10 Best Episodes of Survivor - Season 38

Survivor has been captivating audiences for over two decades with its thrilling combination of adventure, strategy, and human drama. Since its first episode aired in 2000, this reality show has taken viewers on a wild ride, as castaways battle it out in remote, isolated locations for the ultimate prize. With its unique format and intense challenges, Survivor has become a cultural phenomenon, and it's no wonder why it's still going strong after 48 seasons.

Each season of Survivor brings a new group of castaways, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and strategies. From physical challenges that test their endurance to mental puzzles that push their problem-solving skills to the limit, the castaways must rely on their wits and alliances to outlast their competitors. With the added twist of tribal councils and hidden immunity idols, the game is always full of surprises.

Survivor has produced some of the most memorable moments in reality TV history, from shocking blindsides to heartwarming alliances. As the seasons continue, the show keeps finding new ways to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. So whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the series, get ready for an unforgettable journey as we explore the best episodes that Survivor has to offer.

Written by Sophie and last updated on apr 04, 2024.

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Survivor - S38E14

#14 - Edge of Extinction Reunion (Season 38 - Episode 14)

The castaways reunite in Los Angeles to discuss the season. Jeff Probst hosts.

The episode was rated 7.30 from 165 votes.

Survivor - S38E10

#13 - Fasten Your Seatbelts (Season 38 - Episode 10)


Another blindside could be in sight after alliances start to crumble. Also, one castaway comes out on top after a crucial immunity win.

The episode was rated 7.52 from 266 votes.

Survivor - S38E3

#12 - Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed (Season 38 - Episode 3)

Teamwork is the key to success in an all-new immunity challenge. Also, two castaways attempt to get along while trying to survive.

The episode was rated 7.52 from 285 votes.

Survivor - S38E9

#11 - Blood of a Blindside (Season 38 - Episode 9)


Two tribal councils in one hour, and a surprise advantage may pay off for one castaway's game.

The episode was rated 7.58 from 274 votes.

Survivor - S38E2

#10 - One Of Us Is Going To Win The War (Season 38 - Episode 2)

The first castaway is stranded all alone on "Edge of Extinction." Also, first-time players bond together in an attempt to get a returnee out of the game.

The episode was rated 7.58 from 264 votes.

Survivor - S38E13

#9 - I See The Million Dollars (Season 38 - Episode 13)


After 39 emotional days, one castaway will take home the $1 million prize and earn the title of Sole Survivor. One castaway's game will unravel, and someone will get a chance to return to the game, when castaways "living on the edge" go head to head on the two-hour season finale.

The episode was rated 7.61 from 272 votes.

Survivor - S38E4

#8 - I Need A Dance Partner (Season 38 - Episode 4)

Castaways drop their buffs and switch things up, and Edge of Extinction heats up when an eliminated castaway has to face people they blindsided.

The episode was rated 7.66 from 285 votes.

Survivor - S38E7

#7 - I'm the Puppet Master (Season 38 - Episode 7)


The puppet master attempts to pull the strings on other castaways, and one castaway struggles to find balance at an immunity challenge after exhaustion takes its toll.

The episode was rated 7.70 from 279 votes.

Survivor - S38E1

#6 - It Smells Like Success (Season 38 - Episode 1)

Castaways hover on the โ€œEdge of Extinctionโ€ in an all-new twist, and four returning players attempt to bond with their new tribemates. Also, castaways tackle a giant puzzle in their first immunity challenge of the season.

The episode was rated 7.73 from 298 votes.

Survivor - S38E6

#5 - There's Always a Twist (Season 38 - Episode 6)


Alliances are tested after a highly anticipated merge between tribes. Also, one castaway can rest easy after winning the first individual immunity challenge of the season.

The episode was rated 7.81 from 269 votes.

Survivor - S38E8

#4 - Y'all Making Me Crazy (Season 38 - Episode 8)

Tribal Council heats up, and castaways strategize until moments before the vote. Also, concentration is key at a classic immunity challenge.

The episode was rated 7.87 from 265 votes.

Survivor - S38E12

#3 - Idol or Bust (Season 38 - Episode 12)


Spirits are lifted when castaways living "on the edge" read letters that they wrote to themselves before starting this adventure. Also, the final seven castaways battle for immunity during a tough puzzle challenge.

The episode was rated 7.89 from 257 votes.

Survivor - S38E5

#2 - It's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever (Season 38 - Episode 5)

The castaways' mental toughness is tested on the Edge of Extinction, and targets begin switching from one castaway to another when weaknesses are exposed.

The episode was rated 7.91 from 270 votes.

Survivor - S38E11

#1 - Awkward (Season 38 - Episode 11)


One castaway gets caught red-handed rummaging through someone's bag at camp. Also, castaways battle to win reward in the form of love when family members pay a visit.

The episode was rated 7.98 from 269 votes.

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