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That '70s Show

That '70s Show

FOX 1998

Crank up the 8-track and flash back to a time when platform shoes and puka shells were all the rage in this hilarious retro-sitcom. For Eric, Kelso, Jackie, Hyde, Donna and Fez, a group of high school teens who spend most of their time hanging out in Eric’s basement, life in the ‘70s isn’t always so groovy. But between trying to figure out the meaning of life, avoiding their parents, and dealing with out-of-control hormones, they’ve learned one thing for sure: they’ll always get by with a little help from their friends.

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The 10 Best Episodes of That '70s Show

That '70s Show - S2E26

#1 - Moon Over Point Place (1)


Season 2 - Episode 26

Eric hates it when he finds a picture of Donna mooning the camera in the yearbook, and has to deal with his jealousy in the matter. Fez thinks that the white man is keeping him down because there are no pictures of him in the yearbook, and takes out his anger in a Foosball game. Jackie wants to spend time with Hyde, but when he won't go to roller disco with her, she decides to see what life is like on his side of the tracks.

The episode was rated from 419 votes.

That '70s Show - S8E22

#2 - That '70s Finale


Season 8 - Episode 22

December 31, 1979, and the gang is gathered at the Formans' house for one last New Year's Eve of the '70s. A party isn't a party unless the gang's all here... and some old friends return to celebrate the new decade, while some others get ready to leave.

The episode was rated from 378 votes.

That '70s Show - S2E1

#3 - Garage Sale


Season 2 - Episode 1

To help with finances, the Formans have a garage sale. Hyde, wanting to help out as well, makes his special brownies to sell at the baked goods table, even though Eric warns him not to; the brownies fall into the wrong hands. Red sells more than he intended to, and has to deal with the consequences of his actions. At the movies, Fez puts the moves on Jackie.

The episode was rated from 531 votes.

That '70s Show - S3E13

#4 - Dine and Dash


Season 3 - Episode 13

Kelso invites the gang to an expensive dinner but skips on the bill, leaving Eric and Donna in the restaurant with no money. The two of them decide to shed their "square" personalities and get back at the gang. Bob is upset that Red didn't offer him a job at Price Mart.

The episode was rated from 401 votes.

That '70s Show - S7E25

#5 - Til the Next Goodbye (2)


Season 7 - Episode 25

Kelso drops Jackie off in Chicago, but she is immediately homesick and reaches out to the gang for companionship. Eric finds out at the last minute that Kitty deliberately hid a letter outlining the vaccination shots he’s required to have before going to Africa for the year. He has his final Circle with the guys only to finally be busted by Red! As Eric says his good-byes to everyone, Hyde talks to Leo about his true feelings for Jackie and decides to follow her to Chicago…with disastrous results.

The episode was rated from 297 votes.

That '70s Show - S4E27
#6 - Love, Wisconsin Style
Season 4 - Episode 27

Kitty and Eric go to the Hub after a dentist appointment and catch Donna (who's drunk) skipping school with Casey. Neither Bob nor Joanne can exert any authority over Donna, so a frustrated Red intervenes while everyone watches. Meanwhile, Jackie suggests that Kelso kiss another girl so that they can reconcile. And Hyde and Fez try to decide what to do with some dead fish that they stole.

The episode was rated from 351 votes.
That '70s Show - S5E25
#7 - Celebration Day
Season 5 - Episode 25

The gang will be split in half when high school graduation is over: Eric and Donna are all set to move into their Madison apartment, while poor Fez is about to be deported. The love triangle amongst the others grows more heated as Hyde and Kelso compete over an indecisive Jackie. But this tense situation is put aside so that the six friends can go camping together the night before graduation. Laurie tags along and dramatically changes Fez's life. Back at the Forman house, Red gives Kitty medication to help her deal with her depression over Eric's imminent departure.

The episode was rated from 340 votes.
That '70s Show - S4E14
#8 - Eric's Hot Cousin
Season 4 - Episode 14

Eric' cousin Penny, whom he used to tease unmercifully when they were younger, comes for a visit, and she's...grown some. All the guys are infatuated with her, much to Donna and Jackie's dismay. Jackie and Donna try to be hotter than Penny, with disasterous results. Kitty, feeling like she's not needed, wants to get a pet.

The episode was rated from 383 votes.
That '70s Show - S3E6
#9 - Eric's Panties
Season 3 - Episode 6

Donna finds a pair of panties in the Vista Cruiser and thinks that Eric is cheating on her with his lab partner. Everyone is in for a big shock when they find out who the panties really belong to. Red's doctor's appointment shows that he has high blood pressure, so Kitty puts him on a strict diet, which he finds inedible. Kelso gains a new nickname due to a mishap in the cafeteria.

The episode was rated from 458 votes.
That '70s Show - S3E1
#10 - Reefer Madness (2)
Season 3 - Episode 1

Hyde returns from jail only to find Red beyond furious and ready to kick him out of the house. Afraid that he'll turn the other kids into dope fiends, Red asks Eric if Hyde has ever pressured him to do drugs in the past. Eric wonders if he should confess the truth to Red in order to keep him from forcing Hyde out. Elsewhere, Leo visits the Formans to speak on Steven's behalf while Donna uncovers the reason behind Jackie's new found obsession with Hyde.

The episode was rated from 478 votes.

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One of the best comedy shows I've ever watched. Truly amazing.


This show is so amazing and funny. Just love it


Fantastic comedy. Very witty




That '70s Show is simply hilarious, man!


Best damn comedy show ever. Still, there was no need for that last season, one ending episode after season 7 would have been better, but well... awesome show anyway.


Surprisingly, the first few seasons are still pretty hilarious, mainly because of Kitty in my opinion.


\/ hello wisconsin!


The best sitcom ever! Amazing!


The best comedy show I have ever seen...


"We're all alright. We're all alright." :)

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