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The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

CBS 2007

The sitcom is centered on five characters living in Pasadena, California: roommates Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper; Penny, a waitress and aspiring actress who lives across the hall; and Leonard and Sheldon's equally geeky and socially awkward friends and co-workers, mechanical engineer Howard Wolowitz and astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali. The geekiness and intellect of the four guys is contrasted for comic effect with Penny's social skills and common sense.

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The 10 Best Episodes of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory - S12E24

#1 - The Stockholm Syndrome


Season 12 - Episode 24

Bernadette and Wolowitz leave their kids for the first time; Penny and Leonard try to keep a secret; Sheldon and Amy stick together; and Koothrappali makes a new friend, as the gang travels together into an uncharted future.

The episode was rated from 2611 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S2E11

#2 - The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis


Season 2 - Episode 11

Penny starts dating Leonard's handsome colleague; Leonard and his friends are tortured by Sheldon's obsession with gift-giving etiquette.

The episode was rated from 3055 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S7E9

#3 - The Thanksgiving Decoupling


Season 7 - Episode 9

An upset Sheldon protests when the entire gang drags him to Mrs. Wolowitz's house for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Penny and Leonard must deal with a mistake from her past.

The episode was rated from 4911 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S12E23

#4 - The Change Constant


Season 12 - Episode 23

Sheldon and Amy await big news.

The episode was rated from 3277 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S4E24

#5 - The Roommate Transmogrification


Season 4 - Episode 24

When Bernadette receives her PhD, Wolowitz feels emasculated. Raj and Leonard swap apartments and Penny does something she regrets.

The episode was rated from 2726 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S5E24
#6 - The Countdown Reflection
Season 5 - Episode 24

As Howard's mission to space approaches, Howard and Bernadette decide to get married before his launch, causing the gang to scurry into overdrive in an effort to stage the wedding.

The episode was rated from 2906 votes.
The Big Bang Theory - S5E7
#7 - The Good Guy Fluctuation
Season 5 - Episode 7

A cute comic book artist puts Leonard and Priya’s relationship to the test, while Sheldon tries to scare the guys for Halloween.

The episode was rated from 3195 votes.
The Big Bang Theory - S3E23
#8 - The Lunar Excitation
Season 3 - Episode 23

While Penny worries that dating Leonard has ruined her for normal guys, Wolowitz and Koothrappali search for Sheldon's perfect match online.

The episode was rated from 2702 votes.
The Big Bang Theory - S7E3
#9 - The Scavenger Vortex
Season 7 - Episode 3

When the entire gang competes in a cutthroat scavenger hunt designed by Raj that tests their science knowledge and street smarts, it brings out the best – and worst – in everyone.

The episode was rated from 4987 votes.
The Big Bang Theory - S5E21
#10 - The Hawking Excitation
Season 5 - Episode 21

When Wolowitz gets to work with Stephen Hawking, Sheldon is willing to do anything to meet his hero.

The episode was rated from 2931 votes.

Last updated: jan 20, 2022



I have been watching the big bang Theory ever since it first aired. Being an IT student at the time, the uncomfortable social situations and nerdy jokes spoke to me. However, much has changed throughout the seasons, more about that later. We start out with our four nerdy main characters. There is the recognizable fact of the three people with higher degrees (PHD holding Sheldon, Leonard and Raj) who make fun and feel themselves better than "simple" engineer Howard. There is the desperate search for love coming from both Howard and Raj, and the differentiation between the confident yet single Howard and the timid, uncertain just-as-single Raj. Sheldon is the one who has no sense of what's going on around him, and is only interested in his own world. Leonard is the humble cute guy who manages to get a date from time to time, an inspiration to Howard and Raj, although his on/off fling with Leslie gives us the impression that he isn't really that successful after all. Then we have the obvious babe, Penny, the complete opposite of our four nerds. She makes something stir in all three of them, but follows the cliché of going out with the "wrong" men, being dumb, and ignoring their advances. Even though these are all cliche’s, the inside jokes and the disarming clumsiness of the four guys made the first seasons well worth watching. Gradually however, as the show became more popular, the writers started to abandon what once made it so. With the introduction of Bernadette and Amy the female characters are drastically expanded, but they don't add any real value to the show. Bernadette is the caricature of Howards mother, where as Amy is an attempt to make Sheldon look more human. At the same time, we go from a show with it's own flair to a one-in-a-dozen sitcom. The laughing tape went from being an accessory to being the main engine of the show. The characters became aware they were going to make a pun and started smiling like idiots before they said it, and laughing like people high on weed after someone made it. The longer this series continues, the more painful it becomes to watch. The lines that are supposed to be jokes are simply not funny. The acting and stereotyping are more bearable in a highschool play. And, as stated in another review made before this one, the show changes from laughing with the characters to laughing at the characters. From a nerdy show to a show about nerds. Conclusion: if you're looking for some nerdy fun, watch the first three or four seasons. After that, it gets the same illness so many American shows suffer from, namely that it becomes a cash cow for the producers and starts a long, painfully slow, continuously prolonged process of dying a silent dead.They never seem to know when to end something great instead of going on to make it something mediocre.


This show used to be funny and it's also used to be one of my favorite TV shows (hence I initially rated this show a 10 on trakt). But starting from Season 7 the show has becoming redundant and it's going nowhere with its forgettable plots. This seems like the show is now more on the money rather on the quality. I am so sad to say this but I won't continue watching this show.


This show used to be great. Well, the first 5 seasons were amazing and so so funny... But I just feel like the writers have lost the plot and the actors don't seem that enthusiastic any more. The only people who must be excited about the show are the producers because they are raking in the cash. I hate that they split the cast into 3 separate subplots. This just made everything stop working and flowing well. Every episode is basically the same now (different settings, same terrible sub plots and jokes) and its just NOT FUNNY ANY MORE. I feel awfully sad to say goodbye but, I tried to stick it out to the end of season 10 but just can't. Time to move on.


Why is it still running?


The reason Big bang isn't interesting anymore is because none of the writers want the characters to grow. Sheldon who once used to come in the ranks of House, Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark is now lowered down to a blabbering buffoon. In fact every character had become a stereotype of themselves. Howard and Bernadette are dealing with parenting and most of the so called "jokes" come from her bossing him. Raj spends half the season failing in his attempts to get a girl and the rest is about his bromance with Howard. God knows why Amy is still with Sheldon when she spends 90% of the time bickering and complaining about him. And 90% of the time the episode ends with him saying something sweet to her and she forgives him. (If that is not calling a character shallow then what is?). Penny and Leonard's stories have exhausted. Penny is only left with jokes which include her making fun of geeky terms. The characters descriptions sound so single-dimensional because they are single-dimensional. No idea what part do people find funny. Clearly they are watching a different show than me.


... a rocket scientist ?!?!


hate to see this show end. I've been watching these guys so long that it felt like I was losing personal friends. I will miss these guy's.


RIP The show is dead


I don't like this show.It's not funny and too many laugh track


After 12 years of watching this fantastic comedy sitcom it has come to heartfelt ending. It is genuinely one of the funniest shows on TV with a fantastic cast and great chemistry. Sheldon Cooper maybe arrogant, self centered and in capable of emotions or empathy but you are rooting for him in the show and he quickly rises to be the star of a fantastic group. They really do come together as family and you want to hang out with these people, after 12 years of watching this show you think of Howard, Rajesh, Penny, Leonard, Bernadette, Sheldon, and Amy as friends that you really do know. They all have their stories to play out but you just don't know what to expect and when it does you love it. They kept it relatable and especially to us nerds and that of the comic kidding, and now that Marvel is king it only made us even cooler. And seeing how nuts these guys are about Marvel, Star Wars, and Star Trek made them relatable to us and through everything they have been through we can relate to them. The ending was genuinely perfect, the gang back together over a meal. We just haven't had enough of them.

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The best shows with a culturally diverse cast (Including The Big Bang Theory)

The Neighborhood

It starts with when Dave Johnson, a male white, moves to a black neighborhood with his family and reminded that racism is real. Ironically its him facing the white prejudice in an effort to get closer with his neighbor Calvin Butler. The show comes with light humor as the two families evolve together. Small details of black household culture become visible as the series continue. The age gap doesn’t seem to matter as Grover, an elementary school student bonds with his neighbors Marty and Malcolm. Same goes with the female protagonists Gemma and Tina.

Four Weddings and Funeral

Based on a novel with the same name, the story describes how an American girl falls in love with a Pakistani-British man while visiting her best friend in London. The cast portrays a pretty diverse group including white, black, and brown people of different origins. The cultural mix is well-highlighted as the show presents British, Pakistani, and American ethnicities of the characters. The tension caused by Maya and Kash’s romantic encounter breaks the friends and then brings them closer. Get ready to hop on an emotional roller coaster!

The Big Bang Theory

An iconic sitcom and also my all time favorite TV show is a barrel of laughs. I dare you to watch one episode and not laugh all the way through it. Although majorly focused on American characters, one of the lead character and the cast, Raj, hails from India. The influence of parents and the culture of typical Indian family is quite dominant in his life. The show also brings some guest characters as part of Raj’s life or not to forget Sheldon’s another best friend of Vietnamese origin. The show ended with twelve seasons last year leaving its fans in tears but can still be enjoyed as much as when it was first aired.

Enjoy these shows and let me know about your favorite scenes!


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