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10 Best Episodes of The Big Bang Theory - Season 3

The Big Bang Theory, which aired on CBS from 2007 to 2019, is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. The show centers on five characters living in Pasadena, California and features the geekiness and intellect of Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali contrasted with the common sense and social skills of Penny. With 13 seasons of content, fans have plenty of episodes to choose from. Here we will rank the best episodes of The Big Bang Theory and discuss why they are so popular.

The Big Bang Theory is renowned for its clever writing and witty dialogue. The show explores a variety of topics, ranging from relationships and romance to science and technology. It also features a number of recurring jokes and cultural references. All of these elements combine to make The Big Bang Theory an entertaining and memorable show.

Given the show’s long run, it’s no surprise that it has featured some truly outstanding episodes over the years. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best episodes of The Big Bang Theory and discussing why they are so highly ranked. From heartfelt moments to laugh-out-loud comedy, these episodes are sure to please any fan of the show.

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The Big Bang Theory - S3E16

#15 - The Excelsior Acquisition (Season 3 - Episode 16)

Sheldon winds up in traffic court when he gets a ticket because of Penny.

The episode was rated 7.98 from 2624 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S3E5

#14 - The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary (Season 3 - Episode 5)


After overhearing that Wil Wheaton is entering a trading-card competition, Sheldon decides to enter it himself. Meanwhile, Penny sets up one of her friends on a date with Wolowitz.

The episode was rated 7.98 from 2981 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S3E9

#13 - The Vengeance Formulation (Season 3 - Episode 9)

After he's humiliated on National Public Radio, Sheldon vows to destroy Kripke, while Wolowitz tries not to destroy his new relationship with Bernadette.

The episode was rated 7.99 from 2788 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S3E1

#12 - The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation (Season 3 - Episode 1)


When Sheldon learns the guys tampered with his expedition data he got from the arctic, he returns to Texas in disgrace. This results in the guys following him, which threatens Leonard's hope for some romantic time with Penny and the guys' friendship with Sheldon.

The episode was rated 7.99 from 3200 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S3E12

#11 - The Psychic Vortex (Season 3 - Episode 12)

Leonard is aghast to find out a secret of Penny's: she believes in psychics. Meanwhile, Sheldon tries to assist Koothrappali in picking up a girl at a university mixer.

The episode was rated 8.01 from 2718 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S3E10

#10 - The Gorilla Experiment (Season 3 - Episode 10)


Penny gets help from Sheldon in order to understand what Leonard's work is, while Wolowitz develops a jealousy when Leonard starts hanging out with his new girlfriend.

The episode was rated 8.01 from 2789 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S3E20

#9 - The Spaghetti Catalyst (Season 3 - Episode 20)

When Leonard and Penny aren't speaking, Sheldon goes to extremes to keep them both happy.

The episode was rated 8.02 from 2562 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S3E11

#8 - The Maternal Congruence (Season 3 - Episode 11)


A Christmas visit from his mother has Leonard discovering she's kept a lot of news from him that she shares with Sheldon and worrying if she'll approve of his romance with Penny.

The episode was rated 8.02 from 2748 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S3E17

#7 - The Precious Fragmentation (Season 3 - Episode 17)

When the guys find a ring from "The Lord of the Rings" at a garage sale, it threatens to tear them apart.

The episode was rated 8.05 from 2539 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S3E21

#6 - The Plimpton Stimulation (Season 3 - Episode 21)


Leonard and Sheldon compete for the attention of a famous female physicist.

The episode was rated 8.06 from 2556 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S3E14

#5 - The Einstein Approximation (Season 3 - Episode 14)

Sheldon's search for the answer to a physics problem leads him to work at the Cheesecake Factory with Penny.

The episode was rated 8.09 from 2692 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S3E18

#4 - The Pants Alternative (Season 3 - Episode 18)


The Big Bang Theory's episode, "The Pants Alternative" follows Sheldon's pursuit of a coveted award. The award is contingent on him giving a speech, a challenge that he is not up to due to his crippling fear of public speaking. Fortunately, his friends come to his aid to help him overcome this obstacle.

At first, Sheldon is not interested in any of his friends' suggestions on how to help him. He refuses to accept any of their ideas, including wearing pants to ward off the anxiety. However, with the help of Leonard, Sheldon is able to realize that his fear of public speaking is a normal part of life, and he begins to accept the idea of facing his fear head on.

Through the encouragement of his friends, Sheldon eventually works up the courage to give the speech. He is able to overcome his fear and receive the award he had been seeking. In the end, Sheldon learns that with the help of his friends, he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

The episode was rated 8.13 from 2634 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S3E8

#3 - The Adhesive Duck Deficiency (Season 3 - Episode 8)

The Big Bang Theory continues to entertain with its eighth episode, "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency." When Leonard, Howard and Raj go on a camping trip to the desert, Penny is left wounded and with only Sheldon to rely on. In typical Sheldon fashion, he is unable to provide the emotional support Penny needs, leading to a hilarious and surprisingly touching episode.

The episode starts off with Penny's hilarious line, “You know what’s a cool name?”, setting the tone for the rest of the episode. As Penny and Sheldon's interactions become more and more amusing, it becomes clear how special their relationship is. Despite their differences, Sheldon and Penny are able to come together and support each other when it matters. In the end, Penny is able to get the help she needs, and it's a touching reminder of the power of friendship.

The episode was rated 8.14 from 2909 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S3E22

#2 - The Staircase Implementation (Season 3 - Episode 22)


In the episode The Staircase Implementation from the popular show The Big Bang Theory, Leonard tells Penny about how he first met Sheldon and the events that led to the elevator in their building being out of order. The episode is incredibly hilarious, especially when Leonard reveals the story about the elevator. To top it off, the episode also features a guest appearance from actor Steven Yeun, making it even more enjoyable to watch.

The episode starts out with Leonard sharing the story of his first encounter with Sheldon, which eventually leads to the elevator in their building being out of order. As Leonard explains, Sheldon had a disagreement with the elevator – specifically, the button that he was pressing wasn't working and he was determined to get it working. As a result, Leonard had to convince Sheldon to take the stairs instead, and in the end, the elevator was never fixed. This story leads to a lot of laughter as the audience finds out what really happened to the elevator.

The episode was rated 8.18 from 2779 votes.

The Big Bang Theory - S3E23

#1 - The Lunar Excitation (Season 3 - Episode 23)

In the episode "The Lunar Excitation" of The Big Bang Theory, Penny worries that dating Leonard has ruined her for other normal guys. In the meantime, Wolowitz and Koothrappali search for Sheldon's perfect match online. It turns out to be a match made in heaven!

The episode is a humorous take on the concept of relationships and how they can often take unexpected turns. Penny is afraid of the idea of being with Leonard because she's not sure if it's the right decision. Meanwhile, Wolowitz and Koothrappali try to find a suitable match for Sheldon, and they eventually find someone who is perfect for him.

The episode is a lighthearted look at relationships and how they can affect people's lives. It's a great way to show that love and relationships can be unpredictable, but that in the end, it's always worth the effort. It's a great episode to watch and it's sure to leave the viewers with a smile on their faces.

The episode was rated 8.26 from 2702 votes.

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