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Mike Tyson Mysteries

Mike Tyson Mysteries

Adult Swim 2014

A new series by Warner Bros Animation that places the ex-boxer in a problem solving premise alongside a talking pigeon and a magical face tattoo.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Mike Tyson Mysteries

Mike Tyson Mysteries - S4E7

#1 - The Death of Lyle Victor Linkus (Season 4 - Episode 7)

The death penalty debate is settled once and for all.

The episode was rated 8.04 from 48 votes.

Mike Tyson Mysteries - S3E12

#2 - At the Car Wash (Season 3 - Episode 12)

The team gets the Mystery Mobile a regular car wash for $9.99.

The episode was rated 8.04 from 74 votes.

Mike Tyson Mysteries - S2E19

#3 - The Farmer's Daughter (Season 2 - Episode 19)

In the half-hour season finale, the Mystery Mobile breaks down in farm country.

The episode was rated 7.99 from 113 votes.

Mike Tyson Mysteries - S2E11

#4 - Life Is but a Dream (Season 2 - Episode 11)

The team set out to assist a woman in a coma and end up as ghosts themselves.

The episode was rated 7.97 from 111 votes.

Mike Tyson Mysteries - S4E5

#5 - Pits and Peaks (Season 4 - Episode 5)

The team shares its highs and lows of the day around the dinner table, and it also goes to Scotland.

The episode was rated 7.95 from 43 votes.

Mike Tyson Mysteries - S2E10

#6 - Ogopogo! (Season 2 - Episode 10)

Pigeon confronts his past at the house by the lake.

The episode was rated 7.95 from 128 votes.

Mike Tyson Mysteries - S3E14

#7 - My Favorite Mystery (Season 3 - Episode 14)

The team reminisce about their favorite mysteries.

The episode was rated 7.94 from 70 votes.

Mike Tyson Mysteries - S2E6

#8 - Jason B. Sucks (Season 2 - Episode 6)

The team get a negative review online.

The episode was rated 7.92 from 118 votes.

Mike Tyson Mysteries - S4E12

#9 - The Gift That Keeps On Giving (Season 4 - Episode 12)

White privilege turns on itself.

The episode was rated 7.91 from 34 votes.

Mike Tyson Mysteries - S4E14

#10 - Let's Make a Deal (Season 4 - Episode 14)

The very first Mike Tyson Mystery Team Podcast.

The episode was rated 7.90 from 31 votes.

Mike Tyson Mysteries - S4E11
#11 - The Christmas Episode
Season 4 - Episode 11

The team travels to a nursing home to assist an elderly man seeking euthanasia, only to cause unexpected truths to come to light.

The episode was rated from 35 votes.
Mike Tyson Mysteries - S3E20
#12 - The Pigeon Has Come Home to Roost
Season 3 - Episode 20

Pigeon's past finally catches up with him.

The episode was rated from 54 votes.
Mike Tyson Mysteries - S1E4
#13 - Is Magic Real?
Season 1 - Episode 4

When an old wizard seems to have lost faith in the existence of magic, Mike thinks he can prove him wrong, if he can just find a leprechaun he met years ago, one night at a bar. Along the way, Mike manages to beat up illusionist Criss Angel AND actor Robert Redford, in separate incidents. And, in the end, Mike learns you don’t need to find a leprechaun, because there’s a leprechaun inside of us all.

The episode was rated from 199 votes.
Mike Tyson Mysteries - S4E15
#14 - Pilot Error
Season 4 - Episode 15

The thrills and chills of sexting.

The episode was rated from 32 votes.
Mike Tyson Mysteries - S2E14
#15 - Yves Klein Blues
Season 2 - Episode 14

Mike wants a new tracksuit for the summer.

The episode was rated from 112 votes.
Mike Tyson Mysteries - S3E7
#16 - Broken Wings
Season 3 - Episode 7

Take these broken wings, Pigeon and learn to fly.

The episode was rated from 108 votes.
Mike Tyson Mysteries - S1E5
#17 - Mite Tyson
Season 1 - Episode 5

When Mike learns that the itchy bites all over his body are likely from "bird mites," he reluctantly tells Pigeon he has to move out. Pigeon doesn't take it well.

The episode was rated from 176 votes.
Mike Tyson Mysteries - S3E15
#18 - Tyson of Arabia
Season 3 - Episode 15

The team go to Dubai, at the behest of an old Saudi Prince.

The episode was rated from 58 votes.
Mike Tyson Mysteries - S4E10
#19 - A Mystery in Little Italy
Season 4 - Episode 10

What to do with baby octopus, plantains, smoked kippers and cream of mushroom soup.

The episode was rated from 41 votes.
Mike Tyson Mysteries - S2E7
#20 - A Plaintive Wail
Season 2 - Episode 7

A new restaurant is cursed.

The episode was rated from 127 votes.

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This show is worth watching even if it's just to hear Mike Tyson pronounce Cormac Mccarthy and chupacabra.


This show is actually not bad and it's entertaining. It helps that it's funny and a bit random. It kind of gives me that hanna barbera vibe except just not for kids, haha.


Norm Macdonald is great. Mike Tyson’s delivery is hilarious. The show is very random, but in a good way. This show is great and very funny.


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