Undercover Boss (US)

10 Worst Episodes of Undercover Boss (US)

Undercover Boss (US) is a CBS show that first aired in 2010. It follows high-level corporate executives as they leave the comfort of their offices and take on low-level jobs within their companies. This hidden camera show has been a hit, running for 12 seasons. In this article, we will be ranking the worst episodes of Undercover Boss (US).

Each episode follows a different executive as they take on a different job within their company. Not every episode is a winner though, so we have ranked the worst episodes of Undercover Boss (US). We will be discussing why these episodes didn't quite hit the mark, as well as what we can learn from them.

So, without further ado, let's jump into our ranking of the worst episodes of Undercover Boss (US). We hope you will be able to gain some insight from our rankings, and enjoy the show even more!

Written by Sophie and last updated on feb 13, 2023.

PS: The following content contains spoilers!

PPS: I will admit that parts of this page was written with the help of AI - it makes my work so much easier to not start from a blank page!

Undercover Boss (US) - S6E5

#10 - Phenix Salon INC. (Season 6 - Episode 5)

Gina Rivera, Founder and President of Phenix Salons INC., a franchise which offers independent salon and business professionals the opportunity to own and operate their own luxury salon suites, goes undercover to see if it will color her perception of how the company is running,

The episode was rated 7.00 from 28 votes.

Undercover Boss (US) - S9E3

#9 - Bethany Mota (Season 9 - Episode 3)


YouTube sensation Bethany Mota channels a punk rocker when she goes undercover to link up with and mentor potential YouTube stars. While pretending she wants to start her own YouTube channel, Mota hopes things will click when tasked with teaching a dance class for a YouTube channel; picks up the beat in a beatboxing challenge on Hollywood Boulevard; and fears she won't be able to keep it together when faced with eating a cricket during a YouTube food challenge.

The episode was rated 6.89 from 53 votes.

Undercover Boss (US) - S3E2

#8 - The Dwyer Group (Season 3 - Episode 2)

Dina Dwyer-Owens, Chairwoman and CEO of The Dwyer Group goes undercover in her company. The Dwyer Group provides plumbing services, electrical work, and landscaping services.

The episode was rated 6.87 from 23 votes.

Undercover Boss (US) - S6E2

#7 - Mayor of Pittsburgh (Season 6 - Episode 2)


The Mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto, does a stint as a municipal employee in the Steel City. During his shifts, Peduto performs jobs as a refuse worker, a carpenter, a self-sufficiency coordinator and a Public Works employee who cuts down dead trees.

The episode was rated 6.76 from 33 votes.

Undercover Boss (US) - S3E3

#6 - Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates (Season 3 - Episode 3)

Rick Tigner, President of Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates goes undercover in his Luxury wine company.

The episode was rated 6.72 from 25 votes.

Undercover Boss (US) - S6E10

#5 - Armando Montelongo (Season 6 - Episode 10)


Armando Montelongo, CEO of Armando Montelongo Companies, a top real estate company that specializes in educational seminars that teach wealth creation and financial independence, goes undercover to see what keeps his real estate investment company on solid ground. For the first time in UNDERCOVER BOSS history, Montelongo hires a body double to help conceal his identity while undercover at one of his seminars.

The episode was rated 6.64 from 28 votes.

Undercover Boss (US) - S5E14

#4 - Undercover Employee (Season 5 - Episode 14)

For the first time on UNDERCOVER BOSS, three previously featured bosses - Amit Kleinberger, CEO of Menchie's; Randy Dewitt, Co-Founder and CEO of Twin Peaks; and Steve Greenbaum, CEO and Co-Founder of PostNet - send an employee undercover for a second look inside their companies.

The episode was rated 6.64 from 36 votes.

Undercover Boss (US) - S2E16

#3 - City of Cincinnati (Season 2 - Episode 16)



The episode was rated 6.57 from 14 votes.

Undercover Boss (US) - S6E12

#2 - Peavey Electronics (Season 6 - Episode 12)

Courtland Gray, COO of Peavey Electronics, goes undercover to see what keeps his audio empire rocking, Also, the company makes a shocking announcement after filming the episode that changes two employees' lives.

The episode was rated 6.56 from 48 votes.

Undercover Boss (US) - S6E3

#1 - Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill (Season 6 - Episode 3)


CEO/Founder Doug Guller of Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill, who welcomes controversy and proudly refers to his chain of restaurants as "breastaurants". While undercover, Guller contends with a troublesome employee who not only refuses to don the uniform’s bikini top, but also over-serves an intoxicated person.

The episode was rated 6.16 from 43 votes.

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