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Hosted by Ted Allen, Chopped is a high energy, fast paced cooking competition that challenges four up-and-coming chefs to turn a selection of everyday ingredients into an extraordinary three-course meal. After each course, a contestant gets "chopped" by our panel of esteemed culinary luminaries until the last man or woman left standing claims victory.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Chopped

Chopped - S48E4

#1 - Grudge Match: Battle 4 (Season 48 - Episode 4)

Four champions who were previously defeated by Chopped judges return to the kitchen, hungrier than ever to take down everyone in their paths and win a $100,000 grand prize. Big stakes, little fish: sardines are the main protein in the champs' appetizer basket, and a jiggly mustard-flavored surprise threatens to throw the chefs off their game in the second round. Then, in the dessert round, two chefs must try to make something magical using unicorn milkshakes.

The episode was rated 9.20 from 10 votes.

Chopped - S48E2

#2 - Grudge Match: Battle 2 (Season 48 - Episode 2)

In this spectacular battle of the judges, four Chopped deities -- Amanda Freitag, Marcus Samuelsson, Chris Santos and Tiffani Faison -- bring an intensity to the kitchen that has never been seen before. With their sights set on making it to the tournament's $100,000 finale, the judge-competitors open the appetizer basket and find a strange fish dish and some tiny exotic fruits. A pizza topped with something wild is the star ingredient in the entree basket, and a vegetable disguised as a meat is a treat in the dessert basket. A riveting final elimination will leave only one Chopped titan jubilant.

The episode was rated 9.00 from 10 votes.

Chopped - S48E3

#3 - Grudge Match: Battle 3 (Season 48 - Episode 3)

In this phenomenal battle, Chopped legends Scott Conant, Maneet Chauhan and Marc Murphy are joined by smack-talking champ Stephen Coe to face off for a chance at the $100,000 finale! In the first round, incorporating a sweet, doughy breakfast item into an amazing appetizer is part of the challenge. A clever fusion food in the entree basket has the potential to bring crunch and flavor to the dishes, and will the edible Zen garden in the final basket bring peace and tranquility to the dessert round? With such fierce competitors gunning for victory, it's doubtful!

The episode was rated 8.91 from 11 votes.

Chopped - S48E1

#4 - Grudge Match: Battle 1 (Season 48 - Episode 1)

A $100,000 grand prize is up for grabs in this extraordinary five-part tournament event, featuring some of the most brilliant stars of the game. In this preliminary battle, defeated culinary heavyweights return with a score to settle, and one ambitious champion runs into two major problems toward the end of the first round. Something stinky in the entree basket has the competitors nervous, and after both remaining champs cook their hearts out in dessert, the judges have a gut-wrenching decision to make.

The episode was rated 8.90 from 10 votes.

Chopped - S8E3

#5 - Sweet Second Chance! (Season 8 - Episode 3)

Chopped, no more! Four previously-defeated chefs get a second chance at the $10,000 prize! Coming into this competition they could not have wanted a victory more, but will they want to call it quits once they see the mystery ingredients in the appetizer round? Then in the entrée round, the competitors' own hearts skip a beat at the sight of lamb hearts in the basket. And with just minutes left in the round, a frightening kitchen accident has everybody shaken. With an off-the-wall mystery ingredient in the mix in the final basket, the chefs are totally floored. And in a very physical dessert round, the finalists both yearn desperately to achieve sweet success at last.

The episode was rated 8.67 from 12 votes.

Chopped - S5E8

#6 - $50,000 Tournament: Grand Finale (Season 5 - Episode 8)

The four finalists compete for the $50,000 grand prize. They must use a large sea creature in their appetizers and a wild combination of ingredients for their entrées.

The episode was rated 8.47 from 17 votes.

Chopped - S5E6

#7 - $50,000 Tournament: Part 3 (Season 5 - Episode 6)

Four previous winners return and compete for a chance at a $50,000 grand prize. They must use sweetbreads in their appetizers; a spiny seafood in their entrées; and pickles in their desserts.

The episode was rated 8.33 from 15 votes.

Chopped - S47E1

#8 - Pass the Popcorn Shoots (Season 47 - Episode 1)

The competing chefs attack an appetizer basket that includes a classic Italian sauce and a simple sandwich. A popcorn product not available at movie theaters plays a starring role in round two, and the final two chefs attempt to make incredible final plates with the bouncy cake and sweet wine they find in the dessert basket.

The episode was rated 8.33 from 12 votes.

Chopped - S47E6

#9 - Pancake Panic (Season 47 - Episode 6)

The competing chefs get a ton of sugar in the first basket in the form of a breakfast classic with a twist, and the level of cooking in the entre round seems extraordinary as the chefs excitedly dig into a seven-layer dip. In the dessert round, the remaining chefs are happy to see loquats in the basket, but ice cream machine drama threatens their plans.

The episode was rated 8.27 from 11 votes.

Chopped - S26E7

#10 - Family Affair (Season 26 - Episode 7)

A mom, dad, son and aunt who work in the same restaurant meet in the Chopped Kitchen, where it's every chef for themselves. In the first round, one family member's grill pan gets taken over by two relatives. In the entree round, chicken breasts seem like an easy protein to work with, but how will the chefs fare with the other mystery ingredients? The final two family members make desserts using dried fruit and a very sweet cake.

The episode was rated 8.25 from 12 votes.

Chopped - S3E8

#11 - Sweet Redemption (Season 3 - Episode 8)

Four previous runners-up return and compete again in hopes of finally being named a "Chopped" champion.

The episode was rated 8.24 from 17 votes.

Chopped - S11E10

#12 - Reversal of Fortune (Season 11 - Episode 10)

The chefs struggle to make composed, elegant dishes with green goddess salad dressing in the first round. The second round brings about a reversal of fortune, when the competitors impress the judges with what they can do with fortune cookies and brazino. Two finalists go full steam ahead into the last round; but when the chefs realize they are making the exact same dessert, using sourdough bread, will either competitor change course?

The episode was rated 8.20 from 10 votes.

Chopped - S47E9

#13 - Comfort Food Feud: Bacon (Season 47 - Episode 9)

Four competitors embrace bacon perfection as they attempt to advance to the grand finale of the Comfort Food Feud. The appetizer basket includes a Japanese condiment and a bacon-y bar food. Biscuit dough is part of the puzzle in the entre round, and the two chefs remaining in the final round attempt to make satisfying desserts featuring chocolate and more bacon!

The episode was rated 8.20 from 10 votes.

Chopped - S48E6

#14 - Meat Fight: Goat! (Season 48 - Episode 6)

Meat lovers rejoice as four chefs are amped up for a meat battle featuring goat! In an intense first round, the competitors aim to impress with their butchery and flavor artistry. Then, the three remaining chefs must work with an unfamiliar goat-milk product in the entree basket, and balancing sweet and savory is key in the dessert round. The judges are hopeful that the dueling duo left will rise to the challenge.

The episode was rated 8.20 from 10 votes.

Chopped - S47E5

#15 - Finer Diner Dining (Season 47 - Episode 5)

Four chefs enter the Chopped kitchen for a diner-themed battle with three courses of elevated comfort food, all under the watchful eyes of guest judge Neil Patrick Harris. The chefs find pie in the first basket and must rise to the challenge of making an appetizer with it. A play on pancakes is a clever addition to the second basket, and a breakfast-inspired final basket leads the chefs in two distinct directions.

The episode was rated 8.18 from 11 votes.


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