode was rated 8.00 from 1231 votes.

Family Guy - S6E1

#6 - Blue Harvest (Season 6 - Episode 1)


In the Family Guy episode Blue Harvest, Peter retells the story of Star Wars in this hour-long episode. When Princess Leia is captured, the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 escape to the planet Tatooine to find help from the Rebel Alliance. They encounter Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Obi-Wan Kenobi who infiltrate the Death Star and rescue the captive princess. After rescuing Princess Leia, they return to aid the Rebellion in its fight against the Galactic Empire.

The intro text of the episode was highly praised, and many found the episode to be very funny. One scene that was particularly humorous was when Chris kills Danny Elfman because he try to do the score instead of John Wiliams. This made it look like Elfman was a bad composer, although it was meant to be a joke. The episode was successful and won the Saturn Award for Best Presentation on Television, in addition to being nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program.

The episode was rated 8.00 from 674 votes.

Family Guy - S13E1

#7 - The Simpsons Guy (Season 13 - Episode 1)

The Simpsons Guy is an hour-long crossover between the popular animated shows Family Guy and The Simpsons. After the Griffins' car is stolen, they end up in Springfield and meet the Simpson family. Stewie takes pranking and skateboarding lessons from Bart, while Lisa discovers to her annoyance that Meg is as good at playing the saxophone as she is. Peter bonds with Homer while they locate the stolen car, however they fight after Peter loses his job when Pawtucket Patriot is revealed to be a copy of Duff Beer.

This episode is often cited as one of the best crossovers between the two shows, and is a fan favourite. The jokes, gags and references throughout the episode are sure to make viewers laugh. A particular highlight of the episode is the Chicken fight between Peter and Homer, which is often remembered and referred to by fans. The Simpsons Guy is an episode that is sure to be enjoyed by both Family Guy and Simpsons fans alike.

The episode was rated 7.97 from 1928 votes.

Family Guy - S9E16

#8 - The Big Bang Theory (Season 9 - Episode 16)


In the episode "The Big Bang Theory" of the popular animated series Family Guy, Stewie and Brian go back in time to stop Bertram from killing Leonardo da Vinci. Their mission is to prevent Bertram from killing da Vinci, as it would cause Stewie to disappear from the universe. The two time travelers must use their wit and cunning to outsmart Bertram and save da Vinci, thus preserving the future of the universe.

The episode is full of hilarious moments as Stewie and Brian try to thwart the evil plans of Bertram. Filled with the classic dry wit and absurdist humor that Family Guy is known for, viewers are sure to be entertained as the two time travelers navigate their way through the past. With some unexpected twists and turns, the episode culminates in an exciting and exhilarating climax as Stewie and Brian must use all their skills to save da Vinci and the future of the universe.

The episode was rated 7.96 from 564 votes.

Family Guy - S11E21

#9 - Roads to Vegas (Season 11 - Episode 21)

In the episode "Roads to Vegas" of Family Guy, Brian and Stewie take a road trip to Las Vegas. The two find themselves in an unexpected predicament when they are both duplicated due to an accidental transporter malfunction. Each duplicate sees the trip differently, with one Brian being more adventurous and curious while the other is more cautious and doesn’t want to take risks. Stewie’s duplicates also have the same differences in opinion, with one wanting to take risks and the other warning of impending danger.

The two sets of duplicates must come to a compromise in order to make the most of their road trip. Along the way, they encounter a variety of obstacles, like a malfunctioning car, a gang of outlaws, and a bear. The two must work together to overcome these challenges, while also gaining a better understanding of each other’s point of view. In the end, they learn the importance of communication and compromise in order to get the most out of a situation.

The episode was rated 7.94 from 944 votes.

Family Guy - S5E18

#10 - Meet the Quagmires (Season 5 - Episode 18)


In the episode "Meet the Quagmires" of Family Guy, Death grants Peter's wish to go back in time to 1984 when he was 18, but only for one night. Peter decides to spend his night with a movie actress, leaving Lois behind. When he returns to the present, he finds out that everything is different, as he is now married to the movie actress and Lois is with Quagmire. Additionally, Stewie, Chris, and Meg have all taken on Quagmire's charming characteristics.

This episode of Family Guy is full of funny and unexpected twists and turns. The time-traveling shenanigans that ensue after Peter's wish are sure to keep viewers entertained. Peter soon realizes the consequences of his actions when he finds himself in a completely different world from the one he left. He must find a way to undo the changes he's caused, but will he be able to fix the future? The episode is a hilarious and entertaining take on time travel and the often unforeseen consequences it can have.

The episode was rated 7.93 from 448 votes.

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    Family Guy - S11E4

    #11 - Yug Ylimaf (Season 11 - Episode 4)

    In the episode of Family Guy, titled "Yug Ylimaf", Brian and Stewie use Stewie's time machine to reverse reality. When Brian begins to abuse the machine, he and Stewie must work together to set things right before Stewie is unborn.

    This episode has a lot of similarities to the recent Christopher Nolan movie, Tenet. Both stories involve time travelling and the characters trying to put things right before a disaster occurs. It's interesting to see how shows like Family Guy can draw inspiration from movies, and then use it to create an original story and characters.

    The episode was rated 7.92 from 985 votes.

    Family Guy - S9E1

    #12 - And Then There Were Fewer (Season 9 - Episode 1)


    Family Guy's episode "And Then There Were Fewer" is a murder mystery special that contains all the beloved characters from the show. In this episode, the Griffins and all of the major characters become trapped in a mansion and soon realize that someone is killing them off one by one.

    This episode was so fun to watch! Every second of the episode is full of suspense, mystery, and hilarity. It was such a great ride, full of laughs and surprises. It was definitely one of the show's best episodes and fans love it a lot.

    The episode was rated 7.92 from 764 votes.

    Family Guy - S10E11

    #13 - The Blind Side (Season 10 - Episode 11)

    In the episode "The Blind Side" of Family Guy, Brian discovers that his new blind girlfriend doesn't like dogs. This throws a wrench in his plans, as he is a dog. Meanwhile, Peter is having a hard time adjusting to the new staircase in his house.

    The episode is full of comedic moments, especially when Peter attempts to negotiate his way down the staircase. There is also a hilarious Japanese moment that really adds to the episode. "The Blind Side" is definitely an episode that will leave you laughing.

    The episode was rated 7.91 from 634 votes.

    Family Guy - S10E19

    #14 - Mr. & Mrs. Stewie (Season 10 - Episode 19)


    The episode "Mr. & Mrs. Stewie" of the popular cartoon show Family Guy follows Stewie as he meets and falls in love with a female version of himself. This episode explores Stewie's romantic side as he struggles to understand his feelings for the female version of himself. Meanwhile, Peter and Quagmire take their bromance to the next level as they continue to strengthen their friendship.

    The episode opens with Stewie being transported to an alternate universe, where he meets a female version of himself. Stewie is taken aback by her beauty and is instantly smitten. He begins to feel a genuine connection with her, and is surprised at how comfortable he feels in her presence. As the episode progresses, Stewie must come to terms with his feelings for the female version of himself, and finds it hard to let go. He is forced to confront his own emotions, and ultimately discovers that he is capable of love.

    The episode was rated 7.91 from 658 votes.

    Family Guy - S6E5

    #15 - Lois Kills Stewie (2) (Season 6 - Episode 5)

    What could have been a typical day of Lois and Stewie's family adventures turns into a life-or-death struggle in the episode "Lois Kills Stewie (2)". After Lois is presumed dead, Stewie becomes the prime suspect of her murder. Joe takes it upon himself to lead a manhunt around Quahog and search for the mischievous baby. Stewie, however, has other plans. He uses the situation to his advantage and auditions for American Idol with the hopes of taking over the world again.

    Lois, being the devoted mother she is, will do anything to protect her family and stop her son's evil ambitions. With the help of her family and friends, she realizes that the only way to protect her loved ones is to find and catch Stewie. She embarks on a mission to finally put an end to Stewie's reign of terror and bring peace back to Quahog. Will she be able to do it? Tune in and find out.

    The episode was rated 7.90 from 600 votes.

    Family Guy - S10E16

    #16 - Killer Queen (Season 10 - Episode 16)


    In the Family Guy episode "Killer Queen," Peter and Chris head off to fat camp in hopes of getting in shape. But while they're there, they quickly realize that something sinister is afoot. A serial killer is on the loose and targeting overweight kids, leaving Peter and Chris in danger of becoming the killer's next target.

    Meanwhile, Stewie is at home when he gets a glimpse of an album cover on the TV that frightens him. No one takes him seriously, but it soon becomes clear that the killer is connected to the album cover and is determined to take out Peter and Chris before they can expose him. With their lives in danger, the Griffins must work together to put a stop to the killer and save Peter and Chris.

    The episode was rated 7.88 from 673 votes.

    Family Guy - S10E20

    #17 - Leggo My Meg-O (Season 10 - Episode 20)

    In the episode "Leggo My Meg-O" of the popular animated show Family Guy, Meg embarks on a much anticipated European adventure. However, her excitement quickly turns to dread when she is kidnapped by a mysterious figure. Stewie and Brian, two of the show's main characters, are determined to save her, and they set off on an action-packed rescue mission.

    The two must face all sorts of obstacles and challenges, with their courage and wit tested all the way. Along the way, they make some unexpected allies, who help them on their quest. The comedic moments, combined with the exciting adventure, make for a truly entertaining episode. In the end, Stewie and Brian are able to rescue Meg, and the family is reunited once again.

    The episode was rated 7.88 from 715 votes.

    Family Guy - S2E18

    #18 - E. Peterbus Unum (Season 2 - Episode 18)


    In the Family Guy episode E. Peterbus Unum, Peter discovers that his house is not officially part of the United States. Determined to be a part of something bigger, Peter takes it upon himself to form his own country. With the help of his family and friends, he establishes the nation of Petoria, complete with its own language, flag, and currency.

    While the citizens of Quahog have mixed opinions about Petoria, the fledgling nation quickly takes off when Peter's new country is recognized by the United Nations. However, things quickly take a turn for the worse when the Mayor of Quahog declares war on Petoria. Despite the Mayor's efforts, Peter and his citizens are able to successfully defend themselves and maintain the sovereignty of their nation.

    The episode of E. Peterbus Unum serves as a hilarious commentary on how quickly a nation can be established and how much power a leader can have. Through his daring and creative leadership, Peter is able to turn his house into a fully recognized nation. In the end, it is a testament to the power of Peter's imagination and his commitment to his vision.

    The episode was rated 7.84 from 543 votes.

    Family Guy - S4E30

    #19 - Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure (Season 4 - Episode 30)

    In the episode of Family Guy entitled “Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure”, Stewie discovers that his future is not as bright as he had hoped. After discovering that his future is miserable, Stewie decides to take matters into his own hands and travel back in time to change events for the better.

    The episode follows Stewie and his grandfather, Stu, as they attempt to navigate the complexities of time travel. They soon realize that the past is much harder to change than either of them had originally anticipated. Along the way, the duo learn a valuable lesson about the importance of accepting and embracing the present.

    With its clever take on time travel and a heartwarming message about the importance of living in the moment, “Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure” is an entertaining and thought-provoking episode of Family Guy that will leave viewers laughing and reflecting.

    The episode was rated 7.84 from 267 votes.

    Family Guy - S4E28

    #20 - Stewie B. Goode (Season 4 - Episode 28)


    In the episode "Stewie B. Goode" of Family Guy, Stewie is feeling competitive and determined to win at a swim competition. But when he loses to his rival, he decides to take matters into his own hands and attempts to blow up the lifeguard tower. Unfortunately, his plan backfires and results in a near-death experience. This intense event causes a dramatic shift in Stewie's personality, leading him to become a kinder and gentler individual.

    The episode follows Stewie as he navigates his new-found moral outlook, and eventually comes to terms with his old, mischievous self. As his friends and family adjust to this change in behavior, they come to realize that it's a part of who Stewie is, and that he can still be a good person without losing his edge. In the end, Stewie learns a valuable lesson about the importance of kindness and understanding.

    The episode was rated 7.83 from 303 votes.


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