Undercover Boss (US)

10 Best Episodes of Undercover Boss (US) - Season 9

Undercover Boss (US) is an American adaptation of the British series of the same name. The show was first aired on CBS in 2010 and has since had 12 seasons. The premise of the show involves high-level corporate execs leaving their offices to take on low-level jobs in their companies to learn how things really work. Through this process, they learn things about their companies, their employees, and maybe even something about themselves. Here we will be ranking the best episodes of Undercover Boss (US).

Each episode of the show follows a different executive as they embark on their undercover mission. The show is well known for its dramatic endings, as the execs reveal themselves to their employees and often reward them with promotions, raises, and other rewards. From the 12 seasons of the show, some episodes have been more memorable than others.

Let's take a look at the best episodes of Undercover Boss (US). We'll rank the top episodes based on their impact, the drama of the reveals, and the messages of the show. These episodes have left a lasting impression and will be remembered for years to come.

Written by Sophie and last updated on feb 13, 2023.

PS: The following content contains spoilers!

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Undercover Boss (US) - S9E3

#7 - Bethany Mota (Season 9 - Episode 3)

YouTube sensation Bethany Mota channels a punk rocker when she goes undercover to link up with and mentor potential YouTube stars. While pretending she wants to start her own YouTube channel, Mota hopes things will click when tasked with teaching a dance class for a YouTube channel; picks up the beat in a beatboxing challenge on Hollywood Boulevard; and fears she won't be able to keep it together when faced with eating a cricket during a YouTube food challenge.

The episode was rated 6.89 from 53 votes.

Undercover Boss (US) - S9E4

#6 - Deion Sanders (Season 9 - Episode 4)


Two-time Super Bowl champion and Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders tackles an undercover mission to reward youth football coaches and give back to his community.

The episode was rated 7.02 from 45 votes.

Undercover Boss (US) - S9E5

#5 - Jewel (Season 9 - Episode 5)

Four-time Grammy Award nominee Jewel, one of the most successful singer-songwriters of all time, who has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, goes undercover to discover gifted musicians and artisans to recruit for her Handmade Holiday Tour. While Jewel is in Nashville disguised as "Andrea," a bubbly brunette from New Jersey, she tries to fire up a crowd while assisting a talented painter with a unique style. Also, she's forced to fake a poor singing voice at an open mic night and a podcast while getting to know two aspiring musicians.

The episode was rated 7.34 from 35 votes.

Undercover Boss (US) - S9E6

#4 - Stephanie McMahon (Season 9 - Episode 6)


Chief brand officer of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE), one of the most successful sports and entertainment brands in the world, and a longtime on-air villainous WWE character, Stephanie McMahon "slams" into undercover mode to find raw talent, and helps a young WWE fan's charitable dreams come true.

The episode was rated 7.43 from 51 votes.

Undercover Boss (US) - S9E1

#3 - Gabby Douglas (Season 9 - Episode 1)

Two-time U.S. Olympic women's gymnastics team member, three-time Olympic Gold medalist, a two-time New York Times bestselling author and one of the most celebrated Olympic gymnasts of all time. Douglas goes undercover to discover incredibly gifted gymnasts and coaches.

The episode was rated 7.53 from 70 votes.

Undercover Boss (US) - S9E2

#2 - Idina Menzel (Season 9 - Episode 2)


Tony Award-winning, multi-platinum recording artist and actress Idina Menzel slips into an undercover role to find the next Broadway sensation and tries to remain incognito when she's asked to sing her signature song, 'Let it Go,' to a group of children.

The episode was rated 7.60 from 55 votes.

Undercover Boss (US) - S9E7

#1 - Ashley Graham (Season 9 - Episode 7)

In the episode of Undercover Boss, Ashley Graham seeks out curvy models who share her same beliefs. She meets a young girl who is a talented dancer and does not fit the typical body type for the industry. Ashley is inspired by her story and works to help the young girl reach her goals.

This episode of Undercover Boss is a powerful reminder of the importance of self-love and acceptance. Ashley Graham has become a role model for many people in the curvy modeling industry and beyond. Through her work, she is helping to spread the message of self-acceptance and how it can lead to success. She is a great example of how believing in yourself and pursuing your dreams can make a difference in the world.

The episode was rated 7.66 from 29 votes.

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