10 Worst Episodes of Tosh.0

A weekly topical series hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh that delves into all aspects of the Internet, from the ingenious to the absurd to the medically inadvisable.

Written by Sophie and last updated on feb 02, 2023.

PS: The following content contains spoilers!

PPS: I will admit that parts of this page was written with the help of AI - it makes my work so much easier to not start from a blank page!

Tosh.0 - S11E12

#10 - Brother K (Season 11 - Episode 12)

Daniel meets with "intactivist" Brother K, teams up with Dom Irrera to quiz a focus group about racist terms and examines a video of a dog dancing to an accordion.

The episode was rated 7.14 from 96 votes.

Tosh.0 - S11E20

#9 - 2019 Year In Review (Season 11 - Episode 20)


Daniel continues to carry the weight of the entire network, looks back at the most memorable moments of 2019 and helps the Hallmark Channel diversify.

The episode was rated 7.12 from 73 votes.

Tosh.0 - S11E1

#8 - Hard Rock Nick (Season 11 - Episode 1)

Daniel sits down with the most confident man on social media, reads life-ruining tweets and puts his own spin on the Cheese Challenge.

The episode was rated 7.12 from 147 votes.

Tosh.0 - S11E11

#7 - SteveWillDoIt (Season 11 - Episode 11)


Daniel examines a swinging tattoo convention, tests social media star SteveWillDoIt's limits, talks sports in Around the Horn.0 and unveils the Aussie Viddie of the Weekie.

The episode was rated 7.08 from 99 votes.

Tosh.0 - S12E2

#6 - Rebecca Black (Season 12 - Episode 2)

Daniel gets handsy during his COVID-19 test, sits down for a Tiny Desk concert with Web Legend Rebecca Black and tries to discern if items around the Tosh.0 office are actually cake.

The episode was rated 7.08 from 53 votes.

Tosh.0 - S12E7

#5 - Rax Roast Beef Guy (Season 12 - Episode 7)


Daniel calls 911 regarding a superhero being "attacked" at a barbecue, meets a man obsessed with seasonal Halloween stores and reveals unexpected objects extracted from peoples' bodies.

The episode was rated 7.05 from 42 votes.

Tosh.0 - S12E6

#4 - Popstar Nima (Season 12 - Episode 6)

Daniel receives high tech communion, has coffee with an overtly sexual pop singer, and goes toe-to-toe with a viral painting star.

The episode was rated 7.05 from 43 votes.

Tosh.0 - S12E1

#3 - RIP Castro (Season 12 - Episode 1)


Daniel explains ballistic trajectory, gives a heartfelt tribute to his departed dog, breaks down a zero gravity upchuck and has a virtual reality reunion with a deceased loved one.

The episode was rated 7.03 from 66 votes.

Tosh.0 - S11E16

#2 - Burping Girl (Season 11 - Episode 16)

Daniel takes inspiration from a woman who sprayed milk from her breasts at a music festival, is taught how to slackline at the office and meets with a renowned burp fetishist.

The episode was rated 6.81 from 77 votes.

Tosh.0 - S12E3

#1 - Trap Gardener (Season 12 - Episode 3)


Daniel reacts to a painful horse run-in, gets unconventional gardening tips from viral plant enthusiast Freedella De Vil and takes inspiration from a Turkish chef's no-look cooking approach.

The episode was rated 6.79 from 48 votes.

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