10 Best Episodes of Survivor

Survivor has been captivating audiences for over two decades with its thrilling combination of adventure, strategy, and human drama. Since its first episode aired in 2000, this reality show has taken viewers on a wild ride, as castaways battle it out in remote, isolated locations for the ultimate prize. With its unique format and intense challenges, Survivor has become a cultural phenomenon, and it's no wonder why it's still going strong after 48 seasons.

Each season of Survivor brings a new group of castaways, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and strategies. From physical challenges that test their endurance to mental puzzles that push their problem-solving skills to the limit, the castaways must rely on their wits and alliances to outlast their competitors. With the added twist of tribal councils and hidden immunity idols, the game is always full of surprises.

Survivor has produced some of the most memorable moments in reality TV history, from shocking blindsides to heartwarming alliances. As the seasons continue, the show keeps finding new ways to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. So whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the series, get ready for an unforgettable journey as we explore the best episodes that Survivor has to offer.

Written by Sophie and last updated on may 24, 2024.

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Survivor - S13E12

#15 - You're a Rat (Season 13 - Episode 12)

In this intense episode of Survivor, titled "You're a Rat," alliances are tested and betrayals run rampant. As the game progresses, the castaways face difficult decisions that could either secure their survival or seal their fate. Tensions rise as loyalties are questioned and trust becomes a precious commodity. With the stakes higher than ever, who will emerge as the ultimate survivor?

In "You're a Rat," the contestants find themselves caught in a web of deceit and manipulation. Backstabbing and strategic gameplay take center stage as alliances crumble and new bonds are formed. The castaways must navigate treacherous waters, weighing their options and calculating their moves carefully. With every decision holding the potential to make or break their chances, the pressure mounts and the drama unfolds.

As the episode unfolds, viewers are treated to a thrilling display of human psychology and survival instincts. The contestants' true colors shine through as they grapple with moral dilemmas and fight tooth and nail to outwit, outplay, and outlast their fellow competitors. The tension is palpable as the game reaches its boiling point, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next twist and turn in this gripping season of Survivor.

The episode was rated 8.10 from 71 votes.

Survivor - S27E12

#14 - Rustle Feathers (Season 27 - Episode 12)


In this thrilling episode of Survivor, titled "Rustle Feathers," the stakes are higher than ever as the remaining contestants battle it out for immunity. The challenge at hand? A heart-pounding game of tug of war that will push the contestants to their limits. Who will emerge victorious and secure their safety for another week? The anticipation is palpable as alliances are tested and strategies are put to the ultimate test.

But wait, there's a twist! Just when the contestants thought they were safe, a rare tribal council is announced. The unexpected turn of events leaves everyone on edge, wondering who will be the next to face the chopping block. Will the game be turned upside down by a shocking blindside, or will the contestants stay true to their alliances and vote strategically? With tensions running high, alliances crumbling, and secrets being revealed, this tribal council is bound to be one for the books.

Don't miss a minute of the action as the contestants battle it out in the fierce tug of war challenge and face the consequences of their decisions at tribal council. With so much at stake, this episode of Survivor promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering who will rise to the occasion and who will be left in the dust. Tune in to see the drama unfold and find out who will outwit, outplay, and outlast their fellow competitors in the game of Survivor.

The episode was rated 8.12 from 145 votes.

Survivor - S24E4

#13 - Bum-Puzzled (Season 24 - Episode 4)

In the latest episode of Survivor, titled "Bum-Puzzled," viewers are in for an intense ride as an unimaginable betrayal rocks one of the tribes. This shocking turn of events forces the tribe to make a drastic move, one that has never been seen before in the history of Survivor. The anticipation builds as the castaways are pushed to their limits, testing their loyalty and strategic thinking.

But that's not all. The episode reaches its climax with an electrifying Tribal Council that leaves everyone stunned and speechless. The tension is palpable as alliances are tested and secrets are revealed. Will the castaways be able to recover from this game-changing moment? Who will emerge victorious and who will be left in shock?

"Bum-Puzzled" promises to be a thrilling episode packed with unexpected twists and turns that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Don't miss out on this captivating installment of Survivor, where anything can happen and no one is safe. Tune in to find out what happens next in this gripping battle for survival.

The episode was rated 8.12 from 89 votes.

Survivor - S20E10

#12 - Going Down In Flames (Season 20 - Episode 10)


In this exhilarating episode of Survivor titled "Going Down In Flames," the merged tribe is about to be reunited, setting the stage for some serious gameplay and unexpected twists. As the tension rises, two old friends seize the opportunity to rekindle their alliance. However, trust doesn't come easily in the cutthroat world of Survivor, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats wondering if this alliance will stand the test of time.

But hold on tight, because this episode is about to take an unprecedented turn. With the stakes higher than ever, one castaway makes a jaw-dropping move that no one saw coming. The stage is set for what promises to be one of the most shocking Tribal Councils in the history of Survivor. Get ready to witness alliances crumble, strategies implode, and friendships pushed to the breaking point.

And if that wasn't enough, brace yourself for JT's ultimate bonehead move. Will this blunder cost him dearly or will he manage to survive another day? Tune in to this captivating episode of Survivor to find out who will rise from the ashes and who will be engulfed in the flames of defeat.

The episode was rated 8.15 from 107 votes.

Survivor - S31E11

#11 - My Wheels Are Spinning (Season 31 - Episode 11)

In the latest episode of Survivor, titled "My Wheels Are Spinning," tensions are running high back at camp. Jeremy, one of the contestants, took the opportunity to reassure Spencer that he would have saved him just like he did with Stephen. However, Spencer seemed unsure about Jeremy's words, leaving us wondering what his next move will be.

The episode featured yet another thrilling tribal council that had fans on the edge of their seats. The end result was so satisfying that one fan couldn't help but stand up and applaud in excitement. It seems that alliances are constantly shifting, with Spencer forming a new alliance with Joe. This unexpected twist adds even more intrigue to an already exciting season.

The tribal council outcome had viewers in stitches, as one fan burst out laughing at the surprising turn of events. The episode was filled with excitement and left fans eager for more. The level of gameplay this season has been phenomenal, and we can only hope that it continues to deliver such thrilling moments. It's safe to say that #TEAMJOE is gaining a strong following.

The episode was rated 8.15 from 140 votes.

Survivor - S37E9

#10 - Breadth-First Search (Season 37 - Episode 9)


In this episode of Survivor, titled "Breadth-First Search," tensions rise as a heated argument threatens to break apart a blossoming showmance. Will this disagreement prove to be the downfall of their alliance? Fans are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the outcome.

But it's not all drama and conflict! The castaways who come out on top in the challenges are rewarded with a much-needed trip to the burger bar. After weeks of surviving on meager rations, this gourmet treat is a welcome respite for the hungry contestants.

Fans of Survivor can't stop raving about this season. With comments like, "This season is blowing my mind!" and "This has been the most exciting season in so long!", it's clear that viewers are hooked. And let's not forget the shoutout to the editing team for their exceptional work in capturing the intensity and excitement of each episode.

Don't miss this thrilling installment of Survivor, where alliances are tested, rewards are earned, and the game becomes more unpredictable than ever. Tune in to see if the showmance survives or crumbles under the pressure.

The episode was rated 8.16 from 295 votes.

Survivor - S40E14

#9 - It All Boils Down to This (Season 40 - Episode 14)

In the highly anticipated season finale of Survivor, titled "It All Boils Down to This," the winners of the fierce competition go head-to-head in an epic battle. Only one of them will be crowned Sole Survivor and walk away with the jaw-dropping $2 million prize. The stakes have never been higher, and fans are on the edge of their seats, eager to see who will emerge victorious.

As the episode unfolds, the tension mounts, and viewers are left with mixed emotions. While many agree that the deserving winner ultimately triumphed, there are some lingering doubts about what this victory means for the future of the show. Will this champion become an unstoppable force, dominating the game for seasons to come? The prospect leaves fans torn between excitement and uncertainty.

Amidst the chatter, one thing is certain: the decision to crown the winner is met with both applause and criticism. While some viewers wholeheartedly believe that the right call was made and are overjoyed with the results, others argue that someone else had a more deserving journey. The debate rages on as fans weigh the strategic gameplay against the personal struggles faced by the runner-up, leading to a passionate discussion about the jury's decision.

[Spoiler alert!] A particular contestant, Natalie, garners strong support from fans who believe she should have emerged as the victor. Despite being voted out early in the game, Natalie's tenacity and undeniable prowess in challenges while on the extinction island left a lasting impression. However, the ultimate winner, Tony, is not without his merits, leading to debates about his authenticity and strategic gameplay. The contrasting opinions add an extra layer of intrigue to the already intense season finale. [End of spoiler]

As this gripping episode comes to a close, fans are left contemplating the outcomes and eagerly awaiting the next season of Survivor. With its mix of fierce competition, strategic gameplay, and unexpected twists, this episode has undoubtedly left its mark on the show's dedicated fan base.

The episode was rated 8.17 from 222 votes.

Survivor - S29E14

#8 - This Is My Time (Season 29 - Episode 14)


In this intense episode of Survivor titled "This Is My Time," emotions run high as alliances are tested and loyalties are questioned. After the shocking elimination of her boyfriend, Jaclyn is not one to hold back her anger. She confronts Missy, Baylor, and Natalie, who had a hand in betraying Jon. Can Jaclyn find a way to forgive and move forward, or will this betrayal spell the end of her game?

Meanwhile, Missy and Baylor are determined to secure their spot in the final three alongside Natalie. They reinforce their desire to stick together until the end, but will their strategy pay off? With tensions rising and trust becoming increasingly scarce, the stakes have never been higher. Who will make it to the end, and who will be left behind?

As the episode unfolds, viewers are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next twist and turn. Survivor continues to deliver the unexpected, reminding us that in this game, alliances can crumble in an instant, and the only constant is the ever-present desire to outwit, outplay, and outlast. Don't miss out on the thrilling drama and strategic gameplay in "This Is My Time."

The episode was rated 8.17 from 149 votes.

Survivor - S40E6

#7 - Quick on the Draw (Season 40 - Episode 6)

In the latest episode of Survivor, titled "Quick on the Draw," tensions rise as the immunity challenge takes center stage. With so much at stake, the castaways find themselves feeling the weight of the game as two tribes are sent to tribal council. Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast their fellow competitors?

Fans of the show were left in awe as Denise made a jaw-dropping move that left everyone talking. With a strategic move that caught everyone by surprise, Denise proved herself to be a force to be reckoned with. Viewers couldn't help but cheer on her bold decision, applauding her for her cunning gameplay.

However, not everyone was impressed by Denise's move. Some viewers found it to be an amateur move, questioning her decision-making abilities. The episode sparked a lively debate among fans, with many sharing their thoughts on social media. It's clear that the tribal council in this episode left a lasting impact on both the castaways and the audience.

Spoiler alert! If you haven't watched the episode yet, this next comment might give away who got voted out. One observant fan predicted the outcome of the tribal council, connecting the dots and identifying the unlucky castaway who would be sent home. Their prediction showcased their attention to detail and strategic thinking, proving once again that Survivor continues to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Tune in to this thrilling episode of Survivor to witness the intense immunity challenge and the game-changing moves made by the castaways. Who will rise to the occasion, and who will be left scrambling for their survival? Find out in "Quick on the Draw."

The episode was rated 8.18 from 233 votes.

Survivor - S37E8

#6 - You Get What You Give (Season 37 - Episode 8)


In the latest episode of Survivor, titled "You Get What You Give," tension rises as one castaway finds themselves in the hot seat after being called out by their tribe. As alliances are put to the test, the question on everyone's minds is whether this player can successfully navigate the fallout and regain their footing in the game. With friendships hanging in the balance, the stakes have never been higher. Will this castaway be able to do the damage control necessary to secure their spot in the tribe?

But that's not all - in this intense episode, balance becomes the ultimate test in a high-stress immunity challenge. As the castaways push their physical and mental limits, the pressure mounts to stay in the game. Who will prove to have the skills and determination to outlast their competitors and secure safety for another day? The challenge promises to be a nail-biter, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

As the episode comes to a close, viewers are left in awe of the surprising turn of events. Some can't help but wonder if the tribe made a huge mistake in saving Angelina, who finds herself at the center of the drama. With unexpected alliances and bold gameplay at play, this episode showcases the strategic maneuvers that can make or break a player's chances of winning Survivor. Whether you're a fan of John or not, it's hard not to appreciate the thrilling gameplay that unfolded in this jaw-dropping episode.

The episode was rated 8.21 from 296 votes.

Survivor - S29E10

#5 - This Is Where We Build Trust (Season 29 - Episode 10)

In this week's gripping episode of Survivor, tensions rise as the remaining castaways face yet another intense Tribal Council. As alliances are tested and loyalties are questioned, the stakes have never been higher. Who will be the next to see their torch extinguished? With the game reaching its boiling point, it's anyone's guess who will survive and who will be voted out.

Throughout the episode, the phrase "Stick to the plan" echoes in the minds of the castaways. But as we all know, even the best-laid plans can unravel in a matter of seconds. With the power dynamics constantly shifting, it becomes a game of trust and strategy. Will the castaways be able to navigate the treacherous waters of deceit and emerge unscathed, or will their trust be misplaced, leading to their ultimate downfall?

With every elimination comes a mix of emotions - relief for those who narrowly escape eviction, and sadness for those whose journey has come to an end. As the castaways say goodbye to another member of their tribe, the intensity of the game grows, leaving us on the edge of our seats, eagerly anticipating the next episode. Tune in to Survivor: This Is Where We Build Trust to witness the captivating twists and turns that make this show a true television phenomenon.

The episode was rated 8.21 from 164 votes.

Survivor - S16E13

#4 - If It Smells Like a Rat, Give It Cheese (Season 16 - Episode 13)


In this episode of Survivor titled "If It Smells Like a Rat, Give It Cheese," the dynamics in the tribe take an unexpected turn. With only one man left in the game, the women decide to put their powers of seduction to the test. The question on everyone's mind is, will he be able to resist temptation or will it ultimately cost him the game?

Fans of the show were left stunned by the audacity of the women's plan. Comments like "shut the front door!" and "NO WAY ERIK REALLY THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA" flooded social media platforms. It seems that Erik, the only remaining male contestant, may have underestimated the consequences of his actions. As one fan bluntly put it, "Erik clearly thought he was going to get some ass."

As the episode unfolds, viewers can't help but wonder how Erik will navigate this unexpected twist. Will he stay true to his game strategy or will he succumb to the allure of the women's seduction? Tune in to find out if Erik can withstand the temptation or if his decision will ultimately cost him the chance at becoming the sole survivor.

The episode was rated 8.22 from 87 votes.

Survivor - S31E8

#3 - You Call, We'll Haul (Season 31 - Episode 8)

In the latest episode of Survivor, titled "You Call, We'll Haul," the castaways face an intense water challenge that leaves them feeling parched and in need of a much-needed reward. As they battle it out to steady themselves and secure immunity, the stakes have never been higher. But just when you think you know what's going to happen, a shocking Tribal Council takes an unexpected turn.

Get ready to have your jaw drop and your heart race as the votes are read. One viewer exclaimed, "WOW, I almost fell off my chair during the reading of the votes and I absolutely LOVED the elimination!!! \o/" But not everyone was happy with the outcome, with some expressing their dislike for the eliminated person. As tensions rise, the fans are rooting for Joe to find an idol soon, making this episode even more thrilling.

Survivor fans are calling this Tribal Council one of the greatest in the show's history. So if you're looking for an episode that will keep you on the edge of your seat and have you talking about it for days, this is it. Don't miss out on what TV Blaze for WP describes as "one of the greatest episodes of Survivor history."

The episode was rated 8.30 from 253 votes.

Survivor - S28E6

#2 - Head of the Snake (Season 28 - Episode 6)


In this intense episode of Survivor, titled "Head of the Snake," the game takes a dramatic turn as two tribes merge into one. It's a battle of wits and survival as the castaways are forced to fend for themselves. With alliances shattered and new dynamics forming, tensions run high and the stakes are higher than ever.

But that's not all. A power-hungry castaway emerges, determined to seize control of the game. Their thirst for power could potentially secure them a coveted spot on the jury. As the drama unfolds, prepare to have your jaw drop as the blindside streak continues. Secrets are revealed, trust is shattered, and the game becomes even more unpredictable.

The comments from viewers say it all. "Oh my fucking Jesus what. just. happened?" exclaimed one stunned viewer. Another couldn't contain their shock, exclaiming, "Holy fucking shit bro. Wtf is going on. So much went down in the last 10 mins. Craziest tribal council ever. Wasted two fucking idols for nothing tho." Clearly, this episode is not one to miss. Brace yourself for an unforgettable rollercoaster ride of emotions and unexpected twists in "Head of the Snake."

The episode was rated 8.35 from 196 votes.

Survivor - S26E10

#1 - Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Season 26 - Episode 10)

In this thrilling episode of Survivor titled "Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest," the stakes are higher than ever as a shocking accident puts one castaway's fate in jeopardy. The island paradise quickly turns into a treacherous battleground as the castaways are forced to confront unexpected challenges and make life-altering decisions. Will they be able to overcome this obstacle and continue their quest for the ultimate prize?

As the tension builds, viewers will be on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the outcome of this dramatic turn of events. With alliances constantly shifting and strategies being put to the test, the castaways must rely on their wits and survival skills like never before. Who will emerge as the victor and who will be left picking up the pieces of their shattered dreams?

"Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest" is an episode that showcases the true spirit of Survivor, pushing contestants to their limits both physically and mentally. With unexpected twists and turns at every corner, this installment promises to keep viewers captivated from start to finish. Don't miss out on all the action and drama as the castaways fight for their place in the game and the chance to become the sole survivor!

The episode was rated 8.48 from 129 votes.

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