10 Best Episodes of Survivor - Season 46

Survivor has been captivating audiences for over two decades with its thrilling combination of adventure, strategy, and human drama. Since its first episode aired in 2000, this reality show has taken viewers on a wild ride, as castaways battle it out in remote, isolated locations for the ultimate prize. With its unique format and intense challenges, Survivor has become a cultural phenomenon, and it's no wonder why it's still going strong after 48 seasons.

Each season of Survivor brings a new group of castaways, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and strategies. From physical challenges that test their endurance to mental puzzles that push their problem-solving skills to the limit, the castaways must rely on their wits and alliances to outlast their competitors. With the added twist of tribal councils and hidden immunity idols, the game is always full of surprises.

Survivor has produced some of the most memorable moments in reality TV history, from shocking blindsides to heartwarming alliances. As the seasons continue, the show keeps finding new ways to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. So whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the series, get ready for an unforgettable journey as we explore the best episodes that Survivor has to offer.

Written by Sophie and last updated on may 24, 2024.

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Survivor - S46E3

#13 - Wackadoodles Win (Season 46 - Episode 3)

Several castaways have some explaining to do after a fake idol was played at tribal council. A castaway attempts to fall on the sword for their tribe's loss in the immunity challenge. Then, three castaways take a journey to compete for an advantage in the game.

The episode was rated 7.12 from 142 votes.

Survivor - S46E4

#12 - Don't Touch the Oven (Season 46 - Episode 4)


A castaway must deal with the aftermath of oversharing with other tribe members during a journey. During the reward challenge, tribes must shoot their shot to avoid a date with Jeff at tribal council. Then, one castaway attempts to take the game into their own hands to avoid getting their torch snuffed.

The episode was rated 7.13 from 164 votes.

Survivor - S46E2

#11 - Scorpio Energy (Season 46 - Episode 2)

One tribe struggles to keep their heads in the game after the first tribal council of the season. Another castaway wins the biggest and most intense music battle in Survivor history, "Taylor Swift vs. Metallica." Then, tribes must use teamwork and persistence during the immunity challenge to keep them from heading to tribal council.

The episode was rated 7.17 from 173 votes.

Survivor - S46E1

#10 - This Is Where the Legends Are Made (Season 46 - Episode 1)


Eighteen new castaways embark on the adventure of a lifetime when they are left stranded on the breathtaking islands of Fiji. Tribes must be the first to crack the code to earn essential camp supplies. Then, three castaways go on a journey away from their new tribes.

The episode was rated 7.23 from 179 votes.

Survivor - S46E6

#9 - Cancel Christmas (Season 46 - Episode 6)

Drop your buffs! Castaways hit the ground running to figure out where the cracks are within the other tribes. The players hope to find new life in the game if they can earn the merge.

The episode was rated 7.26 from 156 votes.

Survivor - S46E5

#8 - Tiki Man (Season 46 - Episode 5)


A castaway's memory must serve them well on a journey for an advantage. Then, tensions run high as the hunt for an immunity idol sends one tribe on a wild goose chase.

The episode was rated 7.26 from 155 votes.

Survivor - S46E11

#7 - My Messy, Sweet Little Friend (Season 46 - Episode 11)

Idol fever strikes the NuiNui beach and launches a massive hunt for the last hidden immunity idol of the season. With the end of the game in sight, castaways begin to question whether their resumes are enough to win the title of Sole Survivor. Then, in a test of precision, castaways compete for immunity and a spot in the final six.

The episode was rated 7.40 from 121 votes.

Survivor - S46E12

#6 - Mamma Bear (Season 46 - Episode 12)


In one of the most emotional reward challenges of the season, castaways fight for their chance to win letters from home. Alliances begin to crumble and individual plans emerge after players compete in a race of balance, speed and puzzle skills to earn immunity and a spot in the final five.

The episode was rated 7.43 from 113 votes.

Survivor - S46E7

#5 - Episode Several (Season 46 - Episode 7)

A rogue vote at the last tribal council launches a blame game throughout camp. Players must keep their balance to keep their game alive and win immunity. Then, castaways must decide between past loyalties and future strategies in one of the most important tribal councils of the season.

The episode was rated 7.49 from 149 votes.

Survivor - S46E9

#4 - Spicy Jeff (Season 46 - Episode 9)


Confusion and chaos continue to make waves throughout camp after a shocking tribal council. Castaways must test their balance to earn safety and a spot in the final eight. Then, the emergence of multiple hidden immunity idols shakes the plan for the next tribal council.

The episode was rated 7.56 from 140 votes.

Survivor - S46E10

#3 - Run the Red Light (Season 46 - Episode 10)

Castaways compete for the biggest reward of the season, and an outburst resulting from the reward challenge could lead to a strategic shift in this week's target. Then, an eerie sense of agreeability around camp causes castaways to second guess their vote before tribal council.

The episode was rated 7.58 from 136 votes.

Survivor - S46E8

#2 - Hide 'N Seek (Season 46 - Episode 8)


In the aftermath of a blindside elimination, multiple castaways claim credit for their resume, stirring the pot among their fellow tribemates. In a classic Survivor challenge, castaways must hold on for a shot at immunity from tribal council. Then, an innocent game of hide and seek becomes a revealing metaphor about every castaway's Survivor strategy.

The episode was rated 7.63 from 139 votes.

Survivor - S46E13

#1 - Friends Going to War (Season 46 - Episode 13)

The remaining five castaways must overcome multiple obstacles to guarantee they cannot be voted out of the game in the penultimate immunity challenge. With the final immunity of the season comes the power to choose who has to earn their way to the final three. Then, one castaway is crowned Sole Survivor.

The episode was rated 7.76 from 33 votes.

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