10 Best Episodes of Undercover

Undercover agents infiltrate a drug kingpin's operation by posing as a couple at the campground where he spends his weekends. Inspired by real events.

Written by Sophie and last updated on feb 06, 2023.

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Undercover - S3E1

#15 - Evil Eye (Season 3 - Episode 1)

Bob receives an offer from a former colleague that could solve all his problems — or cost him everything. Ferry makes a bumpy reentry into his old life.

The episode was rated 7.57 from 118 votes.

Undercover - S2E1

#14 - El Dorado (Season 2 - Episode 1)


Bob Lemmens tracks down some arms dealers.

The episode was rated 7.57 from 167 votes.

Undercover - S2E6

#13 - Victor (Season 2 - Episode 6)

Bob's attempt to use JP's past against him becomes a game of cat and mouse, Laurent's doubts about Nathalie boil over and Ferry issues an ultimatum.

The episode was rated 7.58 from 130 votes.

Undercover - S2E3

#12 - Soldiers of Love (Season 2 - Episode 3)


As Bob stews over a setback in the case, his daughter brushes up against his past, and the Bergers attempt to salvage a lucrative business deal.

The episode was rated 7.58 from 131 votes.

Undercover - S2E9

#11 - Reconstruction (Season 2 - Episode 9)

With Ferry's court date fast approaching, Bob faces the truth and considers the consequences of his actions. Laurent tries to tell JP what he knows.

The episode was rated 7.59 from 116 votes.

Undercover - S1E6

#10 - Sirens (Season 1 - Episode 6)


A drug deal with a new associate leaves Ferry and John on edge. Bob and Kim feel the effects of their forced closeness. Danielle breaks into her stash.

The episode was rated 7.60 from 227 votes.

Undercover - S3E7

#9 - Total Loss (Season 3 - Episode 7)

With Timur stirring the pot, Serkan comes to a decision about the deal — and Leyla. Bob's uneasy arrangement with Ferry comes to a crashing halt.

The episode was rated 7.61 from 108 votes.

Undercover - S2E8

#8 - Roadblock (Season 2 - Episode 8)


Pushed to the brink by everything he's done in pursuit of Ferry and the Bergers, Bob races to contain and cover up his various deceptions.

The episode was rated 7.61 from 119 votes.

Undercover - S3E3

#7 - Trust Issues (Season 3 - Episode 3)

Leyla's cautious approach to business means Bob and Ferry must pass her tests to gain her trust. Timur faces a painful reckoning with his family.

The episode was rated 7.62 from 107 votes.

Undercover - S3E5

#6 - Rat in the Kitchen (Season 3 - Episode 5)


Unsure who to trust, Peter reaches out to a former ally for help. Serkan's suspicions deepen. A distraught Danielle demands the truth from Ferry.

The episode was rated 7.65 from 105 votes.

Undercover - S2E10

#5 - War (Season 2 - Episode 10)

As the case comes down to the wire, Bob scrambles to protect Nathalie while JP takes steps to exact retribution on Laurent's behalf.

The episode was rated 7.67 from 125 votes.

Undercover - S3E6

#4 - Pater Familias (Season 3 - Episode 6)


Tensions rise at Leyla and Serkan's family celebration as Bob and Ferry try to close the deal while a wary Timur digs for more information.

The episode was rated 7.72 from 105 votes.

Undercover - S3E4

#3 - All-in Resort (Season 3 - Episode 4)

As Bob and Ferry's problems in Turkey escalate, Patrick scrambles to cut a dangerous deal and Timur tries to sow suspicion between Leyla and Serkan.

The episode was rated 7.73 from 106 votes.

Undercover - S3E8

#2 - Showdown (Season 3 - Episode 8)


Betrayals run deep as Ferry earns some quick cash, Leyla plots an escape and Bob realizes what he'll need to do to keep his growing family safe.

The episode was rated 7.74 from 115 votes.

Undercover - S1E10

#1 - Showtime (Season 1 - Episode 10)

Amid what should be a happy occasion, Bob sets a drug buy in motion with Ferry's blessing. Back at the campsite, Danielle gets a bad feeling about Kim.

The episode was rated 7.78 from 199 votes.

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