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10 Best Episodes of The Simpsons - Season 4

The Simpsons is an iconic American show that has been airing since 1989 on FOX. Set in the average American town of Springfield, the show follows the antics and everyday adventures of the Simpson family. Over the 36 seasons of the show, there have been many memorable episodes that have made The Simpsons a household name. Here we will rank the best episodes of The Simpsons, from the highest to the lowest rated.

The Simpsons is filled with comedy, satire and commentary directed at politics, media and American life. It has attracted hundreds of celebrities to guest star in the show, making it even more popular. With so many great episodes, it can be hard to pick out the best. Here we will rank the top episodes based on their ratings, reviews and overall popularity.

So sit back and enjoy this list of the best episodes of The Simpsons, ranked from highest to lowest. There is sure to be something here to satisfy everyone, so let’s get started!

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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The Simpsons - S4E12

#1 - Marge vs. the Monorail (Season 4 - Episode 12)

Marge vs. the Monorail is an iconic Simpsons episode that sees the level of absurdity for the show reach new heights. The episode follows Springfield after they unexpectedly receive a large windfall of money. A charismatic traveling salesman named Lyle Lanley convinces the townspeople to invest their money into a monorail, though Marge is the only one who is skeptical of Lyle's intentions. Although Marge's plot to unravel Lyle's fraudulence doesn't amount to much, it does make for some solid gags. The episode is filled with jokes, and the plot almost feels secondary due to the sheer amount of them. Despite this, the jokes are incredibly funny and no one can complain.

Marge vs. the Monorail is one of several iconic episodes that follow one another in succession. This particular episode is memorable for the introduction of the highly beloved character of Lyle Lanley, voiced by the late Phil Hartman. His character is easily recognizable and his dialogue is often quoted by fans. Additionally, the episode features a surprise appearance by Leonard Nimoy as himself, adding to its charm. All in all, Marge vs. the Monorail is a great episode that is enjoyed by many fans of the show.

The episode was rated 8.25 from 764 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E9

#2 - Mr. Plow (Season 4 - Episode 9)


The Simpsons episode, Mr. Plow, is truly a classic. Homer and Barney become competitors in the snow-plowing business and the episode is full of humorous moments. From Barney hanging out in a hot tub with Linda Ronstadt to Troy McClure hosting "Carnival of the Stars" to Krusty being attacked by circus tigers and Angela Lansbury walking over hot coals, this episode is definitely one of the best.

The episode balances rapid-fire jokes, nice family moments, and a cohesive story, making it an almost perfect Simpsons cartoon. Adam West even has his driveway plowed so he can get the Batmobile out, which promptly loses its muffler. This episode is sure to make any Simpsons fan smile and laugh.

The episode was rated 8.12 from 786 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E17

#3 - Last Exit to Springfield (Season 4 - Episode 17)

The Simpsons episode "Last Exit to Springfield" is a classic that sees Homer fight to keep the dental plan for the union workers. Homer leads the co-workers into a strike, which brings out the best of The Simpsons: gags, character moments, a memorable plot, a great fantasy sequence, and a great song. This episode is an example of the Simpsons at its best, with its loveable characters fighting for the right thing and many jokes throughout.

The episode also features Lisa needing braces, which adds a layer of warmth and emotion to it. The end of the episode is somewhat underwhelming, but the rest of it is almost perfect. It is an example of why The Simpsons is still beloved today, with its great humor, heartfelt moments, and memorable plot. Overall, "Last Exit to Springfield" is a classic Simpsons episode that is difficult to critique - it's just that great.

The episode was rated 8.08 from 677 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E3

#4 - Homer the Heretic (Season 4 - Episode 3)


After skipping church one Sunday morning, Homer decides to quit church altogether and spend Sundays worshiping in his own way -- with cigars and beer.

The episode was rated 8.02 from 777 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E15

#5 - I Love Lisa (Season 4 - Episode 15)

Chief Wiggum's son has a crush on Lisa after she gives him a Valentine out of pity.

The episode was rated 7.93 from 632 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E11

#6 - Homer's Triple Bypass (Season 4 - Episode 11)


Homer sees a discount doctor for a coronary bypass.

The episode was rated 7.92 from 638 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E10

#7 - Lisa's First Word (Season 4 - Episode 10)

While trying to get Maggie to say her first word, Marge and Homer reminisce about Bart's and Lisa's first words.

The episode was rated 7.89 from 697 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E8

#8 - The New Kid on the Block (Season 4 - Episode 8)


Bart has a crush on his new neighbor, a teenage girl who only has eyes for Jimbo Jones. Bart sets out to prove that Jimbo is not as tough as he seems.

The episode was rated 7.85 from 642 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E1

#9 - Kamp Krusty (Season 4 - Episode 1)

Bart leads an uprising at Krusty's summer camp after he and Lisa are subjected to a Dickensian sweatshop.

The episode was rated 7.83 from 864 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E6

#10 - Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie (Season 4 - Episode 6)


Bart is punished by being barred from the Itchy and Scratchy movie.

The episode was rated 7.83 from 715 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E20

#11 - Whacking Day (Season 4 - Episode 20)

Lisa takes a stand against Springfield's annual snake-bashing festival.

The episode was rated 7.81 from 609 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E5

#12 - Treehouse of Horror III (Season 4 - Episode 5)


A Halloween trilogy includes a murderous Krusty doll; a "King Kong" parody; an invasion of zombies unleashed by Bart's incantation.

The episode was rated 7.79 from 858 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E16

#13 - Duffless (Season 4 - Episode 16)

After a DUI, Homer swears off beer for a month. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa's sibling rivalry plays out in the school science fair.

The episode was rated 7.75 from 641 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E14

#14 - Brother from the Same Planet (Season 4 - Episode 14)


When Homer neglects Bart once too often, Bart goes to the Big Brother program to get a new father figure. Stung, Homer replaces Bart with a little brother.

The episode was rated 7.71 from 613 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E4

#15 - Lisa the Beauty Queen (Season 4 - Episode 4)

Homer enters Lisa into the Little Miss Springfield Pageant to help her feel better about her looks. But when she must choose between the title and her integrity, she realizes that confidence comes from within.

The episode was rated 7.67 from 658 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E22

#16 - Krusty Gets Kancelled (Season 4 - Episode 22)


Krusty's Hollywood pals help when his show is canceled after a new star causes his ratings to plummet.

The episode was rated 7.66 from 533 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E21

#17 - Marge in Chains (Season 4 - Episode 21)

Overwhelmed by her family's demands during a flu epidemic, Marge accidentally shoplifts at the Kwik-E-Mart and winds up in prison.

The episode was rated 7.63 from 608 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E2

#18 - A Streetcar Named Marge (Season 4 - Episode 2)


Marge is cast in a version of "A Streetcar Named Desire," playing Blanche to Ned Flanders' Stanley.

The episode was rated 7.62 from 710 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E19

#19 - The Front (Season 4 - Episode 19)

Lisa and Bart write an Itchy and Scratchy episode; Homer makes up a missing high-school credit.

The episode was rated 7.61 from 555 votes.

The Simpsons - S4E7

#20 - Marge Gets a Job (Season 4 - Episode 7)


Mr. Burns is instantly smitten when Marge takes a job at the nuclear power plant.

The episode was rated 7.61 from 645 votes.


Last updated: aug 22, 2023

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