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Modern Family

Modern Family

ABC 2009

The Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan is a wonderfully large and blended family. They give us an honest and often hilarious look into the sometimes warm, sometimes twisted, embrace of the modern family.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Modern Family

Modern Family - S6E16

#1 - Connection Lost


Season 6 - Episode 16

Claire’s computer becomes the hub of all the family’s activities when she gets stuck at the airport and is desperate to reach Haley after a big fight. After FaceTiming with Phil and the rest of the family to help track her down, Claire quickly turns to online snooping which inevitably becomes disturbing real quick and everyone gets sucked into the online drama.

The episode was rated from 2413 votes.

Modern Family - S5E18

#2 - Las Vegas


Season 5 - Episode 18

Jay is determined to get the adults’ hotel suite upgraded; Claire tries to win back some money; Phil auditions to be a magician.

The episode was rated from 2556 votes.

Modern Family - S5E24

#3 - The Wedding (2)


Season 5 - Episode 24

The wedding day chaos continues as the entire party shifts from one contingency plan to another. Guests start to get testy, Mitchell and Cameron are feeling discouraged, and poor Claire shows physical wear and tear.

The episode was rated from 2333 votes.

Modern Family - S3E24

#4 - Baby on Board


Season 3 - Episode 24

Gloria’s bilingualism comes in handy on Mitchell and Cameron’s quest to adopt another child. Meanwhile, Jay and Manny help Lily get ready for a dance recital. Alex goes to her first prom, and Haley announces her future plans, which come as a shock to her family.

The episode was rated from 1656 votes.

Modern Family - S2E13

#5 - Caught in the Act


Season 2 - Episode 13

The kids get a surprise of their own when they take breakfast in bed to Phil and Claire on their anniversary. Jay and Gloria's Vegas vacation plans are ruined by a brutally honest email accidentally sent to Claire,. Mitchell and Cam try to get into a new restaurant owned by a mom at Lily's preschool.

The episode was rated from 1573 votes.

Modern Family - S1E24

#6 - Family Portrait


Season 1 - Episode 24

Claire makes an effort to take a new family portrait, but everybody is too busy to cooperate: Gloria and Manny go with Phil and Alex to a Lakers game and share an awkward moment on the jumbotron, Cameron gets a job as a wedding singer while Mitchell takes care of Lilly and a stray pigeon, and Luke interviews Jay for a school project.

The episode was rated from 1485 votes.

Modern Family - S4E13

#7 - Fulgencio


Season 4 - Episode 13

When Gloria’s mother and sister visit, they bring traditions, baby names and family baggage; Phil helps the kids with their problems; Mitchell and Cameron try to correct Lily’s bad habits.

The episode was rated from 1919 votes.

Modern Family - S1E15

#8 - My Funky Valentine


Season 1 - Episode 15

Phil and Claire break from their traditional Valentine's Day dinner date and plan a little "role play" excursion. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria's ideas of romance clash when he takes her to a comedy show, and Mitchell and Cameron play cupid for Manny.

The episode was rated from 1623 votes.

Modern Family - S1E23

#9 - Hawaii


Season 1 - Episode 23

Jay's plans to do nothing but relax on vacation are interrupted by an unwelcome reality check. Meanwhile, Phil tries to make the trip romantic for Claire, Mitchell and Cameron disagree on whether they should go sight-seeing, and the kids get themselves into trouble.

The episode was rated from 1566 votes.

Modern Family - S3E7

#10 - Treehouse


Season 3 - Episode 7

Gloria persuades Jay to commit to a night of salsa dancing after seeing how much his friend Shorty and his girlfriend do together. Cameron makes a bet that he can get a woman’s phone number at the bar. Phil builds a tree house for Luke.

The episode was rated from 1718 votes.

Modern Family - S3E13
#11 - Little Bo Bleep
Season 3 - Episode 13

Claire prepares for her debate with Duane Bailey. Mitch and Cam try to clean up Lily’s language before her turn as a flower girl. Jay blames Stella’s strange behavior on Gloria.

The episode was rated from 1631 votes.
Modern Family - S3E22
#12 - Disneyland
Season 3 - Episode 22

When the family travels to Disneyland, Phil struggles to keep up with Luke, Claire is shocked when they run into Dylan, Jay and Gloria disagree about what are sensible shoes for the day, and Mitch and Cam must contain Lily’s new affinity for running.

The episode was rated from 1690 votes.
Modern Family - S4E24
#13 - Goodnight, Gracie
Season 4 - Episode 24

Everyone flies down to Florida to be with Phil after his mom’s passing. Claire helps Phil with Gracie’s last wish for Frank, and the kids reflect on the gifts grandma left for them. Gloria has to contend with an outstanding arrest warrant in Florida, Cam finds himself fitting right into an elderly women’s group at Frank’s retirement community, and Jay runs into a pivotal person from his past.

The episode was rated from 2027 votes.
Modern Family - S4E2
#14 - Schooled
Season 4 - Episode 2

Claire and Phil embarrass Haley when they drop her off at college; Manny makes Gloria and Jay take a class; Lily gets into a tussle on her first day of kindergarten.

The episode was rated from 1895 votes.
Modern Family - S4E19
#15 - The Future Dunphys
Season 4 - Episode 19

At the hospital Claire and Phil see the older version of their family; Mitchell and Cameron plan a day for Lily and Gloria; Manny and Jay go to a private school to look around.

The episode was rated from 2040 votes.
Modern Family - S3E17
#16 - Leap Day
Season 3 - Episode 17

Mitchell feels pressured to make Cameron’s birthday extra special. People start to question Jay’s manliness, and the girls interfere with Phil’s leap day plans.

The episode was rated from 1630 votes.
Modern Family - S4E12
#17 - Party Crasher
Season 4 - Episode 12

Gloria and Jay try to make Manny’s 14th birthday extra special by planning a surprise party; Haley starts hanging out with a much older guy.

The episode was rated from 1843 votes.
Modern Family - S5E5
#18 - The Late Show
Season 5 - Episode 5

The adults struggle to make it to a hot new restaurant in time for the reservation Jay pulled a lot of strings to get.

The episode was rated from 2510 votes.
Modern Family - S5E22
#19 - Message Received
Season 5 - Episode 22

Jay, Gloria and Manny challenge one another to try something new; Mitch and Cam sell a couple of their prized possessions to fund the wedding; the kids play a joke on Phil and Claire.

The episode was rated from 2366 votes.
Modern Family - S5E1
#20 - Suddenly, Last Summer
Season 5 - Episode 1

Phil and Claire try to orchestrate a kid-free week during Luke, Haley and Alex’s summer activities; Cam and Mitch try to have a memorable summer.

The episode was rated from 2770 votes.

Last updated: may 26, 2022



Modern Family does what's best in comedy: subtle awkward situations that make you laugh uncontrollably, even though if someone sees the same scene as you, they will never get why and how it's funny. You can't judge Modern Family based on some episodes seen sporadically, no, you'll have to go from the start and watch all of it, for the comedy to become apparent to you.


Phil Dunphy is absolutely amazing. You can work round the forced, patronising sentimentality quite quickly - but when it hits the funny bone...boy, it hits the funny bone.


Amazing writers and wonderfull cast. Phil Dunphy best character ever.


Remember when this show used to be good? Yeah me too.


This show is the best sitcom currently on TV. With the colourful characters, and their responses to each other, whether silent, verbal, or physical... You can tell there is love, competition, jealousy, sarcasm, and inclusion (or lack thereof). Like someone else said, this show is better for those who watch consecutive episodes, rather than sporadic bits here and there from different seasons...


Dreadful? You may not like it, but 'dreadful' is an idiotic term to use for it.


I watch it when I need to get cheered up. In a way it's a family I turn to when no one is around...thank you for saving me a lot of times. I'm grateful this show exists. Acting is superb and I love how awkward it is, just like me sometimes haha. 10/10!


This show is just brilliantly funny! I love it.


Really good and relaxing show. Cam can be really annoying tho...


I don't grow up with this show, heck I just found out about it when the show already at season 5. So I marathon until I can catch-up with the latest episode back then. And it was the best decision I ever made. Everything about this show is so perfect, the cast, the joke, the drama, and the life lesson. I really wish that maybe, one day, I can have my own version of Modern Family. I really can't believe this show gonna end

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Understanding the perspectives may seem overwhelming or complicated at times. Well, it is not always tears and cries. Watch Feel Good and laugh on May’s innocent jokes or George’s simplicity who has always been in a heterosexual relationship until now. Work in Progress is literally the work in progress. Theo and Abby’s unfinished story demands to be watched now. There can be no better times.

If you are looking for some action and comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Modern Family cannot be ignored. Not only they represent all the fun and love, they also shed light on the challenges and struggles that LGBT community has faced over the years.

Love is not bound by societal conditions as it never was. These TV series are as good to watch right now as they were when they were first released. What is your favorite show? Tell us in the comments!

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