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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

FXX 2005

Four egocentric friends run a neighborhood Irish pub in Philadelphia and try to find their way through the adult world of work and relationships. Unfortunately, their warped views and precarious judgments often lead them to trouble, creating a myriad of uncomfortable situations that usually only get worse before they get better.

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The 10 Best Episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - S10E4

#1 - Charlie Work


Season 10 - Episode 4

Charlie goes into overdrive when he's notified that the health inspector will be arriving that day. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang is trying to exploit a flaw in the air-miles reward system. Written by David Hornsby; directed by Matt Shakman.

The episode was rated from 1098 votes.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - S4E13

#2 - The Nightman Cometh


Season 4 - Episode 13

In the season finale, Charlie gets the gang to help him put together a rock opera based on his song "Nightman."

The episode was rated from 895 votes.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - S7E7

#3 - Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games


Season 7 - Episode 7

The gang plays the most twisted board game ever. Dee and Dennis face Mac, Charlie and Frank.

The episode was rated from 912 votes.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - S7E2

#4 - The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore


Season 7 - Episode 2

Dee and Dennis take the gang to their favorite childhood vacation spot where things aren't quite how they remember. While Dee and Dennis see the seedy side of the Jersey Shore, Mac, Frank and Charlie have the nights of their lives.

The episode was rated from 862 votes.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - S6E13

#5 - A Very Sunny Christmas


Season 6 - Episode 13

After years of being mistreated by Frank during the holiday season, Dennis and Dee decide to teach him a lesson. Meanwhile, Mac and Charlie reflect on their childhood Christmases, and realize that they were not as joyous and wonderful as they remembered.

The episode was rated from 632 votes.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - S9E3
#6 - The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award
Season 9 - Episode 3

Tired of failing to be recognized for their years of service in the bar industry, the gang changes their ways to give the patrons what they think they want.

The episode was rated from 1043 votes.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - S5E10
#7 - The D.E.N.N.I.S. System
Season 5 - Episode 10

Dennis reveals his foolproof system for seducing any woman to the rest of the gang, but they don't grasp the concept.

The episode was rated from 835 votes.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - S12E2
#8 - The Gang Goes to a Water Park
Season 12 - Episode 2

The gang takes a trip to a local waterpark. Dennis takes on a protégé. Frank and Charlie are determined to ride every ride. Mac and Dee get stuck in a tube slide.

The episode was rated from 2437 votes.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - S8E9
#9 - The Gang Dines Out
Season 8 - Episode 9

Every member of The Gang has something to celebrate at Guigino's, Philly's finest eatery, but when Mac and Dennis' private dinner is interrupted by an unexpected sighting of Frank and Charlie, the in-fighting begins. Dee also turns up at a table for one, and over the course of the night, the "one-ups-manship" soars to new heights.

The episode was rated from 802 votes.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - S8E10
#10 - Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense
Season 8 - Episode 10

Court is in session at Paddy's Pub as Frank and Dennis present their cases to the rest of the gang, resulting in a verdict that will change their lives FOREVER... but not really.

The episode was rated from 830 votes.

Last updated: jan 20, 2022



Best comedy on TV! So idiotic it's genius!


I started watching this show as a skeptic thinking it's going to suck... within 2 episodes I was in love. This show is THE best comedy on TV currently.


A hysterical show about terrible people that gets more absurd the further you get down the rabbit hole. You can tell in certain scenes that they used to be an improv group together, but if you don't try to take this comedy seriously (at all), then it will definitely have you in stitches.


Seinfield on crack


one of my favourite shows, it never gets boring because the gang never changes and always finds ways to get themselves into more insane situations! and it's been renewed for seasons 13 and 14!


It's Always Funny In Philadelphia.


I don't know how many years on this Earth I got left...I'm gonna get real weird with it


"If you're a fan of comedy and aren't watching this, you're missing out" i second that


Adore this show so much! It gets better and better each year! Always makes me laugh.


Insanely genius comedy... I laugh so hard almost every episode, and I love Charlie!!!


Ohhhhh you sons of bitches.

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